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Jo Dugmore Communications & Account Manager Sonocent Ltd

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1 Jo Dugmore Communications & Account Manager Sonocent Ltd @AudioNotetaker

2 Audio Notetaker Note taking software? Sonocent Ltd

3 Problems with note taking Students can face significant problems in processing information and taking notes, especially in high pressure situations. Learning not writing Missing or Mis-Writing Information

4 Engagement Efficacy of Audio Note Taking Software Scott Ritter, MS – Class lecture remains the principle method for communicating course content to college students in traditional lecture-based class delivery. Accordingly, note taking during lecture is considered essential to student academic success. (Kiewra & Benton, 1988; Titsworth, 2001).

5 Capturing Lectures Accurate lecture capture Interactive No pressure to take notes

6 Additional Study Skills Primary & Secondary Research Essay Writing Presentation Practice Time Management & Organisation Revision

7 Study Skills- Example Processes Primary Research Presentation Practice

8 Primary Research Q&A colour template in advance Pre-write Qs. Press enter to move to next section Mark up interview with important points

9 Group All Interviews Into One File

10 Compare and Contrast Answers Answers grouped together

11 Presentation Practice NATE: National Association for the Teachers of English Develop style Compose Practice & analyse View

12 Setting The Standard – Build Skills – Analyse speech patterns & techniques from famous orators.

13 Self-Analysis & Practice Recording own presentation for self-analysis; mark up audio according to achievements and targets

14 Record a natural presentation delivered with your PowerPoint Select Record Presentation as Microphone Option and Display Slides Using PowerPoint

15 Analyse Presentation Use Oral Feedback template to mark up Audio on listening back Audio Notetaker aligns recorded presentation with slides as you present Type up analysis notes to self and when happy, use to produce cue cards to print

16 Listen Back in Full Screen Mode Have a day’s rest and then listen back to see what your audience will see

17 Organisation View in Explore to find file location Tag files with searchable information Search on tags or text in file

18 Audio Notetaker?

19 Technical Spec. Supported audio formats: In V2 and V3: – Wave (.wav) – Windows Media Audio (.wma) – MP3 (Must be imported in MP3 to export in it) – (APPLE FORMAT) AAC Audio (.m4a,.mp4,.aac) – QuickTime movies (.mov) In V3 Windows & V2.7 Mac or later only: – Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) – Opus Supported image formats: JPEG PNG GIF Bitmap (.bmp) Windows Metafile (.wmf), Windows Enhanced Metafile (.emf)

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