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© 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd Enabling DraaS on OpenStack Speakers: Haribabu Kasturi, Amitabh Shukla.

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1 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd Enabling DraaS on OpenStack Speakers: Haribabu Kasturi, Amitabh Shukla

2 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd 2 Why Disaster Recovery?

3 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd 3 Why DraaS on OpenStack? Bring new customers to Cloud Co-located DR Infrastructure Flexible Options for RTO & RPO Business Continuity for OpenStack loads New customers from SME customers Various businesses require affordable & simple solution to a near real time CDP solution Different RTO and options allow same stack to serve various customers with different solutions A DR option on homogenous environments enables workloads to use services from platforms effectively Simpler Implementation of failback Co-located DR infrastructure enables highest level of RTO & RPO Less number of failures and low latency to data backup

4 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd 4 Agenda Evaluation of Sources for DraaS Various DraaS architecture Evaluation of Current OpenStack and features Next Steps towards DraaS on OpenStack

5 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd 5 Sources for DR Physical Machines Virtual Machines Private Cloud DRaas

6 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd 6 Basic Steps involved in DR Source Convert P2V ? Live Snapshotting? Data capture and Transfer Capture Delta differences Sync data with DR Cloud Ensure confirmed State Incident Detection Manual incident detection Automated incident detection algorithms Provision Challenges in provisioning The RTO Challenge

7 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd 7 A little re-introduction of terms RPO : Recovery Point Objective is the age of files that must be recovered from backup storage for normal operations to resume after failure backup storage Ex: if the RPO is one hour, backups must be made at least once per hour. RTO : Recovery Time Objective is the duration of time within which a Machine must be restored after a disaster (or disruption) Ex: if RTO is 10 minutes then the service must be recovered with in 10 minutes of reporting failure. Delta Backups: Delta backups are the differences between the last Recovery Point and now. These can be disk, configuration or meta data information

8 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd 8 DraaS on OpenStack alternative #1 Cinder DraaS Service Virtual Machines DraaS Agent Cinder- Volumes 1 1 2 2 3 3 RPO > 30 Min RTO < 10 Min 5 5 4 4 Dash Board 6 6 DR-VM

9 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd 9 Steps involved 1.DraaS Agent Requests Back UP 2.DraaS Service assigns the Data VM that stores the delta snapshot 3.Data VM is writes deltas to the cinder volume such that exact replica of source disk is maintained 4.User/ Backup program initiates backup 5.DraaS Service requests Compute cluster to boot from cinder 6. DR VM comes up and accessible

10 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd 10 DraaS on OpenStack alternative #2 Virtual Machines DraaS Agent RPO > 12 hrs RTO < 1 Hr Snapshot4 Snapshot3 Snapshot2 Snapshot1 Swift Snapshot4 Snapshot3 Snapshot2 Snapshot1 DraaS Service Dash Board Glance Merged Image Compute DR-VM 1 1 2 2 4 4 3 3 6 6 5 5

11 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd 11 Steps Involved 1.DraaS Agent pushes Snapshots periodically to DraaS service 2.DraaS Service pushes objects to swift 3.User/ Backup program initiates backup 4.DraaS service requests compute to boot machine 5.DraaS Service merges snapshots and uploads to glance 6.DR VM comes up and accessible

12 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd 12 Huge Data movement between Crystals RTO and RPO requirements “No change” syndrome for already existing Cloud Application Quiescing involves in Synchronous backing of various VM’s on timeline Small implementation issues Challenges

13 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd 13 Define incubated project for DRaaS for OpenStack Enhance Disk Replication Service in OpenStack for DRaaS support Define and develop Agents for various types of end points as OpenStack Projects Next Steps

14 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd 14 © 2014 Persistent Systems Ltd Thank you all on behalf of Persistent. Feedback / Questions:

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