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Sales Process and Strategy

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1 Sales Process and Strategy
Josh Campbell Nominet Trust Academy, 2012

2 Agenda The science of selling Process and metrics
Maximise lead conversion Sales strategies Maximise opportunity conversion Most common mistakes Summary

3 The science of selling Successful sales people exhibit following qualities Willing to ‘cold call’ socially Passion Planning Listening Accountability 80% science, 20% art 2 main attributes to success Activity and technique Process and strategy to follow for success Not complex

4 The process and metrics
AIDA Attention Interest Desire Action 4 key numbers / ratios Number of leads generated Number of leads converted to opportunities Number of opportunities converted to sales Average deal size

5 Maximising lead conversion
Ideal Customer Profile Fix / Do / Avoid For Qualitative lead generation start high Lots of published information To get exec attention - WYWYN Keep it short Talk about them, not you – subject line ‘you….’ Ask for what you want ‘Elevator pitch’ 5-15 seconds – evidence! Different for different sectors / customer types Inbound leads degrade quickly Instant action – mix media if necessary and persist (6x)

6 Campaign strategies 5 ‘strategies’
Disengage Defend (nurture) Frontal – 3 to 1 advantage Flanking – move the goal posts Fragment – ‘land and expand’ Your biggest competition is ‘do nothing’ Meeting strategies Best possible / minimum acceptable

7 Maximising conversion rates
Referrals High-influence coach Inbound lead Regularly review as a team in structured way Use common language / methodology / scoring method There is a project Owner / time-scales / budget / name There is a compelling event The customer has a good fit with your ideal criteria You maximise your strengths and minimise weaknesses You get creative What other IP do you have? Understand DM process

8 Most common mistakes Lack of activity
focus on you and your product / service Poor qualification ‘Lone wolf’ No planning Don’t nurture when no immediate opportunity Neglect top of funnel when in close mode No coach Don’t understand DM process Don’t understand metrics – particularly lead source

9 Summary Structure and methodology like any business process
People will buy if your product meets a key requirement Fix / do / avoid Listen then speak Focus efforts on right things at the right time Activity and productivity Measure the key metrics Review as a team Plan every activity

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