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Engineering ESP Calculation.

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1 Engineering ESP Calculation

2 Pump Sizing Collect Data (well, production, fluid, electrical??)
Determine production capacity of well Calculate Total Dynamic head (TDH) and determine tubing size Select pump stage Calculate number of stage required

3 Continue ……. Check loading of pump shaft and pump housing pressure.
Calculate motor horsepower requirements and select motor

4 Example….. 1. Collect data Casing= 5.5” Perforation=6000’
Tubing=2.375” Pump set depth=5500’ Static fluid level=1820’ Downhole T=260F degree Wellhead P=100 psi Desire=1300 BPD Reservoir pressure=2598 psi

5 2. Determination production Capacity of well
Flowing fluid flow=Static fluid level+ Drawdown So, Max Drawdown (to prefs)= Flowing fluid (pref Depth)- Stat fluid Level Max Drawdown (to prefs) = 6000’-1820’= 4180’ Max drawdown P(psi)= Max Drawdown (to prefs)XPG Max drawdown P(psi)=4180’ X .433 psi/ft= 1810’ Max Flow (Drawdown to pref)= Max drawdown P(psi)XPI Max Flow (Drawdown to pref)= 1810’ X .9 BPD/psi = 1629 BPD

6 3. Calculate 1300 BPD Flow level at BPD= Stat fluid level+ Drawdown Drawdown P (psi)= Desired / PI =(1300 / .9)=1444 psi Drawdown feet= Drawdown P/ PG Drawdown feet =(1444/.433)= 3335 ft Flowing fluid 1300 BPD= Stat fluid level+ Drawdown feet =1820 ft ft =5155 ft

7 Continue Friction Loss= 31 ft/ 1k X5.5k ft= ft

8 31 ft /1k ft

9 Continue WHP= 100 psi/ (.433 psi/ ft)=231 ft Therefore,
Total Dynamic Head =5155 ft ft= ft

10 4. Selecting Pump stage type
Based on the desired flow rate(1300 BPD) Select DN1300

11 5. Calculate Number of Stages Req
@ 1300 BPD, DN1300 Generates 20.4 ft/stage. (from 60 Hz 3500 RPM pump curve) Number of stages = TDH/ Head ft # of Stages= ft/ (20.4 ft/ stage)= 272 stages However, Use full housing of 276 stage


13 6. Check Loading of pump shaft and housing pressure
Pump HP=.315 HP/ stage (from curve) X 272 (# stages) X1 (SG)=87 HP Max shaft rating =125 HP (from curve) (therefore, shaft is OK) Max Head in oper. Range =24 ft/ stage X 276 stage= 6624 ft Max pressure oper. Range = 6624 ft X .433 psi/ ft= 2868 psi ( housing pressure rating is 5000 psi from pump technical date, thus housing is ok)

14 7. Select Motor Motor HP required = pump HP= 87 HP
Therefore, Select 456 series100 HP, 1350 Volts, 50 amp Intermediate motor because of T


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