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Annual CP MERG Core Membership Virtual Meeting 9 December 2014.

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1 Annual CP MERG Core Membership Virtual Meeting 9 December 2014

2 Outline  CP MERG Announcements  2014-2015 Work Plan Results and Updates  Q&A and Brainstorm

3 CP MERG Announcements

4 CP MERG Chairs Introducing new CP MERG Co-Chair Meri Ghorkhmazyan, Global Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser for Save the Children’s Child Protection Initiative

5 New CP MERG Core Members  Child Protection Networks  Mark Canavera, CPC Learning Network  Katy Barnett & Fiamma Rupp, Child Protection Working Group  Florence Martin, Better Care Network  NGO and UN Agencies  Hur Hassnain, War Child UK  Andrew Mawson, UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre  Academia  Fred Wulczyn, Chapin Hall Center for Children, University of Chicago (US)  Philip Cook, IICRD (Canada)  Eddy J. Walakira, Makerere University, School of Social Sciences (Uganda)  Mónica Ruiz-Casares McGill University (Canada)  Deborah Fry, University of Edinburgh/NSPCC Child Protection Research (Scotland)

6 New CP MERG Core Member Representatives  Child Fund International  Carmen Madriñán  Solène Edouard  Oak Foundation  Fassil Mariam  PLAN International  Nidhi Pundhir  Family for Every Child  Hugh Salmon

7 2014-2015 Workplan Progress and Results

8 2014-2015 Workplan: Four Key Approaches  Consolidation of “best thinking” or “current state of learning” on key M&E issues for practitioners through meta-analysis and systematic reviews  Development of child protection M&E standards, tools and recommendations  Facilitating knowledge management and communications relating to monitoring, evaluation, research and learning in child protection, and  Offering peer review services for new tools, methodologies and learning products relating to monitoring, evaluation and research in child protection

9 2014-2015 Workplan Key Priorities  Knowledge Management and Communications  Peer Review of M&E tools, methodologies, and knowledge products  Technical Working Groups

10 Knowledge Management & Communication Update and Progress

11 Knowledge Management Function Update  Part-time Knowledge Management Consultant (1 day/week)  Quarterly newsletter  294 individuals on mailing list (up from 225, Dec 2013)  Moved to Mail Chimp  Joint newsletter - CPC Network, CP Exchange, REPSSI  Website additions and improvements  CP M&E Opportunities Section  Useful links  Technical briefing notes section on website  Survey Programmes & data Repositories  Data Collection Tools  Developing CP Indicators  Webinars  My M&E  Research on Shoestring (CPC Network, REPSSI, Community CP Exchange)  Change that Counts: Results from the Follow-up Study of Community- led Intervention to Reduce Teenage Pregnancy in Sierra Leone (CPC Learning Network and Community CP Exchange)

12 Knowledge Management Next Steps for 2015  Continued Quarterly Newsletter  Continued Webinars  Continued Technical Briefs  Please share ideas, resources and information to CP MERG Secretariat for future knowledge management initiatives

13 Peer Review Update and Progress

14 Peer Review Update  Created a database of peer reviewers  Peer reviewing: Regional Evaluation on Juvenile Justice  Peer reviewed Retrak Tool: Use of the Child Status Index to Measure Wellbeing of Street- Connected Children (Family for Every Child, USAID, Better Care Network peer reviewers) “it’s really interesting and helpful reading. I agree with much of what has been written in terms of areas for improvement, and it’s great to get the positive encouragement. I’m pleasantly surprised by the comments linked to MEASURE Evaluation. The format is really helpful, nice to get the scores, with all the details. It’s a good mix of specific comments, at the beginning, and more general ones at the end. I’m really glad we had this opportunity. We’re working on our analysis of our data for 2013 at the moment so this feedback is going to be really helpful as we write that up. I will make sure this peer review is mentioned when publish this work.” - Retrak Feedback Regarding Peer Review

15 Technical Working Groups (TWG) Updates

16 TWG on Measuring Violence Against Children  Chairs : Claudia Cappa (UNICEF)  Members : Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, ILO, UNICEF, Save the Children, ICF MACRO, Population Council, Plan International, ChildFund and EU FRA.  Objective : Established in 2011 to assist countries and partners in their efforts to gather reliable, useful, comparable and ethically sensitive data on VAC.  Achievements and activities to date :  First report: Ethical Principles, Dilemmas and Risks in Collecting Data on VAC: A Review of Available Literature  Second report: Measuring VAC against Children: Inventory and Assessment of Quantitative Studies  Webinar  Planned activities for 2015 : None; discussion pending  Interest in other Core Members taking on a more prominent role? Depending on outcomes of discussion

17 TWG on Children and Care  Chairs : Florence Martin (Better Care Network) and Jasmina Byrne (UNICEF Office of Research- Innocenti)  Member s: UNICEF; Save the Children; USAID Children in Adversity, DHS Team, Office of HIV/AIDS; Brigham Young University; University College London; CPC Learning Network; Child Trends; McGill University; P4EC (Russia); Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town; OECD; Futures Institute; CPWG, SOS Children’s Villages; MICS  Objective : Aims to strengthen the methodologies and data collection systems to measure and monitor the situation of children at risk of, or deprived of adequate parental or family care, and the impact of responses and systems in place to ensure they are provided with appropriate care (including measures to prevent separation and the provision of appropriate alternatives care options).

18 TWG on Children and Care (cont’d)  Achievements and activities to date:  TWG organised a Round Table Expert Meeting on the use of DHS/MICS data relevant to children's care on the 9-10th September 2014 in New York  Report of the Round Table Meeting is being finalised  Planning including fundraising for a review of existing surveys and literature to develop strong indicators for the DHS and MICS relevant to children’s care has begun.  Planned activities for 2015:  Drafting and finalisation of Inter-Agency Guidance on the use of population surveys  Development of concept note and proposed budget for a review of existing surveys and literature to develop strong indicators for the DHS and MICS relevant to children’s care that could be field tested in a number of countries.

19 TWG on National Child Protection Data Systems  Chairs : PLAN International (Nidhi Pundhir) and UNICEF Kenya Country Office (Anna Berg)  Members : World Vision; IRC; UNICEF; TdH; USAID; Global Social Welfare Workforce Alliance; Maestral; Child Frontiers; UC Denver; UNC; SOS Children’s Villages; Futures Group  Objective : To act as a common platform represented by various organizations where concrete exchange can take place on the form, capacities and gaps in the national child protection data systems.  Achievements and activities to date : Recruiting members  Planned activities for 2015 : Hold team call in January and develop/finalise TOR by March

20 TWG on Improving Project & Programme Level M&E Approaches  Chairs : Alice Shirley (Save the Children) and Tracy Shields (World Vision).  Members: Joanna Wakia (Retrak), Boniface Beti Beti (Shangilia Mtoto Wa Africa Street Childrens' Trust), Anna Berg (UNICEF Kenya)  Objective : To develop common project and programme level M&E frameworks, indicators and tools across agencies in two pilot country settings  Achievements and activities to date: Recruitment of members, two initial meetings and brainstorming regarding pieces of work for 2015.  Planned activities for 2015 : Subject to funding, Development of Child Protection M&E Field Guide/ Guidelines – M&E tools and systems for CP projects with limited resources  Looking to expand the membership of the group so would welcome recommendations on suitable organisations/ people who have a strong background in project and programme level M&E approaches in CP

21 Fundraising Status  Concept note developed in March 2014  Ideas and suggestions for fundraising?

22 Q&A: Ideas or Suggestions for the CP MERG in 2015…

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