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Professional Audit Expander ™ version 3.0 WinSysBee

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1 Professional Audit Expander ™ version 3.0 WinSysBee

2 WinSysBee2 Introduction Professional Audit Expander™ (PAE) is a powerful tool designed to analyse and audit the security and the configuration of your entire Microsoft© Windows NT/2000/2003/XP network

3 WinSysBee3 Objective View, analyse and report on the system security (NTFS, audit and ownership) including security inconsistency, direct differences, changes through time, inheritance, group and user effective rights View, analyse, monitor, inventory and report in real time on all the systems and network configurations

4 WinSysBee4 Description Security Expander for system permissions on files, folders, LDAP objects and registries Domain Expander for Windows NT/2000/XP domains inventory and reporting

5 WinSysBee5 Functionalities (Permissions) Permission analysis and scanning (NTFS and audit) through the folders, files, LDAP object and registries by group or by user Visualisation of the permission inconsistencies, inheritance, differences and changes through time between folders and subfolders Folder and file depth scan control Visualisation of the group and user effective permission rights

6 WinSysBee6 Functionalities (Permissions) Visualisation of the files and folders size and disk occupation Dynamic and recursive navigation through the files, folders, users and groups without having to open several tools or windows Easy access to the Windows NT/2000/2003 security window for permission modifications Excel/HTML/CSV/Text exports and reports

7 WinSysBee7 Functionalities (Domains) Dynamic and recursive navigation through the Windows NT/2000/2003 Domains Dynamic and recursive access to all the domain properties (audit policies, DFS, disks, events, group policies, user groups, jobs, printers, privileges, registries, services, sessions, shares and users) One interface for system daily checks (events, disks, jobs, resources, sessions…)

8 WinSysBee8 Functionalities (Domains) Domain inventory exports and listings Network Configuration HTML/Text exports and reports (using the powerful feature Automatic Click for deep browsing) Connection with the object scan for shares, LDAP objects and registries Computer Hardware and software inventories

9 WinSysBee9 Benefits Optimise your system and network productivity by regularly scanning your security permissions and by visualizing only the information you request and need Improve your security strategy by finding your security holes and inconsistencies. Discover and check if your users are allowed to access critical files and folders Reinforce your system and network strategy by saving your whole security structure and optimise your data migrations from one file server to another Trace the security changes through time of your folders and files

10 WinSysBee10 Benefits Save time by recursively browsing your user groups and by directly opening Windows NT/2000/2003 security window for security access modification Optimise your analysis by reducing the file and folder scan and by running PAE with the command-line options Increase your productivity and save considerable amount of time by generating detailed reporting on your network Improve your visibility and knowledge on your network configuration by exporting an amazing amount of information. A extremely detailed server and desktop inventory at any time!

11 WinSysBee11 Benefits Successfully migrate your servers and desktops to Microsoft© Windows 2000/2003 Monitor your disk spaces, system events, shares, sessions, resources, printers… One single interface for real-time browsing Fully integrated with Microsoft© Windows 2000/2003 permissions and inheritance Fully integrated with Microsoft© Windows NT/2000/2003 Desktop, Explorer, My Computer and Network Neighbourhood Features not found in Windows NT/2000/2003

12 WinSysBee12 PAE Main Screen

13 WinSysBee13 Views Tree View (Security Expander) Grid View (Security & Domain Expander) Results View (Security & Domain Expander) Domain View (Domain Expander) Advanced View (Domain Expander)

14 WinSysBee14 Options General Options Scanning Options Scanning Methods Domain Properties Advanced Properties Browse Options

15 WinSysBee15 Tree View

16 WinSysBee16 Grid View

17 WinSysBee17 Domain View View your: Domains Domain Controllers Servers Users User Groups Shares Resources Services Printers Events Disks Sessions

18 WinSysBee18 Domain View View the state of your network

19 WinSysBee19 Advanced View Hardware interpretation with WMI technology

20 WinSysBee20 Import/Export Security Information Domain properties Advanced properties HTML/CSV/Text format Microsoft© Excel Microsoft© Access

21 WinSysBee21 Inventories/Reports Domain properties Advanced properties Microsoft© Excel HTML format Text format NODES

22 WinSysBee22 Inventories Domains Computers Users Groups Shares Printers Services Disks LDAP

23 WinSysBee23 HTML Reports Visualize the complete network details Windows NT/2000 hardware and software configuration Publish network information on your company's Intranet Keep your information always up to date in just a few clicks And much more...

24 WinSysBee24 Text Reports Visualize and export the complete network structure Visualize network configuration Generate daily, weekly or monthly network reports Integrate the exported text in external applications And much more…

25 WinSysBee25 The Right Choice Why so many companies using Microsoft© Windows NT/2000/2003 technology choose Professional Audit Expander™ v3.0:  Time savings  Productivity improvement  Network strategy optimization and reinforcement  Richness of the information given  Features not found in Windows NT/2000/2003  Reduced administrative costs  Better price compared to other products

26 WinSysBee26 Our Customers Addleshaw Booth & Co, Advanced Systems Development, Asap Software, BMS, Brigham Young University, Brookline Savings Bank, Chart Industries, Childress Klein Properties, Dataram International, EADS, EDB Centret Ribe, Eltex, EMC Computer Systems, Fibrenyle, Fisher Imaging, Harley- Davidson, Hercules Tires, Intel, Intrasphere, Le Partenaire Informatique, Logica P/L, Merck & Co, Plymouth Products, PxC Consulting, Quintiles, Samson Bélair Deloitte & Touche, Sanofi~Synthélabo, Seb Group, Shell, Siemens, Tetrapak, Thomson Multimedia, Timcal, Unitemp… Professional Audit Expander™ v3.0 is not just another one shot tool, it’s the essential tool for the companies networks and business.

27 WinSysBee27

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