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CoopEUS SCB Report Out 2 October 2014 W. Christopher Lenhardt, Chair.

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1 CoopEUS SCB Report Out 2 October 2014 W. Christopher Lenhardt, Chair

2 Attendees NameRoleInstitutionIn attendance W. Christopher LenhardtChairRenaissance Computing Institute, RENCI Y Tim AhernMemberIRISY Pierre-Philippe MathieuMemberEuropean Space AgencyN Geoffrey O’SullivanMemberMarine Institute, IrelandN Maria UhleMemberNSFY Ing. Beatrix Vierkorn- Rudolph MemberESFRIN Diana WallMemberColorado State Univ, USAN Henry LoescherEx-officioNEON Inc.Y Christoph WaldmannEx-officioUniv of Bremen, MARUMY Fiona GrantRapporteurMarine Institute, IrelandY

3 Membership Replacement for Greg Anderson, NSF – Maria Uhle Replacement for Geoffrey O’Sullivan (Marine Institute, Ireland) – TBD in next month Ways to ease challenges of maintaining a working quorum – Update SCB terms of reference to allow proxies for SCB members who are unable to attend a particular meeting. This will be strongly encouraged. – Proxy must be submitted to SCB chair in writing (email) prior to meeting – Membership to stay static for a year with opportunity to rotate membership after that

4 Discussion of SCB Roles Facilitate alignment of EU and US activities, timelines and funding. Engagement – Identify new opportunities for COOPEUS engagement – Identify new partners for global COOPEUS engagement Funding – Identify new opportunities for funding (Government and Private Sector) – Identify mechanisms for sustained funding for COOPEUS Promote COOPEUS mission and project in all relevant venues Help define metrics for success

5 Engagement SCB wants to endorse SC and WP leads to seek opportunities to engage new potential CoopEUS participants SCB endorses looking for opportunities to engage new international partners SCB will provide guidelines on how to engage potential new partners – For example, potential new participants should adhere to the central tenets/goals/principles of CoopEUS – SCB will create a draft ‘memorandum of agreement’

6 Funding On US side work to find opportunities for outreach to other US agencies – Look at interagency working groups and meetings for opportunities to talk about CoopEUS Identify relevant solicitations and forward to WP groups May be opportunities through Belmont CRAs CoopEUS strategic vision and road map are critical tools for engagement and funding (and metrics) – SCB will provide assistance as needed

7 Metrics Metrics important for a variety of reasons, progress, communications and outreach, recruiting, going after funding. WPs should be identifying both quantitative and qualitative successes SCB will provide exemplar metrics and ideas/templates along three dimensions – Quantitative – Programmatic/Progress – Impact Metrics

8 Other Areas SCB will respond to SC in a more timely fashion – e.g. provide feedback on minutes from SCB meetings SCB will endeavor to meet quarterly SCB will look for opportunities to have more face-to- face meetings (help to overcome technical challenges) – Next meeting at AGU 2014 Draft a “Helsinki Statement” as part of WP8. The Roadmap (D8.4) important for US partners for funding. A high level Helsinki Statement (D8.5) would be a useful promotional and policy document that could help leverage additional EU funding.

9 Kiitos!

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