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Biometrics = Proof of Identity? consistently accurate, continuously reliable, completely compatible. This information is strictly for use by Ideco and.

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1 Biometrics = Proof of Identity? consistently accurate, continuously reliable, completely compatible. This information is strictly for use by Ideco and its Associates. Reproduction and distribution is strictly prohibited. Copyright Ideco Group Ltd.

2 An Identity Crises?

3 CIPC Bank Accounts Identity Trust Scale ID Validation Marital Status Credentials Credit Accounts Employment Biometric Verification Identity Certification Qualification Vehicles Property

4 Bridging the Identity Gap RecognitionRecognitionResponseResponse Tentative Definitive Reactive Proactive Identity Gap Cards PINs Passwords

5 Building Identity Chains 142 2010/11/12 10:30400 Application login: User authenticated succesfully., Internet Explorer\Connect to, ({8159E1B8-245E-4932-BB9B- 899C4A8079BC})smitdsmitd@PLAY192.168.2.250 143 2010/11/12 10:31204Profile,Cache,v3,0mssmitd 144 2010/11/12 10:31405 Declare opened, Login, (ClaWin01000000H_5)smitdsmitd@PLAY192.168.2.250 145 2010/11/12 10:31401 Account add, Login, ({3ED482E5-7465-4656-8C3A-AC8165638791})smitdsmitd@PLAY192.168.2.250 146 2010/11/12 10:31203Profile,Save,16mssmitd 147 2010/11/12 10:31203Profile,Save,v4smitd 148 2010/11/12 10:31400 Application login: User authenticated succesfully., \Login, ({3ED482E5- 7465-4656-8C3A-AC8165638791})smitdsmitd@PLAY192.168.2.250 149 2010/11/12 10:31400 Application login: User authenticated succesfully., \Login, ({3ED482E5- 7465-4656-8C3A-AC8165638791}) smitdsmitd@PLAY192.168.2.250 Who? When? Where? What?

6 Agenda Biometric 101 Next generation applications DHA & National Identity Solutions Key success factors An integrated approach Chain of evidence

7 The Practice of Biometrics Fingerprint Retina Iris Facial Vein Voice Hand geometry Body odour Tongue

8 International dependence on fingerprint for forensics ICAO – 3 approved technologies (Fingerprint, Face & Iris) SA Law only accepts Fingerprint, Face & Signature 10 fingers per person means high enrolment probability compared to other techniques Biometric Technology Options

9 Technology Life Cycle

10 Technology Adoption

11 The practice of Biometrics

12 Unique features in a fingerprint pattern area True minutia points Ridge ends Ridge splits Average 80 minutia per finger

13 True minutia points?

14 Injury Foreign object Moisture Dirt Working with Fingerprints Treated

15 Filtering process Extracting True Minutia Binarisation and skeletonisation

16 Minutiae Comparison and Fusion Enrolment templateTransaction template

17 False minutia or missing minutia Distorsion Scale adaptation / rotation Different overlapping Minutia Comparison and Fusion Matching threshold configurable

18 F1 m F2 f F3 c Real World Scenarios

19 Identification vs Verification

20 Automated Fingerprint Identification System Real-time classification, segmentation, feature extraction and quality assurance Comparison against some or all references in the enrolment database, producing a comparison score for each transaction Ensure one unique identity profile per customer Back ground de-duplication process Assist in the reduction of fraud and risk Be able to positively identify a person Valid digital signature Full audit of identity trail Interoperability between other entities Integrity in database

21 Evolution of Identity Control Changes in the Market Place

22 DHA SmartID & OFV Changes in the Market Place

23 Online Fingerprint Verification Live Demo

24 Advancement in Biometric Applications Multi-functional Terminals Asset & infrastructure PCs & IT

25 Advancement in Biometric Equipment

26 GreenBox Multifunction input device Enables paperless transaction Document process automation Integrated FICA/RICA station Fast system integration Small desktop footprint No storage of paper records USB Powered

27 MobiCheck Fully configurable Multiple input fields / devices Online ID checks against NCCI Verification or identification Records on secure cloud servers Business rule driven Identity based transactions Secure online access to records

28 World Leading Biometric Solutions Compliancy (FBI, NIST) Interoperability AccuracySecurity with True Fake Finger Detection – FFD CapacityMatching Speed Failure to enrolErgonomic Design Integration & Multiple application Local support A world class Biometric Solution

29 An Integrated Approach Direct integration to business systems Aligned with current business processes AFIS functionality scalable to business requirements All development tools and integration support Windows, Linux and Android support Fully compliant to industry standards Best in class at affordable pricing Full maintenance and support program        

30 A viable business case

31 Critical Success Factors FTE, FAR, Speed, db Size Image and / or Template Protecting customer identities Comply to International standards Compatible to civil systems Expert use in court of law Clear growth path       

32 Some risks to consider

33 Risk of false acceptance ± 20% false minutia added

34 Risk of non-compliance Image Capturing Image Filtering Minutiae Extraction Template Store Biometric Server FIPS201 & ISO/IEC 24745 Image Store WSQ Gray-scale image compression ISO/IEC 19794-4 ANSI 378 & ISO19794-2 FBI IQS App. F&G PIV (HSPD-12) ISO 29794-4 Part1 ISO ANSI Morpho ISO/IEC 24787 for On-card biometric comparison”

35 Risk of chromatic aberration

36 Risk of inferior algorithms Failure to Enrol (FTE) <0.1% False Acceptance Rate (FAR) - 10 -2 to 10 -8 Breach of security False Rejection Rate (FRR) Denial of access Comfort and Security –Low FRR = Comfort –Low FAR = Security –Morpho Default EER  FAR = 0.01% & FRR = 1%

37 Risk of inferior optics

38 Extent of biometrics within SA More than 75 000 terminals in South Africa, 2.5 million employees primarily through a network of Certified Partners SABS SC71Q – adoption of ISO/IEC standards Market leader with certified repair centre Major projects: Pensions & social grants (> 7 million records) SAPS (PCEM Forensics & Criminal booking stations) AFISwitch – (> 7 million records - exclusive 15 year license) IJS – 5000 PC’s Secure Login DoI (All Illegal Immigrants) DrLic (> 9 million records) HANIS (>32 million records ) Certified repair centre NCCI (Integrated Identity Management)

39 @ your service Thank you

40 Benchmarking Key Success Criteria

41 Benchmarking

42 Benchmarking

43 Enrolment Verification Possible Architecture User Interface Layer Transaction Authorisation Central Identity Repository External Identity Verification GSM Biometric Verification Server Biometric Template Store Biometric Identification Server (AFIS) Biometric Image Store Inter Organisation DHA HANIS Biometric Store NCCI Certified Identities Identity consolidation / de- duplication Dimensioned according to performance & DB size. Images for Interbank operability Open standards for compatibility Secured Matcher server vs Template store Proprietary protocols for improved performance Online transaction based identity verification Centralised authorisation / audit Typical take on device Image and template extraction Template loaded on transaction Embedded verification Full control over quality, accuracy and security Acquirer Mobile A/C & TA

44 Ideco’s Value Proposition In depth understanding of Governmental IDM systems Focussed expertise in identity management solutions National database of identities (Juristic & Natural / Criminal & Commercial) Glue to various other statutory and commercial datasets Technology platform for advancing Identity Profiling A comprehensive range of “best in class” Biometric Technologies Public sector relationship, networks and lobbying National network of certified partners / Customer support network Scanning and digitisation infrastructure and processes Ongoing investment in integration and support Marketing expertise

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