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Exsys Solution Suite 27th April 2010 ©

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1 Exsys Solution Suite 27th April 2010 ©

2 Presentation contents Overview of Exsys Databridge V3 for Reuters Databridge V4 for Bloomberg (BPOD) Exsys Dealing Monitor Demo Next steps

3 Exsys Overview In operation since 1990 Boutique software house Specializing in feedhandlers –Realtime datafeeds –Post trade processing (STP) Deep Market data knowledge Transaction services Turn-key solutions for banks Main customers Bank Hapoalim, Union Bank, Mizrahi Bank, First International Bank, Central Bank, Finance Ministry, U Bank, SuperDerivatives, Reuters, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Ritchie (U.S.), PT Bank Indonesia and others

4 DataBridge overview DataBridge for Reuters First generation installed 10 years ago Off-the-shelf feedhandler Targeting small to medium size institutions with limited inhouse development resources Powerful and yet easy to use features Creating Messages sourcing realtime data Determine destination and format of each message

5 DataBridge main features Main features include – Character level message construction Realtime or delayed data Message can include any symbol and underlying field Throttling Powerful scheduler Built-in formulae engine for on-the-fly calculations Simultaneous multi-source to multi-destination Command line API

6 DataBridge V3 / V4 Latest updates Interface for generic sources Flexibility in building messages Option for multiple TCP sockets Significant improvement in performance More user friendly interface Improved diagnostics and logging DataBridge Contribution module (V3)

7 DataBridge V3 / V4 Metering facility for symbol usage (compliancy) More comprehensive command interface (API) Additional Active X output adaptors SQL statements

8 Exsys Symbol Finder Specialist search engine for Reuters market data Challenge to find unique Reuters symbols ESF simplifies manual or application driven searches Ensures quality of market data being monitored Automatic option symbol replacement Enables customer-based applications (e.g. web or proprietary applications) to identify symbols

9 DataBridge V4 for Bloomberg New DataBridge engine interfacing with Bloomberg’s BPOD Same well tried DataBridge interface (with few adaptions) Targets customers with datafeed requirements Access to Bloomberg realtime and reference data All the benefits of DataBridge V3 Quick and cost-effective implementation

10 DataBridge licensing model Base license per Wintel server Number of symbols serviced From few individual symbols to 30,000 per license Additional modules : Triggers and Limits, Active X adaptors License purchase or rental Top quality maintenance and support Highly competitive pricing

11 Exsys Dealing Monitor Current Version 3.0 – highly stable Main functions Identification and parsing of post trade tickets from multiple vendors Supports Reuters Dealing, EBS, Goldmans, Reuters Trade Notification Service (RTNS), Logicsope and many more Full history (archive and audit trail) TCP/Serial connectivity or file system (XML) Separate field mapping for each feed Output to file, mainframe or database

12 Exsys Financial Database Capture Main functions Automatically schedule and retrieve static data from financial databases like Reuters Datascope Access vast range of underlying fields Intra day data e.g. Corporate Actions Retrieve historical data Calculate data across almost any time period and field Apply customised algorithms

13 Exsys customer examples DataBridge feeds calculated realtime forex rates to IBM mainframe feeds realtime options to pricing platform engine for realtime equities trading platform and risk management system Exsys Dealing Monitor traps post trade FX tickets from multiple sources into Oracle backoffice traps post trade FX tickets from multiple sources into IBM mainframe

14 Exsys customer examples Exsys Symbol Finder enables end users to find their own equity market symbols Exsys Database Processor extracts and calculates average Futures volumes across multiple exchanges

15 Introducing Exsys metaXor The Problem… The cost of trade settlements ranges from $5 per transaction on NASDAQ and NYSE to $80 and more on exotic exchanges (Brazil, Thailand and others) The direct cost for a small to medium bank is around $1.5 million per year based on a turnover of about 240,000 trades per year

16 Introducing Exsys metaXor  metaXor substantially reduces settlement costs by up to 80%  The system carries out aggregation of trades based on advanced algorithms to obtain optimal results  Targeted at banks, brokers, fund managers, investment houses and financial institutions involved in settlement of foreign securities The solution……..

17 metaXor benefits  Substantially lower settlement costs  Reduced operational requirements and manual work  Reduced risk and number of trades actually settled  Reduced communications costs and faster processing from smaller quantities of data  Lower error rates  Automatic optimisation of settlements

18 metaXor modules  metaSum Aggregates trades for a specific time period based on a common key  metaMatch matches aggregated trades between the broker and financial institution  metaOpt calculates recommendations for manual intervention if required

19 Summary Exsys offers over 20 years of specialist experience Realtime feedhandlers for Reuters, Bloomberg and others Managing quality of market data Servicing intra day reference data like Corporate Actions Post trade FX transactions Cost savings and speedier post trade settlement of foreign equities

20 Next steps Exsys provides quality pre and post sales support Local representation in Cyprus Explore areas of mutual benefit Identify specific customer requirements Online demonstrations Trial / Proof of Concept Call Dave Bloom +972 9 7666388

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