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Challenges in maintaining the momentum of a successful launch Steve Challouma Category Director 19 th October 2011.

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1 Challenges in maintaining the momentum of a successful launch Steve Challouma Category Director 19 th October 2011

2 12 April We love our Fish! One of the healthiest foods known to man In home consumption of Fish and Chips now almost twice as big as takeaway For ¾ of us our first taste of Fish is a Fish Finger 3.1bn Fish occasion’s a year – half are frozen 20 Birds Eye Fish Fingers are eaten every second in the UK

3 12 April Opportunity: Whilst the biggest brand, the business was dominated by ‘Prepared’ Fish Famous Kids & Family businesses £144m But no foothold in Natural Fish sector £85m sector (pre BTP launch) Source: Nielsen 52w/e Jan 09 BE = #1 Fish Brand in Frozen Leading Brand in Frozen & Fish

4 12 April Source: Bluecube Research – Mar 2008 …I lack the skills & know-how Problem: Consumers have deep-rooted barriers to preparing natural fish …I don’t know how to use it …I worry about the quality and freshness …it’s messy and smelly I love the idea of eating more fish, but…....I find the thought of preparing it scary …it’s not that convenient

5 12 April The Finest Fish Fillets……....topped with herb infused piped butter… …individually sealed in a Bake Perfect R Foil Bag to lock in Flavour Launched in a range of 5 species & flavours SalmonHaddockKing Prawns Pollock Basa Solution: Perfectly Cooked Fish with No Fuss


7 12 April Result: A breakthrough success 18m packs sold since launch, worth over £60m 4.5m UK HH’s bought since launch Premium Pricing 85%+ 20% share of the Category Natural Fish Category grew from £85m in 2009 to £115m in %+ Incremental to the category

8 12 April st yr RSV £m Making it one of the biggest grocery launches within the last 15 years

9 12 April However, whilst the franchise has continued to grow…. TV Support Source: Nielsen Scantrack + Kantar 4we to , Total Market

10 12 April …after 18 months the rate of new consumers coming in slowed, leading to a penetration plateau TV Support Source: Nielsen Scantrack + Kantar 4we to , Total Market

11 12 April Young’s Fishmongers Choice x2 Sep 2010 Iceland’s Fish in Foil Tray Jan 2010 Asda Cook in The Bag x5 April 2010 BTP Salmon, Pollock Haddock, Chilli & Basa March 2009 Young’s Its in the Bag x4 Skus October 2009 Findus Fresher Taste Launch (2 Poultry/2 Fish) Oct 2010 With a raft of new competitive launches The sincerest form of flattery… Tesco Simply Bake X 4 Apr 2011 JS Bake in the Bag X 3 Mar 2011

12 12 April Keeping your nerve in the face of competitor launches….. Not compromising on your value proposition - protect, sustain and build the integrity of your launch Understand comparative quality differences and protect what’s distinctive – attention to detail is key Customer specific tracking and planning to understand the impact on your sales Behave like a confident brand should and demonstrate thought leadership – ensure you have a pipeline of news lined up which keeps up momentum and interest Continue to back it and prioritise in the business

13 12 April Execution is everything - not every distribution point is equal DistributionRangeSpaceVisibilityOverall Retailer A Room to increase core Strong range1 facingMixed Focus on merch Retailer B Core skus in full dist Opps for non- core 2 facings Central at Eye level Focus on range gaps Retailer C Core skus in high dist Opps for non- core 2 facings on biggest plan Central at Eye level Focus on range gaps Retailer D Risk to range -- Secure & build range Retailer E Salmon increase needed Plans to list Haddock -- Secure Haddock listing Keeping very focused on retailer level execution on the range – just because the product is listed it doesn’t mean there isn’t further room to optimise

14 12 April Adopters: 0.9mTrialists: 2.7m Only 25% of trialled have built it into their repertoire – buying seven times since launch But need to go beyond the data to understand they why as well as the what… Getting quick feedback on how the proposition is being adopted Total UK Population: 25.5m h/h Aware: 13mUnaware: 12.5m Trialled: 3.6mNot trialled: 9.4m Still a huge remaining penetration opportunity – only 20% of Category Buyers

15 12 April Understanding the drivers of consumer value what is working and not working Identify the shopping and consumption levers for BTP Get a full understanding of both the consumer and the shopper truths Regular Light Lapsed Considerers Who are they? Demographics and segments What do they eat/buy? Frozen naked fish? Chilled fish? What do they during they free time? Media What do they believe? Attitude to fish and frozen, etc What are their needs? How do they shop for BTP? Planned purchase? Deals? Back up or for a meal this week? Identifying triggers & barriers Unlocking BTP potential and unmet needs What do they like about BTP and why? What they do not like about BTP and why? How does the product deliver against their expectations? Taste? Filling? Convenience? Etc. What motivates to buy BTP in store? Deals? Awareness of recipes Etc What prevent them from buying it? Visibility? Availability? Price? When do they use BTP? Meal occasion: who, type of meal, What resonates the most? Benefits, needs, comms messages What can make BTP worth paying more for? Species? recipes?

16 12 April Key Learnings from Engaging with Consumers We interviewed 1,522 consumers – regular, light & lapsed buyers Source: U&A research; 1,522 interviews: May ‘11 Consumers don’t know when to eat BTP & what to eat it with =+ Consumers feel there is a lack of variety & excitement in the range Consumers don’t see BTP as ‘special’ & worth paying more for – see it as a standby Need to help consumers…provide them with the inspiration & ideas…to get BTP into their ‘cooking repertoire’

17 12 April Being prepared to alter the course… INTENDED STRATEGYREALIZED STRATEGY DELIBERATE STRATEGY Source: Mintzberg and Waters (1985)

18 12 April Being prepared to alter the course… INTENDED STRATEGYREALIZED STRATEGY DELIBERATE STRATEGY UNREALIZED STRATEGY EMERGENT STRATEGY Source: Mintzberg and Waters (1985) Direct to realize intentions while at the same time respond to an unfolding pattern of action

19 12 April Bring the occasion to life To: ‘delicious & exciting fish…the easy way’ PRODUCTCOMMSPACKAGING Bring more variety & excitement to the range NPD NEW From: ‘Perfectly cooked fish with no fuss’ Evolving the Proposition

20 12 April NPD Solution: Taste Inspiration Recipes Olive Oil, Rosemary & Tomato White Wine, Wholegrain Mustard & Spring Onion

21 12 April Ongoing plan: Using NPD and refreshment to drive interest and uplift across the range


23 12 April Summary: Evolution of the Proposition 23 Source:Birdseye, Roland Berger Drive  Expansion Objective: Drive excitement & expand recipe offerings Strategy: Occasion led advertising, new & inspiring flavour combinations Plan: New ‘taste inspiration’ recipes and occasion-based advertising Objective: Easy to understand concept, recipes for everybody Strategy: Effective product led advertising, traditional recipes / flavours Plan: Functional ad explaining BTP technology on “butter & herb” fish & prawn range Objective: Build the franchise, expand the shopper base Strategy: New product benefits, recipes based on consumer needs Plan: Next generation concepts that drive the platform further Embed  InspirationLaunch  Concept

24 12 April Finally: Capture your learnings and create a robust, live ‘business model’ hypothesis that you can leverage 1. Innovation & Product 6. Presence and Distribution 7. Pricing 2. Media Strategy & Mix 8. Placement & Merchandising 4. Promotions 3. Communication Objective: Drive Penetration 5. Performance Tracking

25 12 April Providing a ‘Blueprint’ for rolling into new territories

26 12 April Summary Expect success to be copied - but don’t let it un-nerve you or compromise your standards Keep razor sharp focus on in-store execution Get quick feedback to understand what’s working and not Be prepared to evolve the proposition to get to next step change of growth Capture and leverage your experience

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