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Team members Thái Thanh Tùng Nguyễn Anh Quân Bùi V ă n Thái Trần Xuân Đạt Nguyễn Bá Thuận Trần Hải Linh.

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Presentation on theme: "Team members Thái Thanh Tùng Nguyễn Anh Quân Bùi V ă n Thái Trần Xuân Đạt Nguyễn Bá Thuận Trần Hải Linh."— Presentation transcript:


2 Team members Thái Thanh Tùng Nguyễn Anh Quân Bùi V ă n Thái Trần Xuân Đạt Nguyễn Bá Thuận Trần Hải Linh

3 Contents Introduction Project Management Implementation Result & Future Plan Demonstration & QA

4 Introduction The Idea Overview of GSM/GPRS and GPS Proposed System

5 The Idea

6 The Idea (cont’d) LED board controlling over GSM Network. GPS Tracking over GPRS Network

7 Overview of GSM/GPRS and GPS

8 Proposed System

9 Project Management Member Roles Project Plans Development Process

10 Member Roles NoFull nameRoleResponsibilities 1 Thái Thanh Tùng Project Manager, Developer Managing, creating documents, coding, testing 2Trần Xuân Đạt Project Technical Leader, Developer Managing documents, coding, testing 3Bùi Văn Thái Developer, Hardware Coding, hardware crafting, testing 4 Nguyễn Bá Thuận Developer, Quality Assurance Coding, creating Test Plan, test Case, testing 5 Nguyễn Anh Quân Developer, designer Coding, testing 6Trần Hải LinhDeveloper, Designer Coding, testing

11 Project Plans 09-May: Register Capstone Project 11-May: Project Plan Approved 23-May: SRS Document completed 07-June: System Design completed 22-July: Implementation completed 03-August: System Test completed

12 Development Process

13 Requirements Functional requirement Non- functional requirement

14 Functional Requirements Controller Commander(PC & Mobile) GPS Receiver LED board Controlling Communicating with Server/Commander via GPRS. Create NewLed(Name, ID,Size) Input text(fontname, size, style), image Choose effect, speed. Preview LED content. Zoom Display device position on map Manage devices information Send SMSs. GPRS Server Forward GPS data from controllers to commanders. Authenticate clients (Commander/Controller).

15 Non-functional Requirements Usability Reliability Stability Extensibility Maintainability Running Environment PC Commander & GPRS Server: Microsoft Windows XP/7, Microsoft.NET 2.0 or greater. Mobile Commander: Android 2.2 (Froyo).

16 Implementation System Architecture Selection of Devices & Tools Detailed Implementation of System Components

17 WMA System Architecture

18 Selection of Devices MICROCHIP dsPIC30F4013 LED Module 16x32x2 SIMCOM SIM548C

19 Selection of Tools Development Tools Designing & Visualizing Tool Hardware Designing Tool Source Code Control Tool Communicating Tools

20 Implementation Controller Detailed Implementation

21 Controller Block Diagrams LED Controller

22 Controller LED board controlling principle

23 Controller Block Diagrams GPS Controller

24 Controller GPS data Receiver NMEA Interface Supported Sentences: GPVTG, GPGSA, GPGSV, GPRMC, GPGGA.

25 Controller GPS data Receiver 2101.9114, N Latitude 21 Degrees 1.9114 minutes North 10547.0500, E Longitude 105 Degrees 47.05 minutes East

26 Implementation PC Commander Detailed Implementation Architecture Design Detail design Database Design

27 PC Commander Architecture Design GSMGPRS Database Overall architecture 3-Layer Architecture

28 Database PC Commander Architecture Design : Component diagram

29 PC Commander Detail design: Workflows Convert to string bytes Access Data Data Input Send Convert to Led Matrix data LED Control LED board GPS Database Save Value Object Functions

30 PC Commander Detail design : Analysis Data S Bitmap Image Convert To Bytes SMS LED board

31 PC Commander Database Design XML File 0 16 64 0 50 ��������>Ûm€��� ;JT¥*@���J×¥kÀ���I$$’����9#œ‘À�� ;�������������&#x 0;���������������&# x0;�������������� Hello World Times New Roman|8|Regular|0|0|0|False|False|False

32 Implementation Mobile Commander Detailed Implementation

33 Mobile Commander Android Operating System Developed by Open Handset Alliance led by Google Linux kernel – Open source Most current version used: Froyo 2.2 (55.9%) At June 2011, 550.000 android devices is activated every day. More than 100 million devices have been activated, on the 1st, about 48% of the smart phone market share.

34 Mobile Commander Architecture Wireless Module Application SQLite Database SMS Receiver SMS Sender Google Map API Socket

35 Mobile Commander SQLite

36 Implementation GPRS Server Detailed Implementation

37 Implementation Protocol Design

38 Protocol Design Wireless Module Message Format 123456789101112… RTPWDDTEFSPDLEN 12345678 RTPWDCS 12345678910111213 RTOLDPWDNEWPWD 1234… RTDTLEN 12 RTRC Response Get Content(Response) Set Password Get Content Set Content RT: Request Type PWD: PasswordDT: DatatypeEF: Effect SPD: SpeedLEN: LengthCS: CheckSum

39 Protocol Design Wireless Module Communication Protocol Pseudo-code of WMADATAHEADER Struct WMADATAHEADER { byte stx; (1 byte) byte command; (1 byte) short dataLength; (2 bytes) }

40 Protocol Design(cont’d) Wireless Module Communication Protocol ValueMeaning 0x01Packets from GPRS Server 0x02Packets from GPS Client 0x03Packets from GSM Module ValueMeaning 0x10Version of sending application 0x11Request and Response for Password 0x12Request and Response for Phone number list 0x13Request for GPS data of specific devices 0x14GPS Data 0x15Phone Number Registration 0x00Acknowledgment 0x01Not Acknowledgment Command STX

41 Protocol Design(cont’d) Wireless Module Communication Protocol

42 Implementation Testing

43 Testing model

44 Test Result

45 Results & Future Plans Achievements Limitations Future Plans

46 Achievements Hardware

47 Achievements Software

48 Limitations Depends on GSM Network. GPS only works outdoor Platform-dependant application

49 Future Plans Develop commander on Web Application Framework. Develop Applications using 3G, WIFI, RF. Box the circuit board into completed packet.

50 Lessons Learnt Project management Working group Communication

51 Demonstration & QA

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