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Welcome to #WorldTourismDay at Lough Neagh Order of Events

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1 Welcome to #WorldTourismDay at Lough Neagh Order of Events
12 .15pm Introduction by Lough Neagh Partnership Manager, Charles Monaghan 12.25pm Importance of Tourism Sector by Howard Hastings, Chairman NITB 12.35pm Overview of  Marketing Plan by Christine Watson & Nicola Bothwell, The Marketing Network 1.00pm Potential for Lough Neagh Food Brand by Sean Owens, Chef Entrepreneur 1.10pm WorldHost Commitment by Eimear Kearney, Lough Neagh Partnership Presentation of WorldHost Awards by Employment & Learning Minister, Dr Stephen Farry 1.20pm Lunch Served

2 Lough Neagh Partnership Manager Charles Monaghan
12 .15pm Introduction Lough Neagh Partnership Manager Charles Monaghan #loveloughneagh

3 Importance of Tourism Sector Howard Hastings Chairman NITB
12.25pm Importance of Tourism Sector Howard Hastings Chairman NITB #loveloughneagh

4 12.35pm Overview of Marketing Plan Chartered Marketers: Christine Watson & Nicola Bothwell #loveloughneagh

5 Marketing Strategy and Activity Plan July 2013 – February 2014
Marketing Lough Neagh Marketing Strategy and Activity Plan July 2013 – February 2014

6 SWOT Please visit: and
STRENGTHS Largest freshwater lake in Ireland and Britain Environmental designations Unique species of fish | Haven for wildlife – wintering wildfowl Home to largest commercial wild eel fishery in Europe Shoreline infrastructure– jetties, visitor centres, marinas, play parks, picnic tables, viewing points etc Discovery Centre - second most visited tourism attraction in NI Stretches 7 council areas - 5 of NI’s 6 counties touch the shore – Antrim, Armagh, Down, Londonderry, Tyrone | en route to Tourism Hubs & Airport – seen by every air passenger using BIA arriving into/leaving NI NITB ‘Destination’ status secured Numerous leisure/Sport activities – Leisure visitor base 100 mile cycle trail | canoe trail Range of places to ‘relax’ Secluded bays Regular events/consolidated events listing/established events Affiliation with Finn McCool Unique underwater god – Horse God World War II landing base and training area Two major islands – Rams and Coney Own rescue service – Lough Neath Rescue Family friendly activities Caravanning and camping facilities on shoreline Rich Heritage including Historic castles/monuments NI Visitors: Antrim, Armagh | ROI visitors: Donegal, Louth, Meath Visitor Loyalty/Repeat Visits Local Community Culture – friendly/welcoming/share stories GROW Funding Allocation Most popular reasons to visit – relax, family, scenery, quality time with friends, nature Please visit: and register to receive the Lough Neagh Partnership e-newsletter to find out more about upcoming opportunities with Lough Neagh Partnership SWOT

7 SWOT OPPORTUNITIES Please visit: and
register to receive the Lough Neagh Partnership e-newsletter to find out more about upcoming opportunities with Lough Neagh Partnership SWOT

8 NPD Please visit: and
MARKETS PRODUCTS EXISTING NEW Please visit: and register to receive the Lough Neagh Partnership e-newsletter to find out more about upcoming opportunities with Lough Neagh Partnership NPD

9 Strategy Mission Statement To build, promote and deliver year-round distinctive ‘on water’ and ‘off water’ Lough Neagh visitor experiences which result in positive economic growth for the Lough Neagh destination through innovation, leadership and collaboration Vision Statement To work together to create marvellous visitor memories and recognition as one of the most desirable price competitive Summer and the most desirable Christmas tourism destination of choice within Northern Ireland Brand Statement Our area is known as Lough Neagh and its waterways

10 Aims and Objectives Consolidating a ‘Lough Neagh’ brand with its key USP – the water Strengthening collaboration Engaging our ‘locals’ to deliver the common aim of providing marvellous memories to our visitors Building distinctive ‘lough’ focused Lough Neagh product Helping Lough Neagh to ‘be found’ Improving marketing performance Working in partnership with others to talk to our audiences in a cost effective manner Developing enticing marketing communications tailored appropriately to each of our target audiences Nurturing customer loyalty to ensure repeat visit reach and secure domestic, national and international visitors via visiting friends and family in the first instance Rewarding and disseminating best practice

11 Key Messages ‘Precious Time’

12 Segmentation: July 2013 – January 2014
TARGET MARKET: Catchment: Primary: a. 15 minute drivetime - residents and VF&F* Secondary: b minute drivetime - residents & VF&F* 1. Key Influencers (Media, NITB, TI, RSPB, RYA, Waterways Ireland etc) & Celebrity Endorsement 2. Footfall Feeders including Causeway link and Accommodation Providers 3. Ambassadors 4. Groups and Clubs 5. Specialist day visitors a. Domestic NI b. ROI c. International (VF&F) 6. Specialist overnight visitors a. Domestic NI b. ROI c. International (VF&F) *Budget constraints considered

13 Eco Tourism Activity: Relaxation Leisurely Great Escapers History Food Entertainment: Culturally Curious Lively (Sport) Entertainment: Culturally Curious Activity: Family Great Escapers/Camping Entertainment: Family Activity: Adventure Compete (Sport) Entertainment: Lively (Sport) Social Energisers

14 Competing NITB Destinations
Lough Neagh Competing NITB Destinations

15 Target Market: Key Influencers
Relationship Management: Develop a Key Influencer Database for the Lough Neagh Destination Develop a Twitter and Facebook Directory for Lough Neagh Establish Priority Targets Work in Partnership to achieve ‘voice’ for Lough Neagh through our Key Influencer Communication Channels Build and Maintain Relations for Mutual Gain

16 Marketing Activity Planner
Please visit: and register to receive the Lough Neagh Partnership e-newsletter to find out more about upcoming opportunities with Lough Neagh Partnership

17 Marketing Activity #loveloughneagh
Customer Relationship Management Building a Bank of Ambassadors, Content Creators/Contributors and Celebrity Endorsement Working in Partnership with Key Influencers Represent Lough Neagh at Exhibitions and Events to Build and Maintain Opportunities and Relationships Inviting Key Influencers to Experience Lough Neagh for themselves – FAM Trips and Live Video Feed Encouraging Customer Loyalty ‘Friends of the Lough’

18 Marketing Activity #loveloughneagh
Brand Awareness and Engagement – Driving Footfall and Spend to the Lough Neagh Destination Capitalising on Key Dates Creating Innovative Campaigns Building Strong Content – co-creating a Lough Neagh Library of Photos, Videos, Stories eGreetings Distributing Enticing Promotions and Events including Trails Direct Marketing and Social Media Marketing Advertising: Radio, Radio Roadshow, Strategic Outdoor, Print, Online and Affiliate PR: TV Inserts, Events and Campaigns Support, Profiling, Promotions, Competitions and Awards Lobbying: Signage, Funding, Independent TV Shows

19 Budget Total: £18000 Marketing Activity
Marketing Programme Development - research, drafting of activity scheduler, presenting findings for discussion/sign off Digital Audit and Tender Specification - carrying out audit and producing findings Digital Advertising - PPC, facebook advertising campaigns Media and Print Advertising - Belfast Telegraph Supplement £500 Q Network advertising £300 Roadshow campaign £1,200 Advertising Contradeal Negotiation Strategic Signage – Outdoor Attendance at Trade/Consumer Shows Awards Roadshow Showcase of Success Installation - design and build of artistic framework and site delivery/collection PR - nine month retainer based on one day's consultancy per month PR Photography: x5 photocalls on various sites across the lough to promote PR initiatives

20 Goals #loveloughneagh
Deliver media coverage worth 10 times PR investment Increase web traffic by 10% year on year Grow facebook likes to 2000 (Lake District 2806 and Ardboe Cross 2305) Grow twitter followers to 500 (Rams Island has 358 likes) Develop linkedin connections to 300 Engage 7 high profile ambassadors Engage 10 Lough Neagh ambassadors Create 20 WorldHost Recognised organisations Increase footfall to the loughshore measured via Coupon Downloads Deliverables to be achieved by February 2014

21 Lough Neagh Partnership
Digital Audit & Strategy

22 Agenda Initial Digital Footprint Digital Target Markets
Barriers to Overcome Current Digital Efforts – across Lough Neagh Strategy Priority Platforms Digital Ambassadors – Content Creators Key Messages Digital Campaigns Digital Measurements

23 Digital Marketing Channels

24 Google 5 Stages of Travel
Dreaming: 68% of business travellers watch travel-related online videos. Among them, 68% are thinking about a trip. Planning: The average traveller visits ~22 travel related sites during 9.5 research sessions prior to booking. Booking: 37% of leisure travellers report that the internet prompted them to book, up from 28% two years ago. Experiencing: 70% of business travellers check into their flights/hotel with their mobile device. Almost 1 in 4 hotel queries come from a mobile phone. Sharing: About 1 in 3 business travellers have posted reviews online of places they've been.

25 Digital Customer Footprint Analysis
Where to visit - 5 Stages of Travel Decision to visit – other Destinations Lough Neagh Digital Touch points: Pre Visit Journey to Visit competing destinations (even into NI!) On Visit at competing destination Journey home from Visiting competing destination Post Visit Decision to visit - Lough Neagh Digital Touch points: Journey To On Visit Journey Home

26 Initial Digital Customer Base
Insights from: Facebook 42% Female | 58% Male Twitter 30 Followers

27 Barriers to Overcome Infrastructure: 3G | 4G | WIFI access
Internal Capability - Resource & Skill Rapid Pace of Change - Digital Limited Budget Trade – Engagement and Digital Capability Product Development Everglades by car audio tour – Audio Tour Guide

28 Initial Digital Footprint
Websites x 3 | | Search Performance PPC Trial Facebook: Love Lough Neagh 223 likes | 91,099 friends of fans | 5.8% engagement Twitter Loughneagh1 – Eimear Kearney You Tube – search Lough Neagh: 2,310 Results | Lough Neagh Partnership 2,270 Results | Lough Neagh channel x 6 Videos | Rams Island 28,300 Results NITB Photo Library – minimal assets – from November 2006 Quarterly – Trade Website Language Variants vs Fermanagh Lakelands Tourism Infrastructure – gmail

29 Website


31 Search Engine Optimisation Performance


33 Search Keyword Searches – Global Searches - Local Lough Neagh 8100
5400 Fermanagh 90500 60500 Belfast Dublin Giants Causeway 33100 Rams Island 2900 320 Lough Neagh discovery centre Oxford island discovery centre 73


35 ‘Increased’ Digital Visitor Base – Facebook Analysis – Love Lough Neagh

36 Engagement



39 Digital Competitors – nil!



42 Digital Target Markets – Trade versus Consumer
Primary: TRADE Catchment: Primary: a. 15 minute drivetime - residents and VF&F* Secondary: b minute drivetime - residents & VF&F* 1. Key Influencers (Media, NITB, TI, RSPB, RYA, Waterways Ireland etc) & Celebrity Endorsement 2. Footfall Feeders including Causeway link and Accommodation Providers 3. Ambassadors 4. Groups and Clubs 5. Specialist day visitors a. Domestic NI b. ROI c. International (VF&F) 6. Specialist overnight visitors a. Domestic NI b. ROI c. International (VF&F) 7. Geographic test bed - ROI Trial 8. Competitors Desktop versus ‘on the hop’

43 Find prospects & customers
Deploy activity to entice prospects and customers Achieve conversion to goals Build relationships Build awareness of the area, range of products /services/ on offer and group servicing options SEO Google place optimisation PPC Links from website to facebook, subscriptions, share buttons Offline material Upload content that encourages users to share Mobile Enabled Directories Affiliates Banner Advertising QR code on offline materials Maintain activity in accordance with content strategy and calendar Events New Product/Service Development Promotions Special Offers Coupons Competitions Gift Vouchers Fresh Quality Content e.g. Blog Testimonials and Reviews Video Engage the audience through relevant and compelling content Clear navigation pathways Response to enquiries Improved website content – compelling copy and images Landing pages Portfolio of Proof –Leisure – in situ/living the dream photos, Food, Blogs, Testimonials Plug ins linking website to social media and vice versa Facebook Landing Page designed to convert viewers to likes a/b split testing Mobile enabled Enabling sharing to networks Build Quality Databases Develop Advocacy Appoint Branded Advocates/Ambassadors Content strategy and calendar and Social media marketing Providing ‘Value’ to the end user/receiver in every interaction Up-sell – recommend relevant complimentary items/best sellers – other clients with xx interest also purchased xx Integrated marketing activity – online and offline

44 Strategy #loveloughneagh
Build Acquire Engage Enable Compete Customer Relationship Management Infrastructure Build from foundations (website) up Achieve more together Compelling Content – the ‘Share’ factor Added Value Digitalise Memory Banks

45 Digital Strategy… #loveloughneagh
Digital Infrastructure Build – Website, Communications Channels, CRM, Mobile New product development Photo Libraries Brochure Downloads Twitter Twibbon and Hashtag to achieve message cohesion Co – Create and Launch Differentiate to the target audience/Tailored Packages eg poetry and Seamus Heaney link, cycling etc New market development and diversification Targeting friends of fans Specific targeting – geographic cities, age and special interests Competitive market share targeting including the Giants Causeway/Finn McCool link! Market Penetration Build Relationships – key influencers, users and prospects! Loyalty marketing including up-selling and cross selling Potential new sales channels M-Commerce - coupons Social Commerce – facebook commerce – coupons and offers Highly targeted affiliate activity

46 Priority Platforms – Trade versus Consumer!
Website: Mobile Responsive | Downloadable Products | Live Webcam | Google Analytics |Blogging and Vlogging |‘Share’ | SEO | Native Apps | Audio Tours | Coupons | Competitions | Hosting Co-Created Content Relationship – Mailchimp – extend to consumer | differentiate trade versus consumer SMS Online PR Trade: Linked In | Survey Monkey Geographic Google Places Four Square Review Trip Advisor Social Media Facebook – including facebook offers Twitter – Twibbon and Trend # You Tube Flickr and Pinterest Claim Google+ Name Advertising Bespoke Targeted Pay Per Click Advertising Affiliate Advertising Offline Collateral Infrastructure: Mobile Website Downloadable Products: PDFs/APPs at TICs or Pre Visit Trails | Advice/How to guides | Inspiration Relationships: CRM Key Influencers: Journalists and Trip Advisor Communication Tools: You Tube | Flickr Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook Bespoke Targeted Pay Per Click Advertising Online PR and Blogging

47 Digital Partners and Ambassadors #loveloughneagh
Who? Key Influencers e.g. NITB, TI etc Trade e.g. Accommodation, Attractions etc Special Interest Groups: Cycling, Sailing/Boating, Canoeiing, Fishing, Outdoors, Birdwatching etc Develop a Twitter and Facebook Directory for Lough Neagh What? Working in partnership to: co-create content achieve reach to existing users signed up to established channels

48 Digital Advocacy #loveloughneagh
Digital Advocates Digital Celebrities The Advocacy Brand Image – online and offline inc. Twitter Twibbon

49 Destination Messaging
USP: The largest inland Lough in the UK and Ireland #loveloughneagh

50 Key ‘Digital’ Messages #loveloughneagh
Strategic Marketing Message: ‘Precious Time’ Discovery | Education | Explore | Experience Capitalise on Key Dates Added Value every time – promotions, coupons, competitions etc Enticing visitors Trails, Environmental Designations etc Story Telling – Finn McCool link to Giants Causeway Capturing memories Enabling sharing of enticing content and memories to attract more/new visits Aspiration: Co-Creation A picture tells a thousand words!

51 Content Calendar

52 Digital Campaigns #loveloughneagh
Money’s too tight to mention… But: Digital – Cost Effective and Easy to Measure Live Video Feed – Kinnego Marina Webcam! Special Interest Advertising Pilot e.g. On facebook: From £7! 540,000 aged 18+ live 50 miles of Portglenone | Antrim | Dungannon 480,000 aged 18+ live 50 miles of Craigavon 520,000 aged 18+ live 50 miles of Cookstown highest click through rate ad ever run, achieving 3.38% versus 0.08% national average. Total impressions delivered: 38,051 

53 Digital Measurements #loveloughneagh
Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools – Visitors, Geographic Origin, Referring Sites, Bounce Rate, Expressions of Interest etc Mailchimp Analytics Engagement – Check Ins, Like, Share etc Coupon Redemption Online PR Digital Advocacy – Number of Key Influencers & Digital Ambassadors/Celebrities Engaged Benchmarking – Digital Performance Matrix Visitors New versus Repeat Bounce Rate Visitor Flow Referring Sites Geographic Reach Languages Used Platforms Used Size of Screen Used Landing Page Exit Page Browsers Used - Activate Webmaster Tools

54 Digital Achievements to date
Digital Audit, Research and Strategy Development Facebook New Infrastructure – Trade v. Consumer Channels Engaging Content including photos, video, events functionality Growth: 231% Twitter New Growth: 307% ‘New’ Lough Neagh 267 Photos Fresh Quality Content – Photo Bank and Video in development

55 To the future #loveloughneagh
Digital Partners and Ambassadors Content Creation – Calendar and Co-Creation Implementation Growth Impact: ENGAGEMENT CONVERSION

56 Current Competitive Positioning of LNP
Relationship Building or Service Quality Innovation 100% Pricing Innovation 100% Product Innovation 100% TIL BVCB NITB CC&G FLT LNP

57 Proposed Digital Strategy for LNP
Relationship Building or Service Quality Innovation 100% Pricing Innovation 100% Product Innovation 100% TIL BVCB NITB CC&G FLT LNP

58 Public Relations PR Retainer July 2013 – February 2014: one day per month Focusing on corporate and consumer activity: profiling Lough Neagh Partnership promoting trade promoting new initiatives supporting marketing campaigns milestones eg business achievements promoting events – key dates eg hop a park day building a photo library for use by press, NITB, councils etc promote WorldHost activity ‘customer service’ commitment

59 Sample Achievements Belfast Telegraph

60 What’s Ahead Media Engagement Ambassador Engagement Key Dates
Key Campaigns Competitions – first one to appear 11 October

61 How You Can Help… Have you signed up to receive Lough Neagh newsletter? Can you facilitate Media Visits Competition prizes Value minimum £100 Attractive to singles, couples, families Photos, Blogs, Videos Stories: Milestones Achievements Initiatives Human interest eg Ghosthunters

62 How You Can Help… Connect with destination
Backlinks to Utilise downloadable guides, photos, @discoverni, #loveni Use your platforms to grow ‘our’ platforms for mutual benefit eg event invites, thank you for booking referral to plan your visit using Lough Neagh Offline signage – eg Don’t forget to check in to Lough Neagh Become an Ambassador – Let’s co-create content Include Lough Neagh Twibbon Strive for Excellence every time: Memorable positive experiences, free WIFI etc

63 1.00pm Potential for Lough Neagh Food Brand Sean Owens
Chef Entrepreneur #loveloughneagh

64 Food Tourism Food Tourism A Lough Neagh Food Brand
Chef Entrepreneur Sean Owens Food Tourism


66 Collaboration

67 Provenance

68 Destination

69 Heritage

70 Culinary Skills

71 Marketing

72 Social Media

73 Chef O - Thank You

74 1.10pm Presentation of WorldHost Awards Minister Farry
Department of Employment & Learning #loveloughneagh

75 World Class Customer Service
‘WorldHost’ Lough Neagh Presented by: Eimear Kearney Chartered Marketer Aspiring WorldHost Partner Committed to WorldHost Destination Status

76 WorldHost 2 Day Training Programme DEL Funding up to £170 p.p.*
Employer Contribution £20p.p. For: Eligible NI Companies <250 staff Customer Facing Staff 4 Certificates (2 VRQ Level 2 Award Credits) PIN Badge Business Improved customer service £ € p Business Recognition for Excellence

77 Lough Neagh: The WorldHost Journey
Recognition: 1. Individual Customer Facing Staff 2. Individual Businesses 3. Lough Neagh Partnership 4. VISION: Destination Status PR Plan: Pilot – Summer 2013 Roadshow Launch - World Tourism Day Role Model Businesses Staff Profiling Milestones Graduation | Customer Service Awards

78 Lough Neagh: Objectives
Raise awareness and promote world class customer service delivery across the destination To promote the destination at a national/regional level associating the brand with world class customer service by achieving WorldHost recognition To offer support to businesses in the area To raise the profile of the individual brands and assist in the positioning of each private name business as a provider of world class customer service Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Positive WOM £ € p

79 WorldHost Achievements To Date
9,524 service staff trained across NI 249 Recognised Businesses across NI Lough Neagh: 1,037+ trained 19 Recognised Businesses… 20th: Fried Fish Warehouse Successful pilot – Summer 2013 series of familiarisation visits ‘on’ Lough Neagh for local businesses/ service providers


81 The Roll of Honour WorldHost Businesses Recognised for Excellence in Customer Service in Lough Neagh Destination Lough Neagh and Its Waterways Ballyharvey House B&B By - Ways B&B Camping NI Cherryville House Due Hamill B&B Emma Reynolds Music Greenvale Hotel Harnett's Oils Lough Neagh Partnership Moes Grill Castledawson Moes Grill Junction One Newforge House Pat McAlinden Performing Arts Studio The Jungle NI The Streat, Portadown Redz Ritz Multiplex Taylors Fashion Opticians Vera's Cafe at Meadowbank Sports Arena

82 Our Commitment Lead by example: Lough Neagh Partnership
Establish and Manage Lough Neagh WorldHost Task Force Select Tourism Hot Spots in each council area for Inaugural Destination Recognition Select WorldHost Role Model Businesses Lobby trainers for open course dates and quality FAM trips – relevant to Lough Neagh Promote to engage trade PR

83 Becoming a WorldHost Destination
WorldHost Destination status is a way of helping put our area on the map – for all the right reasons. By encouraging businesses within the area to undertake WorldHost customer service training, the area can be recognised as a WorldHost Committed Destination: the way to show the outside world the areas dedication to giving the best possible service to visitors. 25% of businesses in the area must successfully achieve WorldHost Recognition

84 The Lough Neagh WorldHost Roadshow
Independent Trainers College Trainers In-Company Trainers At a location near you: Monthly Dates right across Lough Neagh destination

85 WorldHost Roadshow Lough Neagh
September October November January Ballymena 30 September 2 October (POCS) 7 October (AMB) evenings 5.30pm pm 9th October (Fam Trip) 1.00pm pm Trainer:  Jean Haworth 2 (POCS) | 9 (AMB) Trainer: Heather Major Craigavon 7 (POCS) | 14 (AMB) Trainer: Lynda Willis Lisburn 8 (POCS) | 15 (AMB) Trainer: Lynda Willis Cookstown 25 (POCS) | 29 (AMB) Trainer: Christine Watson Templepatrick 28 (POCS) 4 November (AMB) Trainer: Heather Major Antrim 19 (POCS) | 26 (AMB) Toome and Antrim 20 (POCS) | 22 (AMB) Trainer: Christine Watson Ballymena 21 (CWD) 09:30-13:00 26 (SAC) 09:30-13:00 Trainer: Jean Haworth 13 (POCS) | 20 (AMB) 28 (POCS) | 4 February (AMB) Trainer: Lynda Willis Ballyronan, Magherafelt 20 (POCS) | 27 (AMB) Trainer: Christine Watson Dungannon 22 (POCS) | 29 (AMB)

86 Our Pledge

87 1.10pm Presentation of WorldHost Awards
Employment & Learning Minister Dr Stephen Farry

88 Thank you for joining us
1.20pm Lunch Served Visit us: Like and Share: Facebook – Love Lough Neagh Follow Tweet: #WorldTourismDay #LoveLoughNeagh

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