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September 6 th 2012 Introduction to Mirror of America.

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1 September 6 th 2012 Introduction to Mirror of America

2 Mike Warner CEO and Founder Page | 2

3 Break through technology. First in Class. Page | 3

4 AGENDA The Big Picture The pitch: MOA Metaverse The vision and experience:Mirror of America Page | 4

5 Big Data Big Information Big Knowledge Page | 5

6 “We are now at a point in time when the ability to receive, utilize, store, transform and transmit data, the lowest cognitive form, has expanded literally beyond comprehension. Understanding and wisdom are largely forgotten as we are submersed in oceans of data and information.” Dee Hock, Founder and CEO, Visa International Data

7 A cable to connect a laptop … Page | 7

8 One out of five products ever produced by humanity have been produced in the last ten years of human history. The unthinkable complexity of our current global human enterprise is predicated on an information technology revolution that powers increasing coordination within the even vaster and unimaginable lattice of minds, machines and models that span and manage our global economic systems. The Economist Models

9 Big Data “ HDMI mini cable ” Page | 9 “ About 36,400,000 results (0.25 seconds) ”

10 "Modern computers can process basic information much faster than any human brain. However, computers have yet to match the brain's remarkable ability to perceive and recognize patterns and make judgments.“ Gordon Fraser, Manager, CERN Views

11 Big Information Page | 11 “ About 36,400,000 results (0.25conds) ”

12 Big Problem Page | 12

13 Views Models Data

14 Big Knowledge Page | 14

15 Product Page | 15

16 Place Page | 16

17 People Page | 17

18 Happiness Page | 18

19 Page | 19 Application Space Time Lens Objects Relations Attributes

20 Page | 20

21 The MOA Pitch Page | 21

22 What the Retailer knows … Monday and Tuesday are slow. $1M in revenue on $14K a month. Volume is key but barrier with big ticket. Page | 22

23 MOA METAVERSE Page | 23

24 2012 Page | 24

25 Know thy Business Page | 25

26 Agile Real-Time Intelligence Page | 26

27 How many people visited MOA last month? Page | 27 What percentage made it to the third level? What is your revenue vs. price sq. ft. at MOA? How many products are there in your store? What are the correlation clusters? Are products positioned in optimal location? How many people are here now? Is performance driven by MOA or my team? What percent are browsers vs. buyers? How can brick and mortar reclaim market share?

28 Page | 28

29 HDMI Mini Page | 29

30 One (not 36 million) results. All the data All the models All the views Positioned in larger model space Position on floor Relations between products Analytic position Create new view – NO PROGRAMMING Page | 30

31 Page | 31

32 Page | 32

33 Page | 33

34 Page | 34

35 Page | 35

36 An interactive, multi-user, data analytics oriented “ Mall of America Metaverse. ” Initial Target Audience is MOA Key retailers Explore, define and demonstrate “ The Possible ” Generate Revenue with MOA SAAS offering. Go live in Q4 2012 The Pitch Page | 36

37 Page | 37

38 Page | 38

39 Page | 39 A second import adds a model that shows relations for high correlation in branch/ATM revenue. Here corporate trade finance is compared to shipping stats. Enter a subset of data and export space to Google Earth.. Zoom in to click on specific vessels in real-time. Start with a Quantum4D data fed persistent domain model. A third import let’s you add mobile and point of sales trends. Map results in geographic space. Connect workspaces to Google Earth Compare trends across different time and geographic scales See patterns that might otherwise be lost in static snapshots.

40 Multi-user, dynamic (historical to real-time) flow of revenue and customers. MOA/Q4D has dedicated DB for each client. Adds benchmarks and demographic data Page | 40

41 Where is everyone? Where are the problems? Multiple MOA use cases … Page | 41 Security Cleaning Lounge management

42 Foundation for new frontier. Page | 42


44 2013 Page | 44

45 Unique Experience: Know thy Self Page | 45

46 Page | 46

47 Page | 47

48 Unique Insight: Know thy Community Page | 48

49 Page | 49

50 Blogs Fan sites Content interaction Content navigation Content organization Social media Location data Multiform factor Media types Decision pathways Massively multi-user Virtual Self and Community Themes Page | 50

51 Mobile Phone iPad Video displays Interactive Walls Tony Romas ’ touch table RFID Sensors Holographic displays Multi-user Haptic interfaces Bridging the big picture with the world around me Physical Space and Form Factors Page | 51 Text page Tags Video feeds Swarm media Ratings Co-presence Anonymous interest clusters

52 SpaceTimeLensObjectsRelations Attributes

53 Model Create easy to navigate models of complex systems. Quick access to sophisticated results, from correlations to risk models. Manage Integrate multiple data feeds, databases and spreadsheet sources. Organize data in a way that is meaningful to you and experts. Explore Unfold networks, trends, and anomalies hidden in data. Uncover unknown unknowns. Monitor Define triggering events in all or any of your analytical spaces. Get an alert and direct access to significant event spaces. Analyze Visually analyze multiple variables in a three dimensional space. Apply and visualize statistical analysis and create scenarios on the fly. Report Easily generate a variety of output; from a static chart to a dynamic animation. Publish findings online as portals to make data and insights easily accessible. Faster access to deeper insights through an interface optimized for digital media (not paper). Collaborative visual interactive knowledge empowers most daily activities. Page | 53

54 Navigate/Share insights Super-user client (Java) Cloud/data center schemas Solid product ready for market Super-User | quick install; like iTunes for knowledge Page | 54 Build universes of insight. Drag, drop, map & animate views Pivot (reuse) entities and data Fuse data from multiple sources

55 Web Foundation | Fast prototype to publish – no programming. Page | 55 Publish universes of insight Drag, drop, map & publish Persistent position in larger model Ad hoc interlinking of models

56 US Total Overview Feature Highlights Create & display data aggregations Compare 3+ variables in one view. Animation reveals trends Federated Data Internal (ATM + Public Data) Federal Reserve (examples) Coincidence Economic Index Employment Non-Farm Payrolls 56

57 California County Comps 57 Feature Highlights Rotate 3D chart rooms Drill down from higher scales On demand insights Federated Data Internal (ATM + Public Data) Federal Reserve (examples) Demographic profiles Income profiles Share of market

58 Statewide ATM Monitoring Feature Highlights Different View Configurations Dashboard Building Federated Data Internal (ATM + data) Local demographics data 58 Export to display and animate in Google Earth

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