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OfficeServ DM Introduction

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1 OfficeServ DM Introduction

2 What Is Samsung OfficeServ DM?
OfficeServ DM(Device Manager) is the management tool, supporting configuration for OfficeServ 7000 series system User Interface of OfficeServ DM is the same as IT(Installation_Tool) All IT functions are supported by Officeserv DM Java v1.6 is an essential prerequisite for OfficeServ DM. Java v1.6 should be installed before using OfficeServ DM

3 How can Customers use OfficeServ DM?
At first, you key in URL, URL is your system IP Address. For example, https:// Any 7000 series System has the same method, except MCP of 7200.(7400/7200/7100/7030/7070). For using OfficeSerf DM, it’s required JAVA v1.6x on your PC. If there is no Java on your PC, then you show that Java is not installed. And Jab Web Start Plugin URL button. Please go to the JAVA Home Page, download and install the free Java Installation file.

4 Use Scenario of OfficeServ DM
1. Key in URL 2. User Login Web Browser Download DM 3. Execut DM Java WebStart 4

5 What relationships are DM/IT/Web?
Use IT for all of 7000 Series Use Web for 7100/7030/7070 Till V4.4x Use DM for all of 7000 Series IT do not support V4.5 Features Web do not support V4.5 Features No more changes for IT & Web From V4.50 Use OfficeServ DM for Admin No this features on IT & Web Use OfficeServ PWP for User Conference Bridge Card

6 What Is the difference by system?
Systems Major Functions DM IT Web Remarks 7400(MP40) Telephone 7200(MCP) Provide OfficeServ DM separately 7200(MP20) 7200(MP20S) VM/AA 7100(MP10a) 7100(MP10) 7100(MP11) Data DM has pop-up menu for Data Web pages 7030 7070

7 What concern the Customers ..
No Problem Version compatibility between v4.4x and v4.50? Do I have to study because something is new ? Some doubts about credibility of OfficeServ DM? BUT… Are you worried about a fear of New tools ?

8 The Answer Samsung OfficeServ DM,
Provides System Version compatibility User Interface is the same as IT We’re sure You will have more confidence in DM’s reliability within a short time.

9 With OfficeServ DM, it will diminish..
We’d like to use management tool of 7400/7200 system by Web browser without setup files Basically web management tool is slow VM Web management tool also is slow It’s inconvenient that we have to get New IT version separately whenever MP version is changed.

10 Appendix 1. DB Compatibility
Till v4.4x DB backup from.. DB’s Initialized by,, Action File Extension IT *.IUD Web - *.mc From V4.50 …. DB backup from.. DB’s Initialized by,, Action File Extension DM *.odm IT Use DB Conversion of Util Menu Web - *.IUD *.mc

11 Appendix 2. DB Conversion Function
It converts the format of IT Backup DB into the format of DM DB Convert IT Backup DB (*.IUD) DM DB Type (*.odm) Remarks Backup DB of MP V4.1x DM Format of MP V4.50 Backup DB of MP V4.2x Backup DB of MP V4.3x Backup DB of MP V4.4x Image of OfficeServ DM


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