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Morgan Stanley / Hewlett Packard PC Deployment Training.

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1 Morgan Stanley / Hewlett Packard PC Deployment Training

2 Deployment schedule and logistics Day 0 is the Deployment day Day 1 is the 1 st business day after the deployment We will be working late on the deployment day Bring a snack We might need to return on Saturday and Sunday to complete the deployment

3 Engineer Resources Team Lead – Technical Bridge The Team Lead or an engineer will contact the technical Bridge for assistance – Technical Bridge will contact Morgan Stanley when required Technical Bridge contact information (use if instructed) – Bob Brzezynski 609-947-3596 – Gloria Miller 646-234-8288 – Dave Carter 917-593-2737 – Robert Glover 810-908-6144 Documentation The onsite Morgan Stanley representative are not to be used for any assistance

4 Day 0 Support Dress Code Business Casual No Jeans No Sneakers / Gym Shoes / Tennis Shoes / Bowling Shoes / Flip Flops No Sweat Shirt or Pants No shorts Etc.

5 Day 1 Support Dress Code Day 1 Support is Shirt and Tie

6 Deployment Framework The Deployment is scheduled by the IC and BTC. The deployment start time is at the close of the market The deployment team will represent themselves professionally both in appearance and actions. Professional Business conduct – Only access a system after you have been approved to do so. – Secure areas will be opened by a Morgan Stanley representative. – Do not look at end user data The team lead is the point of contact for communications of the deployment team. The Team Lead will communicate technical issues to the technical bridge for resolution. The Team Lead will communicate status and escalations to the onsite administrator. The administrator will communicate status and issues to the remote installation coordinator.

7 Why be onsite hours before the deployment starts? Get ready Meet the team Assign Work Separate PCs by engineer / location of deployment Review any last minute questions and document updates Communicate any changes to the deployment schedule (Priority users, additional applications, etc.) Print additional documentation when needed Familiarize yourself with the floor plan Review Documentation

8 A Deployment Cookbook – This is your main source of information for Day 1 and Day 0 activities. The cookbook documentation is a collection of several documents. BWR__Introduction (1 per team lead) BWR__Day 0____Team Lead (1 per team lead) BWR__Day 0____Technician (1 per tech/team lead) BWR____Day 1 Support (1 per tech/team lead) BWR___Appendices(1 per tech/team lead) A Data migration Cookbook – this provides the steps needed to transfer the data and settings from the old PC to the new PC. Several other documents are referenced when required. The documentation is available on the data migration CDs Data migration CDs – This includes the data migration tool, a deployment support menu to assist with several checks, and soft copies of required documentation. Network crossover cables Late breaking application installation instructions or modifications required for the deployment. Deployment Documentation

9 The new desktop systems are secure Do NOT make the End User an Administrator on the new PC Do NOT create any local accounts on these systems.

10 Deployment kit Contents Documentation for deployment Documentation for reporting Hardware and software

11 What’s in the new PC box? PC Checklist Leave Behind

12 PC Deployment 30,000 Ft view of the process While in the Conference room Remove a PC assigned to you from the shipping container. The box from the 1 st PC can be used for a trash container. Save another to collect old keyboards and mice. Additional boxes must be Broken down to lay flat. Put the extra items (Manufactures CD’s and included paperwork into a designated trash box. Use one of the PC shipping boxes) Bag the Styrofoam if possible. Otherwise stack neatly. Locate the new PC and required items to the EU location – PC, KB, Mouse, Power cord – Documents (Leave behind, Deployment checklist, Build sheet) Perform validation process / check you are putting this system in the correct location Proceed with the deployment – When logging into the PCs you will need to enter the HPBWR0n user name and password each time. – FVE verification / installation – review details – Data Migration – Follow the Data Migration document – Application installation – Bundle verification – Complete the Check list – Give the Checklist to the onsite administrator – Tape the leave behind on the monitor During the data migration process there is a note in the document indicating a good time to perform another deployment. At this time locate the next PC for deployment to the next EU location and start another deployment. When the deployment for each PC is complete, take the Old PC to designated storage area. (If this PC has Fact installed leave the old PC at the end users desk) Give the onsite administrator the completed checklist. Continue to take additional PC’s to each location and start the deployment process.

13 BTC CONTACT:Lynda Berg8478422132 KP215UC12.00 Backup contactNancy Nilsen8156377878 KP214UC0.00 Trash Location out side building 12.00 Tot al Old PC Storage Location: IN office Address 2215 Perrygreen Way Floor 1 UserName Old HostNameNew HostNameNew Serial #New Asset TagDE NameDesk Location Application / Version Monitor CountLUS Scanner Model Comments Additional Deployment Activities Community AssetD2770001D-MXL8430Q4TMXL8430Q4TA1262426 DE CSA0100BTC has given us the go ahead to work on Community Assets first Nancy.NilsenD2770013D-MXL8430Q49MXL8430Q49A1262483DEBull PenIBM OnDemand32, vUnknown; ACT!, v6100 Make sure ACT is installed - verify the Act DB on Day 1 Community AssetD2770014D-MXL8430Q6FMXL8430Q6FA1262443DEConf Rm0100 BTC has given us the go ahead to work on Community Assets first Carol_LombardiD2770016D-MXL8430Q6LMXL8430Q6LA1262458DECSA IBM OnDemand32, vUnknown; Branch Deposit Scanning (BDS), v2.1910I 40Kodak Scanner Validation Michael_LindsayD2770017D-MXL8430Q3ZMXL8430Q3ZA1262385DEManager Sunguard Allocation Master, vversion 9.2; Sunguard Allocation Master, vUnknown; ACT!, v6100 Site has an I40 Scanner, sanner is connected to Carol Lombardi's computer at Reception Marcia_PetersonD2770018D-MXL8430Q50MXL8430Q50A1262493DE Marsha PetersonIBM OnDemand32, vUnknown; ACT!, v6100 Make sure ACT is installed - verify the Act DB on Day 1 Community AssetD2770020D-MXL8430Q3SMXL8430Q3SA1262399DEBullpen0100 BTC has given us the go ahead to work on Community Assets first Brian_LindsayD2770021D-MXL8430Q5HMXL8430Q5HA1262474DEDirectorACT!, v6100 Make sure ACT is installed - verify the Act DB on Day 1

14 BWR___ Appendices

15 The new computer name is provided

16 Record the duration of time and the size of data transferred Verify you are working on the correct PC and assigned user Enter your name Track your progress

17 Day 0 deployment book checklist

18 Login to the Old PC using the user name HPBWR0n on the PCG domain Yes No

19 Attach the End User name label to the rear of the old PC. Attach Here

20 Sample view of the Deployment Support CD

21 Double click the Deployment Support.bat file on the data migration CD Sample Support Menu

22 Sub Menu Deployment and Application Documentation 3rd Party Application Installation Menu

23 Verify FVE encryption on the old PC.

24 Data Migration 3 steps – Collect – Restore – Transpose

25 Multitask There are 2 steps in the process that will allow you to multitask the deployment activities Data Migration – There is a point identified in the data migration document that indicates it will take some time to perform the data transfer. This is an opportunity to start another deployment Application Verification – It is OK to remove the utility CD from the drive and continue with another migration after the verification process has started. This will likely take 30 + minutes to complete. You must return to the systems you are deploying to monitor for success and failure. You must record the time to transfer and size of data transferred on the deployment checklist. This detail is recorded in the data migration log file.

26 Setup the new PC and Logon to the Morgan Stanley network. Do not connect the new PC to a power strip as the final installation

27 Post Data Migration Verify the date and time on the PC Connect peripherals FVE Validation Driver Installation Exception application installation Kodak i30 / i40 verification Application Verification

28 Logout You must logout of the new PC when the deployment is complete.

29 Side view of box

30 User name and computer name

31 Organize PCs for deployment

32 Bloomberg PC

33 Deployment In Flight

34 Kodak Scanner I40

35 Old PC’s in Storage

36 Packing Materials

37 Condition of a conference room when Day 0 is complete

38 This completes the Day 0 training Continue this slide deck to complete Day 1 training

39 Day 1 Support Each engineer will have an area of the floor assigned to perform end user satisfaction checks. If end user is not available mark the sheet and review with the TL General process details Site Acceptance Missing application Missing data Contact Relationship Management (CRM) resolution Pack deployment kit Reconcile DECOM systems Verify Installed PC report Etc – See cookbook

40 Fact Installation FAct requires Act 6 to be installed on the PC Act 6 is installed prior to Day 1 support. Determine the type of installation to perform Install using the correct installation script Trust the steps in the Fact installation document – If you have questions call the technical support bridge for assitance Fact database validation is performed on Day 1. The end user must be available to perform the configuration and validation

41 Act database Validation Act is installed prior to Day 1 support Act Database validation is performed on Day 1 The end user must be available to perform this activity

42 Logout You must logout of the new PC when the deployment is complete.

43 This concludes day 1 training Be sure to review the technical documentation before the deployment.

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