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WELCOME TO TRC Thomas Rotherham College.

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1 WELCOME TO TRC Thomas Rotherham College

2 Who we are Thomas Rotherham College Dr Richard Williams Principal
Elaine Shaw Assistant Principal Curriculum &Professional Development Tony Dowling VP Teaching and Learning Andy Amery Assistant Principal Curriculum & Quality Karen Robinson Student Services Administration Manager Cerise Walters Careers and Employer Engagement Manager Wendy Robson Senior Student Support Manager Jill Valentine Careers Adviser Thomas Rotherham College

3 Focus of the evening A look at the curriculum
Pastoral support and guidance An opportunity to ask any individual questions Thomas Rotherham College

4 Understanding the Curriculum
All students will typically follow a programme consisting of three or four blocks E.g. Level 3 4 x AS/BTEC courses 3 x AS/BTEC courses + GCSE re-sit 3 x AS/BTEC courses Level 2 4 x GCSE/BTEC courses In addition … Tutorial sessions Principal’s Update and Social Development Seminars Progression criteria Pass in 2 AS/BTEC subjects (Level 3) Pass in 3 out of 4 GCSE/BTEC subjects Thomas Rotherham College

5 Thomas Rotherham College
Classroom Time … Most subjects are timetabled for 4.5 hours per week Others have multiples of 4.5 hours e.g BTEC and Further Maths = 9/13.5 hours Tutorial and the Principal’s Updates Seminars are a less frequent commitment. Note: There are 2 subject support workshops available each week to the students (Tuesday / Thursday) Also Study Support is available to all learners through CLASS (Centre for Learning and Study Skills) Thomas Rotherham College

6 Representative sport : Netball
An example student timetable DAY 9.00 – 10.30 10.45 – 11.45 11.50 – 12.50 1.35 – 3.05 3.10 – 4.10 C1 C2 C3 B1 B2 A1 A2 D1 D2 D3 E1 E2 BTEC Media AS English Lit AS History MON Br L F1 F2 F3 A3 A4 D4 D5 E3 E4 C4 C5 TUES Subject Workshops A5 A6 A7 C6 C7 B3 B4 F4 F5 F6 F7 PUSDS Representative sport : Netball WED E5 E6 E7 D6 D7 C8 C9 A8 A9 B5 B6 THUR B7 B8 B9 F8 F9 E8 E9 D8 D9 Tutorial FRI Private study time

7 Promoting ‘independent learning’
Crucial to success at this level of study … and preparation for Higher Education and a career Should be done both inside and outside college – suggested commitment is 4.5 hours per subject studied per week Successful students make effective use of their ‘freed’ periods Thomas Rotherham College

8 Thomas Rotherham College
“MOODLE” … our on-line Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Thomas Rotherham College

9 Monitoring performance
We regularly monitor the performance of your son/daughter using a range of measures including: Attendance data Performance in class (e.g. contribution to the lesson) Folder organisation and presentation Homework assessment Progress tests Ability to work well independently and with others Where concerns arise we will speak with your son/daughter in the first instance and put support measures in place. Thomas Rotherham College

10 Moving forward Thomas Rotherham College
Your son/daughter will have regular meetings with his/her tutor/subject teacher during which they will work together to set targets to promote achievement and progression. Your son/daughter will store these targets both electronically and in their TRC Folder to allow for personal review. Thomas Rotherham College

11 Sharing progress with parents
Progress reports to parents are made twice a year (20th November and 19th February 2015) For each subject the report will include a statistically predicted grade and your son/daughter’s average performance grade to date First parents’ evenings take place on Thursday 27th November + Tuesday 2nd December … followed by a second on Thursday 26th February + Tuesday 3rd March Thomas Rotherham College

12 External Examinations
External examination sittings are held in May/June; however trial exams will be held in the week commencing 19/1/15. The purpose of the trial exams is to prepare students for the summer exam and to provide an indication of progress against their targets. Following the trial exams period key areas for improvement will be discussed with students and guidance offered. Thomas Rotherham College

13 Thomas Rotherham College
Examination Results Examined module results are given as numeric scores Scores are totalled to give an overall score. Overall score is used to determine the grade awarded. AS grade is an important foundation for final A level grade AS grade is used as the basis for University applications Thomas Rotherham College

14 June 2015 Thomas Rotherham College Looking ahead … Starting A2
A2 classes start before the end of the first academic year. Monday 8th June – Friday 19th June 2015 This is the start of the student’s A2 year. Attendance is crucial. Students failing to attend during this period will not be allowed to progress onto the A2 part of the course Many courses also start the substantial A2 coursework in this period to give students the opportunity to do research over the summer break.  College teaching year ends for students Friday 19th June 2015 June 2015 Thomas Rotherham College

15 Thomas Rotherham College

16 Thomas Rotherham College

17 Next steps …… The majority of our students go on to university, including Oxford and Cambridge In the last 8 years 41 TRC students have received offers from either Oxford or Cambridge Thomas Rotherham College

18 Next steps …… 20% go to one of the Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. Others progress to Advanced Apprenticeships or employment 400 different work placements last year including in South Africa Thomas Rotherham College

19 Kaplan Scholarship Winner – Chloe Lunn
Next steps . . . Kaplan Scholarship Winner – Chloe Lunn Thomas Rotherham Student wins £15,000 Chloe Lunn won the Kaplan Scholarship which provides her with £15,000 worth of accountancy training to enable her to become a fully qualified accountant. Thomas Rotherham College

20 Next steps….. Howells Prize Winners
Howells Solicitors sponsor an essay-writing competition for Law students   Thomas Rotherham College

21 Careers support available
Who are we? Cerise Walters – Manager for Careers and Employer Engagement Jill Valentine – Careers Adviser Kevin Lennox – Careers Adviser Thomas Rotherham College

22 What services do we provide? (HE and FE support)
1-2-1 careers information, advice and guidance Help with University applications Specific help for students applying for Medicine, Dentistry, Vet Science, Allied Health and teaching degrees Careers Blog E-guidance Compact and Widening Participation Schemes Specialist support and mock interviews for competitive subjects Plug for Hull university Tues 26th Nov for mock interviews for Medicine and competitive courses. Further details nearer the time Job hunting – Christmas temp jobs-currently recruiting –see blog Thomas Rotherham College

23 What services do we provide? (Work and Apprenticeship related support)
1-2-1 careers information, advice and guidance Help with job and apprenticeship applications Help with job hunting including: CVs interview techniques where to look for employment Careers Blog E-guidance Thomas Rotherham College



26 Thank you for taking the time to come along this evening
Staff are now available to answer individual questions: Curriculum Lecture Theatre Financial support M134 Pastoral and Careers Support M137 Have a safe journey home Thomas Rotherham College

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