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Lund 18. December 2008 Institut for Informatik & Matematisk Modellering.

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1 Lund 18. December 2008 Institut for Informatik & Matematisk Modellering

2 Lund 18. December 2008 Mathematical modelling: –Scientific Computing: Per Christian Hansen –Mathematical Statistics: Per Bruun Brockhoff –Intelligent Signal Processing: Lars Kai Hansen –Image Analysis & Computer Graphics: Rasmus Larsen Computer Science: –Software Engineering: Hubert Baumeister –System Security: Robin Sharp –Language Based Technology: Hanne Riis Nielson –Algorithms and Logic: Paul Fischer –Embedded Systems: Jan Madsen –System-on-Chip: Jens Sparsø Forskningsområder (10 Sektioner)

3 Lund 18. December 2008 1.Statistics Section (produced 3 Ph.D.s/year in 10 years) 2.Image analysis Section (produced 2-3 Ph.D.s/year in 10 years) 3.Intelligent Signal Processing Section (ISP) (produced 3-4 Ph.D.s/year in 10 years) Statistics@DTU Informatics Roughly: 100 Ph.D.s in recent 10 years

4 Lund 18. December 2008 Data, Users, Knowledge The Data, Users, Knowledge Vision Lars Kai Hansen Professor, Sektionsleder Cognitive Systems Section (Potential new name) Integrating Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Cognitive Engineering for the Digital Economy

5 Lund 18. December 2008 Signal processing –Typical projects: Hearing aids, audio search –Generalized cocktail party problem (ICA) Machine Learning –Adaptive systems, automated text analysis, pattern classification, Systems Neuroscience –Mental State decoding –Meta-analysis/neuroinformatics Datamining –Search engines, meta-analysis –Wikipedia research Cognitive science –Search engines –Psycho-physics e.g. audio- visual integration –Computational cognitive modelling Digital economy –Prof Ingemar Cox, UCL adjunct prof –Social networks, Web 2.0, User generated content Mobile services –Communication, mobile web apps, Web 2.0 –Cell phone as sensor system Human computer interfaces –Intelligent text entry Digital media semantics –Latent semantics, automated text analysis, meta-data analysis Components of the new unit

6 Lund 18. December 2008 Image Analysis Section Many Ph.D. students Many externally funded research projects Strong on innovation (E.g. Videometer) Methodological Profile Multivariate Statistics Pattern recognition Supervised Learning Shape Analysis Rasmus Larsen, Professor Sektionsleder

7 Lund 18. December 2008 Statistics Section Per Bruun Brockhoff, Professor Sektionsleder STATInformatics Research VIP (1/3 2008) 7.5 48.5 VIP for teaching (faculty) 7.5 52.5 Refereed articles 03-07 141 372 Conference papers 03-07 76 548 PhD students (Oct. 1st, 2008) 22 72 Number of PhD grad. 03-07 15 72 MSc theses 2007 19 118 MSc theses 2006 16 113 External funding DKK mill. 06-08 26,6 85,2 Some recent key figures: (Self evaluation report, Dec 2008)

8 Lund 18. December 2008 Statistics Section Methodological Profile Dynamics Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Modeling of Dynamics Stochastic Systems Stochastic Control Theory Applied Probability with Stochastic Processes Industrial and Applied Statistics Statistical design and analysis of experiments Statistical Process Control Sensometrics and Chemometrics Environmetrics

9 Lund 18. December 2008 Statistics Section Methodological Profile Examples: Climatology Energy (Wind) Pharmaceutics Finance Food science Environmental research Marine biology Microbiology Characteristics: Many externally funded projects Many Ph.D. students Broadly engaged outside the mathematical statistical area

10 Lund 18. December 2008 Statistics Section Example: Food Science Formally engaged in: Visual analysis! Free open-source software developed by MATFORSK and IMM, DTU for analysis of sensory profile data and panel performance monitoring. Partners: Denmark: (Supported by DFFE) KU Life DTU-Aqua Danish Meat Research Institute Chr. Hansen A/S ChewTech A/S Bang & Olufsen Norway: (Supported by Norwegian Research Council) Matforsk, Ås, Norway Tine, Gilde, Arcus AS, Hennig Olsen Is, Fiskeriforskning

11 Lund 18. December 2008 ISCC 'DTU Informatics Statistical Consulting Center (ISCC)’ Established in 2004. ISCC offers statistical consulting to students, Ph.D. students and staff at DTU and to external individuals, institutions and companies. Klaus K. Andersen

12 Lund 18. December 2008 Has the construction of ‘Øresundsbroen’ affected the stock of glass eel? ISCC Henrik Spliid

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