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Introduction to CiviCRM Constituent Relationship Management for the Civic Sector Toronto CiviCRM Meetup, May 18, 2010 © CiviCRM LLC 2008-2010,© JMA Consulting.

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Presentation on theme: "Introduction to CiviCRM Constituent Relationship Management for the Civic Sector Toronto CiviCRM Meetup, May 18, 2010 © CiviCRM LLC 2008-2010,© JMA Consulting."— Presentation transcript:

1 Introduction to CiviCRM Constituent Relationship Management for the Civic Sector Toronto CiviCRM Meetup, May 18, 2010 © CiviCRM LLC 2008-2010,© JMA Consulting 2010

2 Meeting Agenda  Introductions 6:30  Presentation on CiviCRM (7:00)  Question and Answers / Breakouts?? (7:30)

3 Agenda  What is CiviCRM?  Key CRM Features  Components: Contributions and Pledges, Event and Membership Management, Broadcast Email, Case Management  Who’s Using It  Evaluating CiviCRM for Your Organization  Integration with Other Tools  Resources

4 What is CiviCRM?  Web-based, open source, internationalized CRM software  Designed for Non-Profits, Membership and Advocacy Organizations  Project of Social Source Foundation (501c3) and CiviCRM LLC  Open source (free) software supported by a community of users, developers and technology providers  Integrated with Drupal and Joomla! Content Management Systems (CMS’s) - OR runs standalone  Internationalized translated into Polish, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese… Localised date, address, currency display…

5 Key CRM Features  Record and manage information about your members, clients, volunteers, activists, donors, staff, affiliates, branches and vendors.  Define custom fields specific to your needs  Organize constituents into groups  Flexible search capabilities  Track interactions such as meetings, phone calls, emails, and define custom interaction types.  Map constituent locations  Collect constituent info and expose selected info to the “public” or “members” via CMS integration

6 Contributions & Membership Management  CiviContribute Configurable online contribution pages Automatic receipting Premiums Track online / offline contributions and pledges Plug-ins for PayPal, Moneris, IATS and others  CiviMember Configurable self-service member signup and renewal Tracks member status based on your organization’s membership categories, periods and “rules”.

7 Event Management  Configure event info  Publish event info to iCal or RSS  Online paid or free event registration with auto receipting and confirmation  Discount configuration  Price sets for complex event pricing  Offline registrations: import participant lists  Attendance sheets: export participant lists

8 Broadcast Email  CiviMail High-capacity broadcast email Integrated with CRM  Mailing lists are fixed or “smart” groups  Personalize via mail-merge with contact info  History of mailings and responses tracked for each contact Tracks opens, click-thrus, and forwarding Subscribe, unsubscribe and bounce-handling

9 v1.0 CiviCRMv1.2Mail, Profiles v1.3 Contribute,APIs v1.5 Search Builder v1.6 ACLs, Dojo v1.7 Dedupe, Event v1.8 v1.9 v2.0 v2.1 v2.2 v3.0 v3.1 BIRT, Event v2 Mail v2 Dedupe v2, Views Nav, jQuery Case, Report Subtypes, Multi-Site, Engage (Mar, 2005) (2006) (2007) (2008) (2009) (2010) v3.2 UnDelete, UI v3, Case v3 Timeline

10 Recent Features  Tell-a-friend - make it easy for donors, event participants and members to spread the word.  Personal fundraising pages - supporters promote your fund- raising campaigns by creating personal contribution portals.  CiviPledge - accept and track pledges for recurring contributions.  CiviCase - integrated case management.  CiviGrant - input and track grants to organizations, individuals or households.  CiviReport – new reporting system with report templates  CiviEvent – waitlisting, moderated registration, templates  Usability – configurable menus, contact screens, workflows

11 Who’s Using CiviCRM?  Non-profits of all shapes and sizes… Local arts organizations and clubs Regional environmental organizations Foundations Museums NPO tech providers Public interest lobbying groups and political parties National and global membership associations and advocacy organizations …

12 Who’s Using CiviCRM?

13 Who’s Using CiviCRM

14  American Friends Service Committee  Creative Commons  ecoSpark  Ontario NDP  Canadian and New Zealand Green Parties  Kabissa (African NGO portal)  QuestBridge  University of Michigan Museum of Art  Urban Alliance for Sustainability  USPIRG / FFPIR  …

15 Vibrant Community - Viral Growth  100,000+ total downloads since inception  12,000+ installations (via ping-back) - v2.0+  3,000+ active installations (via data analysis) - v2.0+  Community forums 5,000+ members (100+ new members / month) Avg 80+ posts / week-day (29,000 total posts since 4/2007)  Over 100 individuals and consultants have participated in the design and development of CiviCRM  Google Summer of Code Projects  Organizations like U.S. Public Interest Research Group and Physician Health Program are sponsoring major new features  3rd party module integration - Organic Groups, Ubercart, Ninjitsu Newsletter…

16 Versions in Use

17 Forum Posts

18 Reported Issues

19 Patches Submitted

20 Evaluating CiviCRM for Your Organization  Free software… BUT, requires technical skills OR budget for consultant to install, configure and maintain  Rapidly evolving in response to active user and developer community - top ratings in 2007 NTEN CRM survey, 2009 NTEN EcoSystem survey  Growing integrator ecosystem. Some will host too.  “Specialized” hosting companies (Drupal+CiviCRM) and CiviMail- only service (CiviSMTP) Do you need a web-based non-profit focused CRM, with the current feature-set AND integrated with a Content Management application?

21 Data Ecosystem / CRM / PdF Reports  Highest adoption rate for orgs up to $500k  User satisfaction rating of A or A- in all categories  97% of all CiviCRM users would highly recommend the system  CiviCRM ranked in the top ten (3.57 / 5.0) in political campaign systems (PdF report)  In most cases ranked as good or better than the big guys: Salesforce, Convio, Blackbaud

22 Integrate and Customize  CiviCRM Profiles - CMS integration Registration and input forms “Public” search and listings pages Growing integration with Drupal’s development framework  Import and Export data  Custom screen layouts (templating)  Custom search framework  Public API’s to integrate with other tools

23 Resources  Project Home  Documentation  Presentations tions tions  Community Forum (support and discussion)  Professional Services  Downloads

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