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Gastrointenstinal system

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1 Gastrointenstinal system

2 Endodermal origin – mucosis Splanchnic mesoderm – other layers Development of primitive gut liver pankreas Adventicie

3 Jícen = Esophagus Cubic + sqamous non- cornified epithelia, longitudinal folds Mucin glands Muscle - upper 2/3 striated muscle and lower 1/3 smooth muscle (try to find) Connective tissue on the surface PAS (Periodic acid–Schiff) - Stains mucin dark pink

4 Muscle Bazal lamina Cubic epithelia Squamous epithelia Lamina propria (Submucosis) Vessel Magn. x40 Adult

5 Embryonic esophagus E2111/5 8th week iud Magn. x5 Mucosis Adventicia Submucosis Muscle

6 Stomach = Žaludek Cylindric epithelia Plenty mucin and serous glands žlázky Epihtelia Lamina propria Muscle Magn. x5

7 Magn. x40 6th week iud stomach Embryo Mucosis Lamina propria Muscle Adventicia


9 Mucosis of villi Muscularis Mucosae Mucosis of crypt Lamina propria Muscle Adult Magn. x5 Cylindric epithelia Enterocytes, undifferentiated cells, goblet cells, paneth´s cells, endocrinne cells Small Intestine = Tenké střevo

10 Magn. x5 11th week of iud Mucosis Adventicia Muscle Submucosis Crypt Villi Embryo Proliferation of mucosis of primitive gut is followed by recanalisation

11 Lieberkuhn´s crypts Lamina propria Vessel Muscularis mucosae Submucosis Magn. x5 Large intestine = Tlusté střevo Adult Cylindric epithelia – short folds goblet cells

12 10,5th week iud Magn. x5 Embryo Mucosis Lamina Propria Muscle Adventicia

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