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Magic Hungary Conference 2012 Udi Ertel VP Sales and Distribution.

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1 Magic Hungary Conference 2012 Udi Ertel VP Sales and Distribution

2 Agenda  About Magic – 30 years of growth  New Branding

3 About Magic 30 years of growth

4 Corporate Overview Established in 1983 Publicly traded (NASDAQ, TASE) Multinational: 14 offices worldwide Presence in over 50 countries 980 employees Over 2,500 partners Thousands of global customers Millions of installations worldwide Members of Asseco Group


6 Asseco Group



9 Global Market Presence 14 Regional Sales Offices, 3 Global R&D Centers, 977 Employees North America 613 Europe & UK 80 Israel 147 South Africa 40 India 63 Japan 34 Regional Sales Office Global R&D Center 14 Regional sales offices 3 Global R&D Centers 977 Employees


11 Magic 30 years timeline

12 New Branding

13 Objectives Clearly highlight what makes us unique Become relevant in new markets of Mobile and Cloud Attract new customers and the next generation of developers Energize the organization Grow bigger and faster

14 Values Drive the Tone of Voice and Style Smart fresh, “out-of-the-box”, unexpected Forward-looking inspiring, sense of wonder, admiration Determined bold, passionate, energetic, confident Open collaborative, accessible, friendly

15 Positioning Magic accelerates business performance with smarter, future- proof technology and close customer collaboration


17 30 Years of ‘Creative’ Naming Strategy


19 Masterbrand Model : a One Stack Approach

20 New Product Naming Convention CurrentNew uniPaaSMagic xpa Application Platform iBOLTMagic xpi Integration Platform uniPaaS JetMagic xpa Single User Edition uniPaaS Xpress EditionMagic xpa Express Edition iBOLT Basic/Standard PackageMagic xpi Basic/Standard Edition iBOLT Professional/Enterprise Package Magic xpi Professional/Enterprise Edition

21 Product Versions and Releases CurrentNew uniPaaS V2.0Magic xpa 2.2 at branding launch uniPaaS V2.5 (next minor release)Magic xpa 2.5 (version 2.x, release 2.5) Magic xpi 3.3 at branding launch iBOLT V4.0 (next major version)Magic xpi 4.0 (Version 4.x) uniPaaS V2.1 SP3aMagic xpa 2.2c No more distinction between major and minor versions No more Service Packs, only releases Continue to release hot fixes between versions

22 Branding in Action-June 2012


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