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FIXM Breakout Introduction

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1 FIXM Breakout Introduction
Delivering Digital Services FIXM Breakout Introduction Presented By: Maureen Keegan (FAA) Date: August 28, 2014

2 FIXM Breakout Sessions
TIME BREAKOUT SESSION SPEAKER 12:30pm – 1:00pm Introduction to FIXM breakout session Maureen Keegan (FAA) 1:00pm – 1:30pm SWIM Flight Data Publication Service (SFDPS) Shane Kent / Ram Raju (Volpe) 1:30pm – 2:30pm Airport CDM – FIXM extension Hubert Lepori / Carlos Fornas Fernandez (EUROCONTROL) 2:30pm – 2:45pm Break 2:45pm – 3:15pm 4D Trajectory Stephane Mondolini (MITRE) 3:15pm – 3:45pm Translating US flight data into FIXM Format Alex Proschitsky (MIT-LL)

3 FIXM intro - Agenda FIXM Participants FIXM Releases
FIXM Implementations FIXM Strategy and Governance

4 FIXM Participants FAA DOD DOT Others in future…

5 FIXM Release Roadmap *Pending FIXM CCB approval 1.0 Aug 2012
Date Release Contents 1.0 Aug 2012 (completed) ICAO 2012 ATS – FPL message GUFI (Globally Unique Flight Identifier) NAS Flight Plan Data Initial ED-133 Element inclusion 1.1 Dec 2012 Dangerous Goods 2.0 Aug 2013 ICAO 2012 ATS (15 remaining messages) ICAO 2012 AIDC messages TFM (Strategic) TFM Data Exchange ANSP-Airline CDM Fleet Prioritization Airport CDM ANSP-ANSP boundary crossing 3.0 Aug 2014 Surface data 4D Trajectories (1st package) 4.0 Feb 2016* 4D Trajectories (2nd package) *Pending FIXM CCB approval

6 FIXM Implementations Mini-Global demonstrations (FAA)
FDPS (Flight Data Publication Services) (FAA) ODS (Operational Data Services) (Airservices Australia) ICATS (Interoperability Cross Atlantic TrialS) (SESAR) Jumpstart (EUROCONTROL) Airport CDM extension (EUROCONTROL) OGC - OWS-10 (FAA, EUROCONTROL, OGC)

7 FIXM Strategy and Governance
FIXM is growing and maturing Strategy and Governance needed to ensure controlled growth, high quality & right direction Challenge is to maintain rapid progress (balance between control and progress) Used AIXM as a good starting point for -XM best practices FIXM Strategy document and Change Management Charter published by FIXM CCB

8 FIXM Strategy Goals: Published and approved by FIXM CCB
Define objectives & requirements for FIXM standard Guide development of FIXM Establish governance framework Published and approved by FIXM CCB (Change Control Board)

9 FIXM Strategy Core+Extensions Model:
Consistent with AIXM & WXXM approach Core Globally applicable Regional Extensions supplement FIXM core to support additional (e.g. regional) requirements FIXM CCB will minimize proliferation of extensions FF-ICE (Flight and Flow Information for a Collaborative Environment) provisions to be supported in FIXM v4.0 (to extent possible) Adhere to existing ATM Standards

10 FIXM Governance Greater uptake in implementation expected with FIXM v3.0 Governance will continue to mature post-FIXM v3.0 (new challenges, wider set of stakeholders) In support of ICAO FF-ICE, the content of FIXM v3.0 reflects the continuous progress and evolution under discussion. Global convergence is expected to be achieved in FIXM 4.0

11 FIXM CCB FIXM CCB (Change Control Board) established in 2013
Current CCB Composition: Airservices Australia, DSNA, EUROCONTROL, IATA, JCAB, NATS, NavCanada, SESAR JU, US FAA

12 FIXM CCB Role of CCB: Define guiding principles (strategy)
Ensure FIXM development adheres to strategy Scope and schedule releases Review and approve/reject proposals for inclusion Ensure extensions are manageable (and minimize proliferation of extensions) Ensure transparency for stakeholders Arbitrate to reconcile different stakeholder requirements Co-ordinate with associated bodies (AIXM, WXXM, AIDX) Monitor evolution of ATM domain

13 FIXM – International Collaboration
Weekly FIXM TRM (Technical Review Meeting) Monthly FIXM TIM (Technical Interchange Mtg) Monthly FIXM CCB (Change Control Board) Monthly SESAR/FAA Coordination Plan (CP) 3.2 On-line collaboration (via Annual Air Transportation Information Exchange Conference (ATIEC)

14 Questions

15 Contact Information Maureen Keegan (FAA) Hubert Lepori (EUROCONTROL) FIXM CCB For more information, visit: 3

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