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Created by Peter Wilbert

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1 Created by Peter Wilbert
Asuro bootloader Shareware Version V1.3 Created by Peter Wilbert Next

2 Download: Prev Next Bootloader:
AsuroSerialBootLoaderV1.3 ( ).hex OCConsole.rar: shareware terminal program V3.0 von U. Altenburg: OC-Console.exe Console.ini (Saved settings for OC-Console) Prev Next

3 AsuroSerialBootLoaderV1.3 (2006-06-01).hex into your Atmega8L
First: program file AsuroSerialBootLoaderV1.3 ( ).hex into your Atmega8L using some Atmega programming equipment. Prev Next

4 Next: start OC-Console.exe Prev Next

5 Prev Next

6 Select your COM Prev Next

7 Set the bitrate to 2400baud Prev Next

8 No parity Prev Next

9 8 databits Prev Next

10 1 stopbit Prev Next

11 Prev Next

12 Select ASCII Prev Next

13 Disable all options Prev Next

14 Prev Next

15 Select NO synchronization
Prev Next

16 Prev Next

17 Prev Next

18 Prev Next

19 Find any Asuro .hex Prev Next

20 Do nothing, next slide please...
Prev Next

21 Switch Asuro On Prev Next

22 OC-Console shows ‘Wait’...
Prev Next

23 Start uploading Prev Next

24 Uploading... Prev Next

25 If any failure occurs during uploading, Asuro system led will blink fast.
Switch Asuro off. Repeat the upload sequence. Prev Next

26 Upload finished, now upload another program or...(next)
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27 Press any switch to start the program
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28 Suggestions, idea’s, bugs...
please mail to The End Prev

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