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Enthalpy of Solution (HSOLN)

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1 Enthalpy of Solution (HSOLN)

2 When substances dissolve in water, an energy change usually occurs.
Enthalpy of solution is defined as the enthalpy change when 1 mole of a substance completely dissolves (kJ mol-1)

3 Experiment 50cm3 of H2O Thermometer Balance 2g NaOH or 4g NH4NO3

4 Measurements Taken Volume (mass) of water Mass of substance dissolves
Temperature of water at start Temperature of water at end

5 Specimen Results 1.03g of NaOH was dissolved in 50g (0.05kg) of water. The temperature of water rose by 5oC. Calculate the enthalpy of solution of NaOH.

6 1. Calculate energy change
EH = c x m x ΔT = 4.18x0.05x5 = kJ 2. Calculate the number of moles of NaOH 1 mole NaOH=40g so 1.03g=1.03/40= mol 3. Calculate enthalpy of solution 0.026 moles: 1.045kJ 1 mole : 40.2kJ

7 Therefore the Enthalpy of solution= -40.2kJ
Note that HSOLN can be a +ve or –ve value. You can work out which it is from the question.

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