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SPA DECT Solution SPA232D SPA302D.

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1 SPA DECT Solution SPA232D SPA302D

2 28 Compatible 3G USB Modems
Cisco ATA Portfolio Cisco Business Series Cisco Small Business WRP400 SPA8800 SPA8000 SPA232D SPA122 SPA112 Performance and Functionality 4 FXS,4 FXO 1 RJ-21 1 LAN 1 Admin 8 FXS 1 RJ-21 1 LAN 1 Admin 2 FXS 1 WAN, 4 LAN Wireless G 1 FXS 1 FXO 1 WAN 1 LAN 2 FXS 1 WAN 1 LAN Full-duplex Speakerphone, headset, message waiting indicator, 4-way navigation key, Dedicated buttons for Mute, Headset, Speakerphone, Volume, Hold, Menu settings, Voic access, Integrated Ethernet switch port, Wideband audio, AUX port for up to two expansion module, Monochrome Backlit Display, Supports SIP and SPCP 32 button side car with paper label 28 Compatible 3G USB Modems 2 FXS 1 LAN SIP Trunking Asterisk Cfg. Guide Consumer Home and Branch Office Advanced Triple-Play Call Center Ultra Small Bus. On-Premise IP PBX Residential SOHO Small Business 2

3 What is DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT)
DECT uses time division multiple access (TDMA) to transmit radio signals to phones Spectrum allocation: 1880 MHz to 1900 MHz (Europe, most commonly used) 1900 MHz to 1920 MHz (outside Europe spectrum) 1910 MHz to 1930 MHz (US, Canada, LATAM) DECT ("Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications") wireless technology is suitable for voice, multimedia, and data networking traffic, including Internet access, and integrates well with other fixed and wireless services such as ISDN and GSM, according to the DECT Forum. DECT also boasts a claimed range of up to a few hundred meters, encryption to ensure a high degree of call security, and "optimized" radio transmission that maximizes handheld device battery life. 3

4 Comparison of Wireless Technologies
Feature Home RF 802.11n Bluetooth DECT IrDA Technology Radio Optical Frequency 2.4 GHz 2.4/5 GHz 1.9 GHz 850 nm Basic data rate bits/sec 0.8/1.6 M 200 M 1 M 4 M/115 K Range - meters 50 70 10 300 3 4

5 SPA232D SPA122 SPA112 5

6 SPA232D ATA at a Glance Integrated DECT Base Station
Page Button Reset Button FXO FXS LAN WAN Power Integrated DECT Base Station 4 Simultaneous Active Calls Phone Ports – 1 FXS, 1 FXO 2 Port 10/100 BaseT Ethernet (LAN/WAN) Router / Bridge T.38 FAX TR-069 Cisco Branded SPA232D is replacement for SPA3102. SPA232D adds a DECT basestation to that product. We’ve been refreshing the ATAs for some time with the SPA122 and SPA222 replacing PAP2T and SPA2102 this year. SPA232D has all functionality of sPA3102 with FXO port plus now we’ve added the integrated base station with our DECT SPA302 handsets ofr a mobility solution for SMB customers that need to move around office and still be connected to make and place phone calls. All developments in previous ATAs – faxing capabilities, TR.69 for provisioning are still there. The enclosure is Cisco branded. There are lots of good things with this product. LEDs

7 4 Simultaneous Active Calls
SPA232D - FXS & FXO IP/SIP DECT SIP Trunk 4 Simultaneous Active Calls Cable/DSL Internet VoIP Provider This slide gives you a typical deployment scenario or use case. A customer would deploy the 232D ATA in network and connect to broadband access device. That is provisioned with their SIP account back to the VoIP service or server. On the other side is the DECT network. You can have up to 5 handsets registered to the basestation with 4 simultaneous active calls. So 4 handsets can be on calls all at the same time. There is FXS port to plug in regular analog phone or fax machine (and we’ve done a lot of development on faxing capability). FXO port means you can plug device into regular PSTN network. So you can still receive calls over PSTN and route calls out the regular PSTN POTS line. You can even do 2-stage dialing (same as on SPA3102) and receive a call via the PSTN and have it route out the VoIP network. There are lots of capabilities you can configure with this device. You can configure multiple VoIP lines on ATAs and configure a handset with one or multiple lines. So each handset can have up to 10 lines configured on DECT basestation. Or each handset can have it’s own phone number. So when an incoming call comes in you can route that call to a specific number on a specific handset that will ring. You can personalize the handset so everyone can get their own number. You can group handsets so that when an incoming call comes in multiple handsets can ring and whoever picks it up can take the call. You can define numbers like a personal or business number on the phone. So there is lots of flexibility that differentiates this solution from a typical consumer DECT product. This solution is perfect for a Small Business enviornment. This solution is for a hosted VoIP provider. This is not a product you can deploy with UC320 or UC500 or with BE3K or with BE6K. It’s mean for a hosted solutions provider. SPA232D Base Station PSTN SPA302D Handsets Analog Phone/Fax (FXS )

8 DECT Line Flexibility WAN DECT Line 1 DECT Line 2 DECT Line 3
This is an animated slide. You can configure multiple SIP accounts or registrations on the SPA232D. In the typical ATA scenario you have an FXS port and define and account and number on that FXS port, which is what the device gets when you plug analog phone or fax machine into that port. But with the DECT line you have ability to assign multiple DECT lines and assign handsets to that DECT lines. So it is not tied to a particular port at all. So you can have a handset assigned to 2 different DECT line or 1 DECT line. There is again lots of flexibility in assigning a handset to DECt lines. Line 1 (FXS) or VoIP – PSTN PSTN - VoIP PSTN (FXO)

9 SPA302D DECT Technology Wideband Audio (G.722)
1.8” Color Display with backlight Hands-Free Speakerphone 4-way Navigation Key 2 Soft Keys Call, End, Speaker, and Mute Buttons Talk Time 10 Hours Standby Time 120 Hours Handset Charging Cradle with AC Adapter This is the SPA302D, which is the DECT handset. The DECT handset is more than a consumer DECT handset from a retailer. We’ve developed business call control functionality into this handset. Not only does it have wideband audio, color screen, speakerphone, easy navigation buttons to get to menu items, but also long battery life and long talk time and standby time. With these DECT phones, you can go a few days without charging it in standby. This provides benefits in work environments where users can walk around office and still be reachable and make and receive phone calls. Some of the things we’ve added to DECT solution are business call control features. If you’re familiar with the DECT handset and cordless technology, it has that capability. Then we’ve added business call control features like transfer, conferencing, putting call on hold while firing up another call, call waiting scenarios and so on. There is also call park and group pickup. These services are provisionable by service providers. So SPs can roll these services out in mass to subscribers without needing technicians to go on site. These products mean a SP can direct ship to customer, customer plus in, handset registers and they’re up and running.

10 Rickshaw

11 Cisco SPA302D/SPA232D Key Features
Benefit Multi-Handset Registrations Ability to assign each a separate number or create groups 4 Simultaneous Active Calls DECT specification Menu Selectable Calling Features Conference, Transfer, Hold, New Call, Group Pickup, Park/UnPark Color Display High resolution Wideband G.722 High definition audio Speakerphone Hands-free communication T.38 improvements and G3 fax support Better fax reliability and faster speeds Phonebook (Local and Centralized) Personalize or share contact information Handset Firmware Upgradeable “SUOTA “ from SPA232D to SPA302D Handset Assignment Provisionable Remotely Configure SIP to DECT DONE © 2009, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Presentation_ID.scr

12 How will DECT Products be Sold?
Two versions: North America (G1) and ROW (G7) SPA232D-G Base Station (Spare) $74 (WPL) SPA232D-G (RC SKU = SPA232D-R1 or -R7) SPA302D-G Handset (Spare) $107 (WPL) SPA302D-G7 SPA302DKIT-G Bundle SPA302DKIT-G (1 SPA302D & 1 SPA232D) $175 (WPL) This slide shows how the product will be sold. DECT has a compliance specification so that there is a NA version of DECT and an EU and APAC/AU version of DECT. This spectrum is covered in G1 forNorth America and G7 for rest of World. So select G7 clip type when ordering and this comes bundled with EU, UK and AU type power clips that slide onto the power adapter for SPA232D. There are still going to be customers that want to buy ATA by itself and that’s the SPA232D. We also sell SPA302D as a spare as well and can order multiple handsets at a time. Then SPA302D kit comes as one handset and one base station. If they need another handset, they order the SPA302D spare. The number of supported handsets is 5, which is a DECT forum specification limitation for DECT. That is typical of competitor products also.

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