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Kverneland Baler-Wrapper Combinations Product Information 2015.

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1 Kverneland Baler-Wrapper Combinations Product Information 2015

2 FlexiWrapBale SizeRotorBaler Concept 6325 SC-14 1.20x1.25SuperCut 1417 roller 6325 SC-25 1.20x1.25SuperCut 2517 rollers 6716 SC-14 1.20x0.6-1.65SuperCut 145 belts/3 rollers 6716 SC-25 1.20x0.6-1.65SuperCut 255 belts/3 rollers 6720 SC-14 1.20x0.6-2.00SuperCut 145 belts/3 rollers 6720 SC-25 1.20x0.6-2.00SuperCut 255 belts/3 rollers FlexiWrap 6325 – 6716 - 6720 Overview

3 Film Rolls Fast Wrapping Twin satellite wrapper for fast wrapping – will always finish before next bale is ready. Table Elevator Complete wrapping table will move towards the baler – no steps in- between. Low Table Height Low table height for gentle unloading. Bale on end kit available.° Film rolls are lowered hydraulically for easy and convenient change. Integrated Solution Baler and wrapper integrated in proven chassis unit – baler is easily changed Highlights

4 4 Conception - Design Nice integrated looking solution Good integration of the baler Nice finishing

5 5 Conception - Design Strong frame & design Total frame in 3 building blocks Rear part, common to all balers models and brands Front part, common for all Vicon balers Special ‘adaptation parts’, specific to baler model 6325 SC14/25 N 6716 SC14/25 N 6720 SC14/25 N

6 Conception - Design Replacment of baler possible Replacement of the baler unit when baler is too old or worn out. High flexibility to switch from one model to another one 6325 to 6516 (or reverse) 6516 to 6530 (or reverse) … etc 6

7 7 Conception - Design Wrapping unit Double satellite solution Safety arm Position (height) of the wrapping ‘tower’ adjustable in 3 position

8 8 Conception - Design Wrapping table 4 guide rollers for bale stability Low position for better machine stability. Table is moving forward to catch bale directly Gentle bale handling Fast transfer Perfect bale stability (even in hilly conditions) Fitted with 4 sensors Wrapping position Bale reception position Unloading position One sensor counting pulses of table movement

9 9 Conception - Design Hydraulic spare film roll bank Single acting Easy to operate Very comfortable film roll loading 10 spare film rolls storage Need to be open for being able to opening baler shielding

10 10 Conception - Design Tandem axle High machine stability Better comfort 500/50-17 Vredestein Flotation+ Improved stability even in fast baling conditions Dual-brake possibility Hydraulic brake Air brake Hydraulic + air brake optional

11 Conception - Design Shielding adjustment Small modification of shielding position is needed Adaptation parts need to be fit More ‘aggressive’ look

12 12 Functions – Bale Process The combi is working on continious hydraulic flow Machine gets the capability of working with loadsensing Operation of complete machine is fully automatic

13 13 Functions – Bale Process Electronic of the combi is separated from baler one Easiest for exchange baler The baler is running on is own Baling process as standard Tailgate is connected to the combi hydraulic block Wrapper control box is very simple and easy to use Adjustment made once for all Fully automatic control Bale counter integrated

14 14 Functions – Bale Process First electric signal for the combi is coming from baler net binding device 2 extra sensors are fitted to the binding system on the baler Signal of net injection clutch Signal of net running Both signal are needed to avoid any confusion in the system

15 15 Functions – Bale Process When the binding start… Clutch sensor ‘on’ for few seconds + net run sensor ‘flashing’ … the wrapping table is coming close to the baler and wait for tailgate opening When binding stop… Net run sensor ‘stop flashing’ … tailgate is going to be opened

16 16 Functions – Bale Process The tailgate is been fitted with an angle measurement sensor This sensor permit to control the tailgate opening/closing position and speed High opening / closing speed Reduce hydraulic flow just before total opening or closing for a gentle movement Table / tailgate advance control movement for faster operation

17 17 Functions – Bale Process Bale falls down on the table –1 sensor get bale out signal Table starts to move back As soon as the table is far enough, tailgate starts closing –This allows to close the tailgate as fast as possible: no waste of time During tailgate closing, the wrapping table finish to reach wrapping position

18 Wrapping Process 1 1 3 3 4 4 2 2

19 19 Functions – Bale Process 1 tailgate closed sensor has been fitted on each tailgate hook When tailgate properly closed, baling can start again

20 20 Functions – Bale Process When the table is in wrapping position and the tailgate is closed, the wrapping cycle starts After few seconds after wrapping process start, the hydraulic pressure in the cut and hold devices is removed (float) No more pressure catching film Film is released naturally Pressure stay at 0 during all cycle

21 21 Functions – Bale Process When wrapping is finish, the driver is inform about To unload the bale, the user needs to push unloading button This can also be made automatic Gives choice to driver where to unload the bale Table is going very close to the ground for gentle unloading Bale on end turner kit is available

22 The 5 Arguments, FlexiWrap Integrated baler wrapper solution, with the option of fitting a fixed or variable chamber baler. Baler unit can be replaced when worn out. Bale elevator moves the wrapping table to the baler – the bale is dropped off directly onto the wrapping table – with interferring steps in-between. Low table height – bales are gentle dropped with no risk of damage to the stretch film. Bale on end kit is available as option Fast wrapping process with twin satellites – the wrapper will always finish before the next bale is finished. Easy change of film rolls. The spare rolls are lowered hydraulically for easy change. The FlexiWrap will carry 10 extra film rolls. 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5

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