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Youth Fitness Hannah Lewis.

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1 Youth Fitness Hannah Lewis

2 Goal/importance of fitness training for children:
Getting kids to enjoy physical fitness when they are young  Staying fit for life Prevent childhood obesity Get kids excited about working out

3 Equipment 1 Light up Jump Rope Gets kids excited about jump roping
Good cardio workout Can use at night

4 Light Up Jump Rope Kinetic-Powered LED Sparkler Jump Rope
Found Here: Price: 16.98 Need about 25/class or group training session 25x16.98= $424.50

5 Equipment 2 Mini trampoline Strengthens leg muscles Improves balance
Fun for young children

6 Mini Trampoline Pure Fun Kid's Jumper Trampoline-37.8 inch diameter
Find it here- Price: $57.29 Need about 5 per class 57.29x5= $286.45

7 Equipment 3 Activity Walking Trail
Improves balance in a fun, active way Can create multiple paths with interchangeable parts

8 Activity Walking Trail
Flaghouse Walking Trail Found here Price: $115 Need about 4 per class 115x4= $460

9 Equipment 4 Exercise mat Use to stretch, tumble, and jump
Helps keep kids comfortable while sitting

10 Exercise Mat Germ-Resistant Folding Rest Mat - Three Sections - 1" Thick Found here: Price: $15.75 Need about 20/ class $15.75x20= $315.00

11 Equipment/Software Geopalz walking/vigorous activity pedometers
Fun, interactive way to get kids up and moving Tracks exercise and steps taken throughout the day Helps develop incentive programs ExercisePrizes

12 Geopalz™ Pedometers and Online Programs
Great way to allow children to track their exercise Adds an incentive to exercise with games and prizes Relatively inexpensive $25.00 each Parents can check progress online Find them here This would be free for us to use

13 Total cost TOTAL= $1485.95 LED Jump Ropes $424.50
Mini Trampolines $286.45 Activity Walking Trail $460.00 Exercise Mats $315.00 Geopalz ($25.00 each, parents can supply child) $0.00 TOTAL= $

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