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Apple Initiative and Digital Pathways Shannon Bookout, Matthew Heywood and Tracy Little From the Apple Steering Committee.

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1 Apple Initiative and Digital Pathways Shannon Bookout, Matthew Heywood and Tracy Little From the Apple Steering Committee

2 Office of Academic Affairs: Dr. Jack Cooley Academic Council: Digital Learning Committee Distance Learning Dean: Faculty Fellows Distance Learning Dean: Faculty Fellows TLTR: Teaching Learning Technology Roundtable Distance Learning Leads DEIS: Distance Education & Instructional Support Student Success Student Preparedness Faculty Preparedness Peer Mentoring Team Closed Captioning Quality Matters AQR Training Common Course Structure Mandate Digital Pathways Active & Mastery Learning Learning Object Initiative ALO, ELO, ILO Digitizing Courses LOC: Lifelong ….. Course Dual Enrollment Straight-A Grant Textbook Affordability iBook Process Task Force ACCT program pilot Apple Steering Committee Apple Initiative iBooks iTunes U Professional Development Blended Learning

3 Digital Pathways at Columbus State enables faculty to create state-of-the-art educational materials and employ interactive delivery methods that enhance student engagement and success. ​

4  Focus is a strong collaboration with the Distance Education and Instructional Design (DEIS) Team and faculty.  Focus is on student success and incorporating new technology into the classroom, not because its new, but because it enhances learning  Focus is on a real understanding of how students learn in the 21 st century  Focus is on using technology as an interactive tool  Helps Faculty focus on Active, Mastery and Engaged Learning Digital Pathways

5 Columbus State has been both innovative and adaptive to student learning – a leader in technology since 1997. Decade after Decade

6 Digital Pathways: Apple Initiative Apple has been committed to helping provide the tools to enhance education. Decade after Decade

7  Collaboration between Columbus State and Apple  The Apple Initiative is part of the larger focus on Digital Pathways  How did this collaboration come about?  The History and Background  The Apple Steering Committee Digital Pathways: Apple Initiative

8  What does this collaboration provide for Columbus State and Columbus State Faculty?  Apple Professional Development Opportunity/Training  Use of iPad for course content development  Use of iPad for teaching in the classroom  Use of iPad for classroom management and sharing of information  Itunes U Presence for Columbus State  iBooks Author Opportunities for Columbus State faculty Apple Initiative

9  Apple Steering Committee  Tom Erney (Dean DEIS)  Carol Thomas (VP Information Technology)  Bruce Massis (Director Columbus State Library)  Jason LaMar (DEIS and Apple Trainer/Contact at CSCC)  Shannon Bookout (Faculty Fellow Distance Learning)  Matthew Heywood (Textbook Affordability Co-Chair)  Ann Palazzo (Faculty Fellow Distance Learning)  Tracy Little (Academic Council Coordinator)  Teddi Lewis Hottop (Project Manager) Apple Initiative - Contacts

10  Apple Initiative is still in early phase of development  First two cohorts of faculty went through over the summer and a third is scheduled for this month.  Have two iBooks pilots in the works  Researching ways to get iPads into the hands of students Apple Initiative

11  Apple’s Education/Academic Sharing Space  Content Collection/ repository of materials  Can be made public or private  Can be set as an “in-session” course with dates that certain assignments are made and information appears.  Can also be set as just available (not in session) so viewers can work through material as time permits. What is iTunes U?

12  Allows for an alternative way for students to view course materials and may allow for greater student access  Can allow faculty to showcase a part of their course, or a course sample for the public  Public face of the college and our academic programs  Example iTunes U

13  Multi-media interactive educational experience  Publish in iTunes Store  Faculty Authorship  Textbook Affordability  Can be used for small handouts, assignments, or actual book chapters..  Example iBooks Author

14  New Application process to go through the Apple Professional Development training  New Application process to author an iBook for a course  Establishing a process to get courses posted on iTunes U.  Establishing an Apple “work center” in the DEIS and library and providing copyright information and research support. Apple Initiative – Want to get involved?

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