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1 Microsoft Office System 2007 Marvin Mitchell Microsoft Corporation Technology Specialist – Office Platform

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1 1 Microsoft Office System 2007 Marvin Mitchell Microsoft Corporation Technology Specialist – Office Platform

2 2 Proposed Agenda Office System 2007 Evolution 2007 Office System Capabilities SharePoint Server 2007 Features Enterprise Content Management Business Intelligence CollaborationPortal Business Processes Discussion

3 3 Content management Workflow & Portal Business intelligence Business intelligence SearchSearch Unified Communications & Collaboration Word processing Business modeling Presentations Business data management Information Management

4 4 Servers Clients Services

5 5 2007 Microsoft Office System Servers Programs Services The Microsoft Office system is a portfolio of over 13 programs, 6 servers, 6 services, and countless solutions designed to work together to help address a broad array of business problems

6 6 2007 Microsoft Office Suites Personal productivity Core content creation with streamlined user interface E-mail, personal information management, basic collaboration Developer extensibility Comprehensive toolset for business productivity Most familiar suite for information work and collaboration Streamline processes with electronic forms Powerful tools for managing and analyzing data Integrated content management and workflow Protect documents with rights management Integrated instant messaging and application sharing Create “High-impact” content faster Extended collaboration and mobility Enable more efficient collaboration across geographic, organizational or network boundaries Ensure people get information they need when they need it, whether online or offline Valuable for mobile workers, disperse teams, project managers, and people who work with customers/partners OutlookWord Excel Power Point OneNote Groove AccessPublisher InfoPath Communicator Integrated Enterprise Content Management Integrated Electronic Forms Information Rights and Policy

7 7 Individual Impact Increase employee self-sufficiency and effectiveness Consulting customer data and product information while on a sales visit Building a complex and compelling proposal for a new business opportunity Managing your work more effectively through one view of time and tasks Accessing best practices and resources from experts Scenario examples Create high impact documents Faster authoring with pre-built layouts Fast, professional charting and diagramming Fixed file formats – PDF and XPS Work while mobile SharePoint site information available offline via Outlook or Groove Easier extranet access to team and My Sites Manage information, time, and work Task management system Rapid search across e-mail and documents Calendar sharing and integration Make work easier Results-oriented user interface Office Online communities and resources Online learning and help continuously improved based on user feedback

8 8 Individual Impact One view of time and tasks Pre-release software, subject to change Task now assigned to time of day Includes tasks from Project Server Tasks now associated with day and integrated with your calendar

9 9 Individual Impact Easy task creation Tasks now associated with day and integrated with your calendar Task now assigned to time of day Flagged tasks automatically show up in your To Do bar Tasks created from email easily Pre-release software, subject to change

10 10 Individual Impact Search in context within Outlook Pre-release software, subject to change Integrated search in context Tasks now associated with day and integrated with your calendar Query hit highlighting

11 11 Individual Impact Professional-looking charts that are easy to create Pre-release software, subject to change

12 12 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

13 13 SharePoint Vision HR, Finance, etc. Team Collaboration Personal Enterprise Portal Internet Presence EmployeesCustomersPartners Business Applications (SAP, data warehouse, custom...) XML Web Services A unified, enterprise-ready solution that boosts organizational effectiveness by: making information and knowledge sharing intuitive and easy controlling and reusing content while reducing information management risk enabling faster and more insightful decision making

14 14 Feature Areas Overview

15 15 MOSS 2007 Feature Areas Docs/tasks/calendars, blogs, wikis, e-mail integration, project management “lite”, Outlook integration, offline docs/lists Collaboration BusinessIntelligence Portal Enterprise Portal template, Site Directory, My Sites, social networking, privacy control Enterprise scalability, contextual relevance, rich people and business data search Rich and Web forms based front-ends, LOB actions, pluggable SSO Server-based Excel spreadsheets and data visualization, Report Center, BI Web Parts, KPIs/Dashboards Integrated document management, records management, and Web content management with policies and workflow Business Processes Search ContentManagement PlatformServices Workspaces, Mgmt, Security, Storage, Topology, Site Model

16 16 Microsoft Confidential – Presentation under NDA Navigation, List, Menu Improvements PlatformServices All contextual actions listed in one place Easy to access Views Automatic breadcrumb Persistent Quick Launch links

17 17 Microsoft Confidential – Presentation under NDA Collaboration Core improvements Address top customer issues from WSS v2 Tracking and project management Document library improvements Anywhere access Outlook integration Keeping informed Mobility Community and Communication Wikis & Blogs Email and Discussions People and Groups Collaboration

18 18 Microsoft Confidential – Presentation under NDA Project Management “Lite” Project Task List in SharePoint sites for ad-hoc projects Promote to Project Professional Easy Gantt Charting Simple List of Tasks and Dependencies Collaboration

19 19 Microsoft Confidential – Presentation under NDA Document Library Improvements Check-out documents locally Offline document libraries in Outlook Major/Minor version tracking Version management Multiple content type support Policy, auditing, workflow, and more. Tree view support Collaboration

20 20 Microsoft Confidential – Presentation under NDA Outlook Integration Outlook allows user to work with personal and team data in one place Read/Write access to SharePoint datatypes Calendar, tasks, contacts, discussions, and documents Synchronization for offline support Users can ‘check out and edit’ documents when offline. Roll-up views of calendars and tasks across sites Improved calendar SharePoint’s calendar module with richer calendar views, recurrence support, all-day events, and more Collaboration

21 21 Wiki Collaboration

22 22 Blog Collaboration

23 23 Microsoft Confidential – Presentation under NDA E-mail Integration SharePoint sites become the place where team email is archived, shared, organized Send Email to SharePoint lists Emailed discussions, meetings and documents are archived in a SharePoint discussion board Send Email from SharePoint sites Post a new announcement, optionally send it in email to your fellow team members View archived email in Outlook Your discussion board shows up as an email folder in Outlook Collaboration

24 24 Portal Portal

25 25 Portal Feature Areas Portal Site Architecture Improvements Intranet Portal Template Multi-language Support People and Expertise Search My Site Public Page Personal homepage Portal

26 26 My Site – Public Page Social network Use organization, community and communication to recommend colleagues Delivers better search results Who we have in common to make the personal connection Richer implicit information People you work with Documents written by you DL and Sharepoint site memberships Declared information Responsibility & Skills Import from business systems Privacy control Show to “My Manager”, “My workgroup”, “My colleagues” and “Everyone” Controls colleagues, memberships, property values Portal

27 27 My Site Public with User Profile Portal Organizational network User Profile

28 28 My Site Private with Social Networking and Roll-Up Portal Social or knowledge network Roll-up from relevant sites

29 29 Search Search

30 30 Search Center Search Tab through different vertical search types Completely customizable page – here with Site Directory Web Part

31 31 Better Search Results Search Tabbed interface Query hit highlighting “Did you mean” query correction Alerts on search results

32 32 Best answers for business searches are often in back-end business systems Orders, customers, products, employee data, colleagues, etc. SAP, Siebel, custom repositories, etc. Unlock business data by registering it with SharePoint Search over all business data in the Search Center True one-stop search across repositories Across Repositories Structured and Unstructured Content Search

33 33 Across Repositories Customer Search Search Customer data from SAP system

34 34 Across Repositories People Search Search People from employee directory DLs and SharePoint groups Results organized by social distance

35 35 Content Management ContentManagement

36 36 Document Management Workflow Policy and Compliance Web Content Management ContentManagement

37 37 Document Management Scalable Document Libraries and Repositories Extensible content types with rich metadata Check-in/check-out with comprehensive versioning Large document repositories and specialized library templates Workflow and Approval Customizable workflows built on the Windows Workflow Foundation Out of the box, serial and parallel workflows (e.g.“Document review/approval” and “Signature collection”) Participate & initiate workflows from within preferred application Security and Tracking Per item security and access control Out-of-the-box support for labeling, barcodes, electronic signatures Deep integration with Information Rights Management (IRM) ContentManagement

38 38 Scalable Document Repositories Manage large document sets with treeview Search for documents through metadata Manage document approval with integrated workflow Establish enterprise- approved content types ContentManagement

39 39 Rich Office Integration Document Information Panel for Metadata Offline document libraries via Outlook 2007 Workflow can be initiated from within the document Compare document versions in a library from within Office 2007 Action bar displays Tasks, Actions and Policies displayed in Office 2007 authoring applications ContentManagement

40 40 Capturing Rich Metadata Confidential – Microsoft Corporation Define required metadata in content type definition Customizable Document Information panel based on InfoPath technology Capture meta data as part of authoring process ContentManagement

41 41 Policy and Compliance Centrally controlled auditing, expiration & retention policies Auditing of user actions and document history Excel based policy usage reports Archival, retention and regulatory compliance “Approve this item for destruction” action to manage expiration Ability to manage “physical” records stored outside the repository Pursuing DoD 5015.2 certification E-mail content as records Office “12” Outlook provides access to parts of the Record Repository alongside mail folders Enables drag and drop of e-mails from Outlook into the Repository ContentManagement

42 42 Records Repository Customize policies by content type Store multiple record types including e-mail Vault behavior to ensure content integrity Selectively track, audit and expire content ContentManagement

43 43 Web Content Management Designed for Internet and Published Sites OOB site templates with flexible site navigation controls Web based site manager for managing site structure & content Customizable workflow and support for multilingual sites New Web and Word Authoring capabilities New web author HTML editor enables in context editing Image asset browser for rich web page development Server–side Word to HTML conversion New Content Deployment and Publishing tools Automated content deployment console with “quick deploy” override Page scheduling and page expiry notifications Extensible, pluggable framework for document conversions ContentManagement

44 44 New Web Authoring Console ContentManagement Browse available content assets

45 45 Automated Content Staging and Deployment ContentManagement Replicate content to different targets Track content publishing jobs Schedule content deployment

46 46 Business Processes

47 47 Forms Services Enables organizations to… Business Processes reach more customers, partners and suppliers with user friendly forms. accelerate form-driven business processes through data integration. rapidly develop and deploy sustainable form solutions.

48 48 Internet Explorer Reach more users with better forms …via Browser enabled InfoPath Forms Designed once! Same experience in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape and the InfoPath rich client Business Processes Firefox

49 49 Microsoft Confidential – Presentation under NDA Automate form-driven business processes …through Property Panel, Workflow and Outlook integration Business Processes View InfoPath forms inside Outlook Edit and submit InfoPath forms inside message

50 50 Rapidly develop scalable form solutions …using Visual Studio Integration Business Processes View all at once! Solution files and resources InfoPath data source InfoPath Designer InfoPath design tasks InfoPath views Managed code

51 51 Business Intelligence BusinessIntelligence

52 52 Business Intelligence LOB application integration Pre-release software, subject to change Receive LOB reports in your Outlook inbox and work offline Enable users to work directly with line-of- business information within Office applications Use Outlook calendar as a front-end for SAP Time Recording BusinessIntelligence

53 53 Business Intelligence Easily find trends in data Pre-release software, subject to change Length of bar depends on values in each cell Color based on whether the quantity exceeds, or falls below defined target Length of bar depends on values in each cell Choose data bars, color gradients or icons to ‘see’ your data BusinessIntelligence

54 54 Excel 2007 Design and author BI Abilities Visualization Browser High quality web rending Zero-footprint Interactive View and Interact Custom applications Set & get spreadsheet values Perform calculations Retrieve full workbook file Programmatic Access Open snapshots Open full spreadsheet Excel 2007 Export/Snapshot into Excel Spreadsheets stored in document libraries Server calculation and rendering External data retrieval and caching Choose the parts you want to publish Protect, Share & Reuse Spreadsheets Publish Spreadsheets Excel Services Overview Office SharePoint Servers BusinessIntelligence

55 55 Excel Services Zero-footprint, interactive, browser access to spreadsheets BusinessIntelligence Table Formatting Pivot Tables KPIs from SQL Graphs & Charts

56 56 Knowledge Discovery and Insight Business Intelligence Dashboards KPI Lists Live Excel spreadsheets Common Filters BusinessIntelligence

57 57 © 2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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