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Product Roadmap Graham Kavanagh Product Director.

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1 Product Roadmap Graham Kavanagh Product Director

2 Proposed Product Roadmap 2014 - Details Migrations –Transport v4 –Training Manager / Training Manager Online v4 –Music v4 Module Specific Projects –SEND –One Mobile –Data Retention and Archiving –B2B Scheduled Tasks –Teachers Pay / Performance Related Pay –Youth Offending - AssetPlus

3 Proposed Product Roadmap 2014 - Details System Specific Projects –Improvements to Reporting Tools –Ordnance Survey - AddressBase Support & Maintenance –V4 Migrations Enhancements team –eStart Enhancements team –Statutory team Non Functional Projects –UX Standardisation –PSN / CoCo

4 Proposed Product Roadmap 2014 - Details New Solutions – One Self Service –2 Year Old Funding –FID / Local Offer (to Support SEND Legislation) –Provider Portal Phase 2 New Solutions – Information Services –One View –Child Profile Tool

5 Proposed Product Roadmap 2014 - Rationale Drive Up Adoption –B2B Student –Hi/Vi –Governors –Bases Increase Customer Satisfaction –v4 A&T Back Office –v4 Performance –eStart

6 Proposed Product Roadmap 2014 - Rationale

7 Migration Programme Support v3 Sunset –Based on Customer Take Up and Fit for Purpose –“De-Support” Access to existing Knowledge Base No fixes provided to v3 module –“De-Commission” Removal of access to v3 module

8 Migration Programme Support Module v4v3 AvailabilityDe-SupportedDe-Commissioned A&T Back OfficeAvailableAutumn 2013Autumn 2014 A&T OnlineAvailableDe-SupportedSummer 2013 A&T File ExchangesTo Be ScheduledSupported AttendanceAvailableDe-SupportedDe-Commissioned B2B:StudentAvailableAutumn 2013Summer 2014 B2B:PersonnelTo Be ScheduledSupported BasesAvailableAutumn 2013Autumn 2014 Children in EmploymentAutumn 2013Autumn 2014 1 Summer 2015 Children in EntertainmentAutumn 2013Autumn 2014 1 Summer 2015 Children's Support Services (CSS)AvailableDe-SupportedSummer 2014 Early YearsAvailableDe-SupportedSummer 2014 Education, Planning & Monitoring (EPM)To Be ScheduledSupported ExclusionsAvailableDe-SupportedDe-Commissioned GovernorsAvailableAutumn 2013Summer 2014 Grants & BenefitsAutumn 2013Autumn 2014 1 Summer 2015 Hearing and Vision Impaired (HIVI)AvailableAutumn 2013Summer 2014 Music TuitionTo Be ScheduledSupported PersonnelTo Be ScheduledSupported Population ForecastingTo Be ScheduledSupported PULSEAvailableDe-SupportedDe-Commissioned Special Educational Needs (SEN)AvailableDe-SupportedSpring 2014 Training Manager 2 To Be ScheduledSupported Transport 2 To Be ScheduledSupported

9 Technology Roadmap 2014 Selected Highlights –Database Layer Oracle Server (One Only) (64 bit) from Summer 2014 (v3.54) SQL Server (One and eStart) SQL Server 2012 SP1 from Spring 2014 (v3.53) –Mid Tier Servers.NET Framework (One Only) v4.5 64-Bit Architecture from Summer 2014 (v3.54) for v4 Transport

10 Technology Roadmap 2014 –Client Oracle Support for IE10 from Autumn 2013 (v3.52) Support for Windows 8 from Autumn 2013 (v3.52)

11 Migration Programme 201320142015 Children in EntertainmentTransportA&T File Exchanges Children in EmploymentTraining Manager B2B:Personnel / Personnel Grants and Benefits Training Manager Online System Administration Music Education, Planning and Monitoring Population Forecasting

12 Questions? Graham Kavanagh Product Director Mobile: 07876 707 548 Email:

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