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Microsoft Certifications What's changed in the last 2 years?

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1 Microsoft Certifications What's changed in the last 2 years?

2 Goodbye “2000” Certifications Exams on 2000 technology, including Exchange, AD, SQL and.NET were retired in March 2008. If you are a MCSE on Windows 2000 technology, there is no upgrade path to current certifications. However, your MCSE is still a valid certification. There used to be an upgrade path from MCSE 2000 to MCSE 2003, but those exams are discontinued. 2

3 MCSE / MSCA 2003 Recap MCSA requires 4 exams, MCSE requires 7 exams There are a few retired “2000” exam that qualified as electives, so if you already passed them they still count. “TS: Vista” exam is now accepted for the client exam requirement. New “2007” exams (like OCS, SharePoint, and Exchange) can be used as electives. Security and Messaging specializations also continue to be available for those pursuing that path with the MCSE. If you are nearly done this track, it might be worth it to finish. 3

4 The New Generation of Certification MCTS is essentially an MCP certification – only one exam required. For an MCITP, the number of exams vary depending on the technology, but requires a combination of TS and PRO level exams. Many of the MCITP certifications available now only require 2 or 3 exams, but some require 5 or more. 4

5 The Certification Lifecycle Originally, MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) and MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) required an update every 3 years from the date the certification was issued, but that's no longer the case. MCTS, MCITP and MCPD certifications expire when Microsoft discontinues mainstream product support and the corresponding exams. Your transcript will list the certification as “inactive”. Microsoft recommends subscribing to the MCP Flash newsletter to get information about exam retirement. 5

6 Current MCITP Certifications Consumer Support Technician (2 exams) –Supporting home users or consumer retail. E nterprise Support Technician (2 exams) –Supporting Vista, managing security and network troubleshooting. Enterprise Desktop Administrator 7 (2 exams*) –Supporting Windows 7, managing security and network troubleshooting. Server Administrator (3 exams) –Supporting Windows Server 2008, installing, configuring and managing. Enterprise Administrator (5 exams) –Supporting Windows Server 2008 in the enterprise. Enterprise Messaging Administrator (3 exams) –Supporting, designing and managing Exchange 2007. Several others related to SQL and Office Project Server. 6

7 MCITP: Server Administrator Requires 3 exams –70-640 – TS: Configuring 2008 Active Directory –70-642 – TS: Configuring 2008 Network Infrastructure –70-646 – Pro: Windows 2008 Server Admin. Or the MSCA upgrade + the Pro exam Or the MSCE upgrade + the Pro exam 7

8 MCITP: Enterprise Administrator Requires 5 exams –70-640 – TS: Configuring 2008 AD –70-642 – TS: Configuring 2008 Network Inf. –70-643 – TS: Configuring Applications Inf. –70-620 (Vista) or 70-624 (Vista and Office) –70-647 – Pro: Windows 2008 Server Enterprise Administrator Or the MCSE upgrade + Vista + the Pro exam 8

9 Upgrading an MCSA or MCSE 70-648 – TS: Upgrading 2003 MCSA to 2008 –Equal to 70-640 and 70-642 70-649 – TS: Upgrading 2003 MCSE to 2008 –Equal to 70-640, 70-642 and 70-643 If you are a 2003 MCSA or MCSE, this is the easiest way to MCITP certifications. If you are nearly complete your 2003 MCSA or MCSE, you might consider completing that certification first and then upgrade. 9

10 MSITP: Enterprise Messaging Stands alone, unlike the Messaging specialization for the MCSE Requires 3 exams –70-236 – TS: Configuring Exchange 2007 –70-237 – Pro: Designing Exchange 2007 –70-238 – Pro: Deploying Exchange 2007 10

11 What about MCDBA? Considered an SQL 2000 Certification Some of the exams, especially elective options were retired in early 2008. If you are already a MCDBA there is a 2 exam transition path that includes a TS exam and an Upgrade exam. 11

12 How about the MCDST? Requires 2 XP exams Still recommended if you primarily support organizations with XP install bases Upgrade exam 70-621 available to bring certification up to MCITP: Enterprise Support You can also use this certification as starting point for MCITP: Consumer Support Technician 12

13 MCM: Microsoft Certified Master Five tracks – Messaging, SQL, Active Directory, SharePoint and OCS Meet pre-qualification criteria, which include several exams and being an MCSE or MCITP. Successfully complete a 3 week training in Redmond after being accepted into the program. ($$$) Pass a final lab exam. Also acts as a midway point toward becoming a MCA, which didn't exist when the MCA program was first introduced.

14 MCA: Microsoft Certified Architect Seven tracks – Messaging, SQL, Active Directory, SharePoint, Infrastructure, Solutions, and OCS Meet pre-qualification criteria, which includes being an MCM. Successfully complete the certification Review Board interview 14

15 Where to Next?

16 Questions and Answers 16

17 Contact Info Jennelle 17

18 About Jennelle Crothers Jennelle Crothers is a Sr. Network Administrator for The Conservation & Liquidation Office. Jennelle migrates, maintains and supports multiple Microsoft AD configurations due to the function of the Conservation & Liquidation Office which is to serve in receivership insolvent insurance companies in the State of California. She is actively involved in Pacific IT Professionals (formerly SFNTUG). Jennelle is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE): Messaging, an MCITP: Enterprise Administrator and MCTS for Windows 7 and Windows Virtualization, Configuration She graduated from Trenton State College in 1996 with a BS in Education. When she is not playing on server equipment she enjoys raising dogs for Guide Dogs for the Blind. She is married to her wonderful husband Dennis and they live together in San Francisco, CA. 18

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