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XSL-FO + MathML Render MathML to Display, PDF, SVG September 18

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1 XSL-FO + MathML Render MathML to Display, PDF, SVG September 18

2 2 XSL-FO Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Version 1.0 W3C Recommendation 15 October 2001 Version 1 was developed by W3C from 1998 to 2001 The objective of XSL is to specify a layout of XML documents on paged media. –56 formatting objects –including 248 properties

3 3 MathML MathML is the XML-based language for mathematics In 1997, the W3C's Math Working Group finished the MathML 1.0 Specification (superceded in 2001 by MathML 2.0 )MathML 2.0 )

4 4 XSL Formatter XSL Formatter is a software program, developed by Antenna House, to format XSL-FO. –One of the first commercial XSL-FO implementations. –Released in 2001 –Has been enhanced continuously. Input data: XML/XSL-FO + Raster/Vector Graphics, SVG Output data: PDF, Windows printer, Windows GUI, SVG (under development, the function is not available with V3.2) Operating System –Windows2000/2003,XP, Linux, Solaris –AIX, Mac OS X (from V3.2 or later)

5 5 MathML option for XSL Formatter V3.2 Developed by Antenna House Renders MathML markup instance that is embedded within XSL-FO It will be released as an optional function for XSL Formatter V3.2 and/or later. Evaluation version is available from here:

6 6 What will MathML option do? High quality rendering of XML for STM (Scientific, Technical, Medical) publishing using XSL-FO + MathML XSL-FO + MathML will replace TeX in the future –TeX is popular, but it is not XML

7 7 MathML both for Web and PDF XML to XHTML –XML + MathML  XHTML + MathML XML to PDF –XML + MathML  XSL-FO + MathML

8 8 MathML within XSL-FO How to specify MathML expression within XSL formatting object MathML is treated as a vector Image –XSL-FO V1.0 specification only permits to embed foreign object via fo:instream-foreign-object and fo:external-graphic.

9 9 fo:instream-foreign-object DTD declaration is necessary to use entity reference in MathML. In case DTD is necessary: MathML including entity reference... ]]> In case without DTD: MathML without entity reference...

10 10 fo:external-graphic Specify URL of MathML file as the value of src property of fo:external-graphic object <fo:external-graphic src="url('MathML/rec-rambda2l.mml')" content-type="application/mathml+xml“... />

11 11 Inline and Block Inline object: Block object: Inline Block enclose fo:instream-foreign-object within fo:block Example... object is treated like a character

12 12 Interface MathML Renderer inherits following information from its environment: –font-size –font-family –font-weight –font-style –length of a 1px XSL-FO processor gets following information from MathML renderer: –position of base-line

13 13 MathML Support Level Conformance to MathML 2.0 Specification W3C MathML Test Suite result –V3.2 Beta version Please refer to information on CD

14 14 Example XSL-FO + MathML

15 15 Windows GUI XSL Formatter GUI

16 16 PDF Adobe Acrobat

17 17 SVG IE6 + Adobe SVG Viewer

18 18 Compatibility Issue Many tools are expected to be used throughout the world. –MathML instances are generated by various tools, such as equation editors and/or converters. Compatibility between generator and renderer of MathML is very important –Correct MathML generation by various tools is a presupposition of automatic MathML rendering.

19 19 Contact Information Antenna House, Inc. (Corporate Headquarters) Kojimachi Shuei Bldg., 4-3-13, Kudan-Minami, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0074 Japan  International :  Phone : +81-3-3234-9631  Fax : +81-3-3221-9975 Tokushige Kobayashi Antenna House (North American and European Sales) 7272 Wisconsin Ave. Suite 300 Bethesda, Maryland 20814 USA Phone: +1 301-941-1925 Fax: +1 202-318-0323

20 20 Index Information Technologies Oy P.O.Box 112, Sinikalliontie 6 FIN-02631 Espoo Finland Tel. +358 9 5259 500 Contact: Martti Poutanen Our Partner in Finland

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