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Short Story Unit and Bell-ringers G1

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1 Short Story Unit and Bell-ringers G1
1st Period

2 Good Morning! Bell-ringer…8/14
1. Please collect an index card from Miss. Handford. 2. On the index card, write the following: A. Name B. Address C. Home phone number D. Parent’s address E. Your favorite candy F. A weakness you have in English (reading aloud, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, grammar etc.) 3. On the back, write out your schedule (include classroom number/teacher/subject)

3 Announcements & Agenda 8/14
Homework (do you have your agenda book?) Have all class materials by Monday 8/19/13. Flash-drive, pens, pencils, highlighters and index cards. MAPS testing tomorrow. I-station testing Monday Agenda Review of yesterday Collect signed syllabus & check expectations worksheet (daily grade) Set Up classroom expectations Scavenger Hunt (during this time I will give you your interactive readers, locker numbers & bathroom passes) Exit tickets! What did you learn today? Share Scavenger Hunts!

4 Collecting forms Collect…. 1.Class syllabus
2.Expectations worksheet (completed and signed)

5 Review of Class Routines…
1.What is the most important material for this class? Why? 2. How many passes are issued to you every nine weeks? Can they be replaced? 3. Where do you find your make-up work? 4. How does Miss. Handford feel about disrespect? 5. Identify two examples of disrespect.

6 Classroom expectations
Instructions: select three expectations that you believe we should have in this room… Explain your thoughts after your selection. Write your top three on the poster paper. Results will be tallied this afternoon and classroom expectations will be posted tomorrow!!

7 Scavenger Hunt/Ice-breaker! 15 min
Find a different classmate to answer each of your questions! Write your answers on page 3 (underneath the stapled Class Expectations) You may be called on to share your findings about your classmates. Remember, participation is key!!

8 Exit Ticket: Round Robin!
What did you learn today? Share with us a new person that you have met in the class (introduce them) and the interesting information you discovered!

9 Bell-ringer: Grammar Review 8/15
COPY numbers 1 through 9 starting at the back of your notebook. Write an example beside the name of each “Part of Speech” below that could serve as that “Part of Speech,” when used in a sentence. If you are uncertain, write a question mark beside the name of each part of speech: 1. Noun:________________                        2. Conjunction:__________  3. Verb:_________________                       4. Adjective:_____________ 5. Pronoun:______________                       6. Preposition:____________ 7. Interjection:____________                    8. Adverb:_______________         9. Article:________________

10 Announcements & Agenda 8/16
1. Materials check on Monday! 2. A few reminders about lunch… 3. I-station testing on Tuesday (daily grade) 4. Bring Interactive Reader for Wednesday! Agenda: Pre-assessment on writing and grammar Moving Forward activity

11 Pre-assessment on Grammar (Why Miss. Handford, Why?!)
a pre-assessment helps your instructor to understand what strengths and weaknesses you have in order to avoid working on skills that you have already mastered. Part II: Listen as I read the passage to you: write down exactly what I say to the best of your ability. Part I: Assessing spelling/punctuation/writing skills. Complete INDEPENDENTLY & SILENTLY. When you have completed your pre-assessment, place it in the purple tray and pick up a scavenger hunt! Do not begin until everyone has finished their pre-assessment!

12 During and after your pre-assessment.
Talking during a quiz/test/pre-assessment = zero. When you have completed your pre-assessment, place it in your class tray. Copy the following writing prompt on a piece of paper and begin brainstorming! When you think of moving forward in life…. What are your goals? Your dreams? How do you want to be remembered, when looking back?

13 1st Period’s Class Expectations
1. Be respectful! 2. Stay Positive! 3. Follow Directions!

14 MAPS testing: 19th I-station testing: 20th Miss Handford Absent: 21st

15 Bell-ringer 2: identifying vocabulary words using context clues 8-22-13
Create a three column chart: in the first column list the underlined vocabulary words. In the second column define it the best of your ability. In the third column list key words that lead to your inferred definition. 1. Bounded to his wheelchair, the two mile walk to school is nothing but a hindrance to Aaron. 2. My grandma would always cower under the stairs when thunderstorms would begin. 3. Ashley wince every time the nurse applied the pressure to her wounds.

16 Announcements & Agenda 8/20
Submit signed syllabus NO LATER THAN MONDAY. SOME OF YOU DID NOT TURN IN STUDENT EXPECTATIONS WORKSHEET, AND NEED THIS GRADE… Vocabulary quiz: Thursday 8/29 (1st & 4th)/Friday (7th) 8/30 Bring index cards on Monday. Bring interactive reader all next week  Agenda Identifying and analyzing archetypes

17 Announcements & Agenda 8/22
Submit signed syllabus NO LATER THAN MONDAY. SOME OF YOU DID NOT TURN IN STUDENT EXPECTATIONS WORKSHEET, AND NEED THIS GRADE… Vocabulary due today! It can be turned in on Monday for a 70% Vocabulary quiz: Thursday 8/29 (1st & 4th)/Friday (7th) 8/30 Bring index cards on Monday. Bring interactive reader all next week  Agenda Identifying and analyzing archetypes

18 Archetypes

19 What are archetypes? Archetypes are universal patterns in all stories, cultures, and even dreams of people. Term coined by Carl Jung

20 The term archetype can be applied to:
An image A theme A symbol An idea A character A plot pattern

21 Common Archetypes. HERO:
circumstances of birth are unusual, attempt is made at birth to kill him; raised by foster parents, returns to his kingdom to right wrongs MENTOR: teacher or counselor; often are father or mother figures to the hero FATHER AND SON CONFLICT: father and son are separated : reunite when son is adult: GROUP OF COMPANIONS: loyal companions willing to face any number of dangers to be together OUTSIDER: figure banished from a social group : self-blame or committed crime.

22 A few more archetypes… FRIENDLY BEAST: beast on the side of the hero
DEVIL FIGURE: offers temptation to the hero in exchange for possession of the soul. EVIL FIGURE WITH GOOD HEART: evil figure redeemed by nobility of hero

23 Just a few more! (archetypes)
SCAPEGOAT: unjustly held responsible for others’ sins TEMPTRESS: brings about the hero’s downfall. The hero is attracted to her/him CROSSED LOVERS: two lovers forbidden to be together CREATURE OF NIGHTMARE: animal or creature disfigured or mutated;

24 The following slides will be images of several archetypes
Observe the picture for ten seconds and write in the far left column, which archetype the picture could represent! Keep your answer to yourself! The winner will receive a prize!

25 Picture one: which archetype is this?

26 Picture two: which archetype is this one?

27 Picture three: how about this one?

28 Picture Four. What about this one? Which archetype could this represent?

29 Results! And the winner is! ______________________
For the remainder of class, finish your Sound of Thunder questions from yesterday. Completing part II and III will receive FULL CREDIT!

30 Exit ticket: respond to this prompt on page 6
Respond to the following writing prompt by writing a minimum of four sentences: Who is your personal hero? What qualities does this person have that inspires you?

31 Bell-ringer activity: vocabulary review: 8-26-13
Copy each definition and match the correct vocabulary word: A. Vigilance B. Cower C. Consternation D. Wince E. Synchronize F. Calibrate. To shrink away or cringe is to: __________ To happen at the same time or to agree in time is to _______________. To determine, to correct or to make standard is to _______________. An act of _____________ requires an individual to watch in an alerting manner, avoiding danger.

32 Announcements and Agenda
1. Vocabulary quiz on Thursday: multiple choice and writing sentences using vocabulary words. 2. For each day that you DO NOT bring your interactive reader, you will loose 5 participation points. IT IS A REQUIRED MATERIAL. Agenda: 1. Vocabulary workshop: creating flashcards. 2. Harrison Bergeron reading

33 Parts of a Plot

34 Bell-ringer Activity 8/23/13
Observe each picture and infer the definition based on what is happening…

35 Announcements & Agenda: 8/23
Vocabulary Quiz Thursday: 20 questions total worth 5 points each. Interactive reader everyday! Harrison Bergeron Work will be checked at end of class tomorrow for a daily grade: if you are not bringing your IR, this will affect your grade! Agenda Reading of Harrison Bergeron: discussion and reflection.

36 Bell-ringer activity: vocabulary review for Quiz on _____________
Copy and complete the sentences below: 1. It remains our duty to do all we can to resolve conflict, confront_________________, reduce poverty and promote good governance. 2. Our technical assistant ________________ the promethean board so that the interactive pen could connect accurately with the screen. 3. Susie ______________________ in fear as the monster crept from under her bed. 4. Considering that Ashley is on crutches, the steep stairs in the high school are nothing but a ______________________ on Ashley’s ability to get to class on time. 5. The football field was bathed in a __________________ light as the players ventured onto the grass for their final game.

37 Announcements and Agenda 8/28
Vocabulary quiz tomorrow!! Make sure to study! Some of you have zeros from not turning in homework (class grades currently F’s). YOU NEED THIS QUIZ GRADE. Interactive reader everyday! Short story test TBA soon! Agenda Continuing “Harrison Bergeron” (pause/reflection)

38 Final Vocabulary Review: 8/29
Define the following vocabulary words: 1. Vigilance 2. Oppression 3. Hindrance 4. Wince Answer the following questions: 1. What is the difference between wince and cower? 2. What is the difference between calibrate and synchronize

39 Announcements and Agenda: 8/29
1. You need your interactive reader today and all next week! Agenda: 1. Vocabulary quiz 2. Completing Interactive reader on Harrison Bergeron 3. (possible movie…depends of if our sound wants to work…)

40 During and after the quiz
Talking = a zero. When you have completed your quiz place it in your class tray. DO NOT TALK UNTIL THE LAST PERSON HAS COMPLETED THEIR QUIZ!! Work silently on completing activities on page in your interactive reader book.

41 Harrison Bergeron Movie
On page 12 in your spiral notebook Copy the following chart and list some examples as you watch the movie: 1. Create a two column chart and list similarities in one column and differences in the other…(text versus movie)

42 Bell-ringer: 9/2 Prefixes
Copy and answer the following question: 1. What is a prefix? Copy the following sentences and circle any prefixes. Under each sentence a possible meaning for the words you circled. 1. Sally’s handwriting was unacceptable on her pre-assessment test. 2. Mr. Brown’s hyperactive class resulted in the pep rally being postponed for a week.

43 Announcements and Agenda: 9/2
1. Interactive readers everyday. 2. Quizzes will be given back tomorrow: request to re-test forms will be attached. 3. We will be taking a break from short stories and resume with “By the Waters of Babylon” on Friday. Agenda: 1. Understanding the history of the English Language 2. Brainstorming prefixes.

44 Bell-ringer: Prefixes Continued 9/4
Copy the following sentences and circle the word containing the prefixes that we previously discussed. Write the possible meaning of the word under the sentence. PETA held its 4th annual conference outside of New York City in April. The winds of the storm were abnormally strong, knocking down trees everywhere. Eating lots of vegetables is beneficial to one’s health.

45 Announcements and Agenda
1. Interactive readers everyday! You will get those back today along with quizzes. 2. Retest forms due Friday. Agenda: 1. Understanding the English Language 2. Prefixes!

46 Draw the following chart into your spiral notebooks on page _______.
Paragraph Main Idea Supporting Ideas Paragraph One: Paragraph Two: Paragraph Three: Paragraph Four: Paragraph Five:

47 Graphic Organizer activity
Over the next day, you will use a laptop or computer to research the prefixes, by finding sample words and sample word definitions. NOTE: leave the 3rd and 4th column blank. We will do the first seven together today, and tomorrow you will do the rest by yourself.

48 Exit ticket Brainstorm and list four other sample words for the prefixes that we covered today. List them as numbers 5-8 in your spiral notebook on page ____________

49 Announcements and Agenda
1. Interactive reader everyday. Remaining workbooks will be given back today. 2. If you receive a REQUEST TO RE-TEST FORM you must give it back, completed within 24 hours. Agenda 1. Review of yesterday 2. Library: researching prefixes (you will sit in alphabetical order unless it we see an issue)

50 So…what did you learn yesterday?
On page 15 write the following as review… 1. English words come from many different places. 2. The English language is fluid (_____________) and continues to evolve. 3. Can you think of any new English words recently added to the dictionary?

51 Library! We will be heading to the library to finish your prefix list.
As mentioned before, look up sample words and their definitions DO NOT COMPLETE THE TWO RIGHT COLUMNS.

52 Bell-ringer: roots, prefixes and suffixes.

53 Announcements and Agenda
1. Interactive reader everyday! Agenda: 1. Completing prefix graphic organizer (30 min) 2. Creating your own prefix and illustration to show its meaning. (15 min) BY THE END OF THE CLASS YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED YOUR GRAPHIC ORGANIZER AND DEVELOPED YOUR PREFIX AND ILLUSTRATION.

54 Review of yesterday 1. How can we describe the English language?
2. What is a prefix? What are some examples? Activity One: 1. Work on defining prefixes (laptops/computers 2. Creating your own prefix and drawing a picture to represent your prefix.

55 Prefix: definition and examples
A prefix is: placed at the beginning of a word to modify or change its meaning. Examples from our previous day’s brainstorming: 1. 2. 3. 4.

56 Activity One: Word Creation!
BY THE END OF THE CLASS YOU MUST HAVE DEVELOPED AND COMPLETED YOUR PREFIX AND ILLUSTRATION. You will be given a prefix: Create/make up a word using that prefix! (5 min) draw an illustration to represent it’s meaning. (20 min) Write the imaginary prefix and its definition at the top of the illustration. 5 volunteers to present their illustrations to classmates.

57 “By the Waters Of Babylon”
Bell-ringer activity: observe this picture for two minutes and write one paragraph describing how you would feel if you were the individual in the picture. Why you would feel that way and what would you do and why.

58 Announcements and Agenda
1. Progress Reports will be distributed on Thursday: turn in signed for extra credit. 2. Make up folders/letters home 3. Prefix quiz Wednesday September 18th 4. Short Story test: September 25th (Harrison Bergeron, By the Waters of Babylon & Everyday Use) Agenda 1. Note-taking on key literary elements: character development, mood, and point of view. 2. Paired activity: analysis of point of view.

59 Key Literary Elements 1.Identify the definition of mood:
Mood is the atmosphere of a story. The author of a story uses mood to develop an emotional reaction in the reader. Example:

60 Character Development
2. Characterization: giving details about the character Direct Characterization Indirect Characterization Definition: giving details about a character directly. Example: Sally is mad. Definition: giving details through actions, thoughts, words and feelings. Example: Sally stormed in the room, threw her book bag down and yelled at Ben. Vs.

61 Point of View What is point of view?
Point of view refers to the vantage point from which the story is told. It is the writer’s choice of narrator. Turn to page 302: read narrative devices paragraph and read first two paragraphs. Directions for ‘foldable’ Fold hot dog length: cut three slits to the fold: glue into notebook. Write first person point of view, third person limited and third person omniscient on each flap.

62 Point of View Details: paired activity 10 min.
Work with a partner to jot down notes from the strategies for analysis box inside of your foldable.

63 Bell-ringer: 9/12 Instructions: turn to page 303 in the textbook on your desk. Read Model one and two and answer the close read questions 1 & 2 for both

64 Announcements and Agenda
1. Prefix Quiz on Wednesday 9/18 2. Short Story test: Wednesday 9/25 3. Signed interims: Friday 9/13 4. Marty Blount to library to make up. Agenda: Note-taking on Flashback and Foreshadow Beginning of “By the Waters of Babylon”



67 Review of Flashback and Foreshadow: page 304
What is flashback and foreshadow? The narrator makes choices about how a story unfolds. Foreshadow: hints towards future events Flashback: story goes back in time to help readers understand the characters.

68 Turn to page 102 in your interactive readers…
Respond to the following prompt: Does knowledge come at a price? How much knowledge should a person or society have? When, if ever should our pursuit of knowledge be limited? You will have 3 minutes to jot down some thoughts.

69 Bell-ringer activity: Prefixes 9/13
Brainstorm two words for each of the following prefixes: 1. Uni 2. Bi 3. Re 4. Un 5. Pre (different from ones mentioned before!) 6. Semi 7. Micro 8. Non 9. Inter 10. Tri

70 Announcements and Agenda: 9/13
1. Bring daily: pencils, a highlighter and interactive reader workbook. 2.Turned in signed progress reports 3.Make up all missing assignments. 4. Prefix quiz: 9/19 Agenda: 1. Review of story elements: character and plot. 2. reading of story 3. paired activity on predictions

71 “By the Waters of Babylon” review
Copy and answer the following questions on page 20 in your spiral notebook: 1. Describe the exposition of the story. 2. Circle all of the following words that describe the tone of narrator and explain why… -Simple -arrogant -bitter -obedient. 3. What is important to John, our narrator? Why? 4. What material is valuable to the people? Why?

72 Chat Room Activity Directions The narrator in “By the Waters of Babylon” does not understand everything on his journey. In pairs, make inferences on where he could be in our world (Washington, library, etc.) when he talks about the Dead Places, Great River , and The Place of the Gods. Use your prior knowledge and support your answer with details from the story. Write your answer on the poster.

73 Bell-ringer activity: 9/16
Copy the following sentences and circle words that contain the prefixes that will be on Wednesday’s quiz. Write a possible definition for each words under the sentence. 1. Interaction is a required in group work. 2. It is very popular to recreate classic movies these days. 3. Having a bad immune system will predispose you to a lot of colds.

74 Announcements and Agenda
1. Prefix Quiz (Wednesday: 1st/Thursday: 4th) 2. Short story test (Wednesday 25th : 1st & 7th/Thursday 26th: 4th) 3. Interactive readers everyday: I need to see the following students: Tyrone, Andrez, Jessica, Ar’Shanec and Xavier. Agenda 1. Review of paired activities 2.Continuation of reading/independent questions

75 Review of Paired Activity
1. Prediction for The Great River: the Mississippi River. 2. Prediction for the Dead Places: cemeteries 3. Prediction for the Place of the Gods: Heaven Paris Athens

76 Independent Questions
Complete the independent questions BY YOURSELF as we listen to the story. THIS IS INDEPENDENT WORK: IF YOU COPY, YOU RECEIVE A ZERO. I will collect your questions at the end of class. As an exit ticket complete questions _____________ in your interactive workbook.

77 Bell-ringer activity: 9/17
Copy the following sentences and circle words that contain the prefixes that will be on Wednesday’s quiz. Write a possible definition for each words under the sentence. 1. Due to the unruly behaviors of the students, the teacher couldn’t show the movie. 2. Those who compete in triathlons must train for years. 3. You must update your resume biannually to reflect constant changes.

78 Agenda and Announcements
1. Prefix quiz: tomorrow (1st)/Thurs (4th) Mon (7th) You will need to the know the definitions of the prefixes. 2.Short story test next Wednesday (1st & 7th)/ Thurs (4th). This is 30% OF YOUR 9 WEEKS GRADE. 3. Writing Lab: 1st Sept 26th /4th Sept 27th/7th Sept 28th This is for I-station remediation. Agenda: Direct versus Indirect characterization paired activity Concluding story Concluding activities in workbook.

79 Direct and Indirect Characterization
Instructions: with a partner, draw a two column like the one below. Identify three examples of direct and three examples of indirect characterization from pages Title it “Characterization in By the Waters…” Indirect characterization Direct characterization 1. 2. 3.

80 Audio Reading As we listen to and conclude the story answer all of the side bar questions. Pages will be your exit ticket! You may work with a partner. Also make sure your side bar responses are done.

81 Bell-ringer: 9/18 Copy the following sentences and complete them using our prefixes. 1. _________ is a prefix meaning ‘to go between’ 2. _________ is a prefix meaning “small” 3. _________ is a prefix meaning “half of” 4. _________ is a prefix meaning “one” 5. _________ is a prefix meaning to “redo” 6. _________ is a prefix meaning 7. _______ and ______ are prefixes meaning “not”

82 Announcements & Agenda
1. Prefix quiz today (1st/4th) 2. Short Story Test Wednesday 25th. You will receive a study guide tomorrow: I expect you to begin taking your spiral notebook home to study. 3. Writing Lab: September 26th (I-station) 4. “By the Waters of Babylon” pages need to be completed by end of class today! I will be collecting your interactive notebooks

83 Announcements and Agenda: 7th
1. Prefix quiz: Monday 23rd 2. Short Story Test: Wednesday 25th 3. Writing Lab: Sept 27th 4. Interactive notebooks: due at end of class today! Agenda for today: 1. Paralleling clips from movie to text. 2. Independent work: completing “By the Waters…” 3. Class review for test.

84 During and after the quiz…
Talking = a zero during the quiz: UNTIL THE LAST QUIZ HAS BEEN TURNED IN. Place your quiz in your class tray on my desk. Work on completing all activities on pages

85 I am Legend… copy questions
Watch the following clips from the movie and answer the following questions.. 1. Identify similarities in mood between the movie and story. 2. What do both characters have in common? Identify two external and two internal conflict examples.

86 Independent Activity: 20 min
Complete all writing responses in interactive notebook on pages A DEDUCTION OF 5 POINTS PER QUESTION WILL BE TAKEN IF NOT COMPLETED!

87 Exit ticket: students will make predictions regarding what they believe the Place of Gods will be. (5-10 min)

88 Agenda for today! Today you will be working on your projects!
Stay busy and use your time wisely! I will deduct points from your project grade for time wasted!

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