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Our Internal Payroll Giving Campaign

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1 Our Internal Payroll Giving Campaign
Small Change Big Difference Our mission to raise awareness at Marie Curie Cancer Care and qualify for a Quality Mark Award

2 Background Marie Curie Cancer Care began Payroll Giving in 1994 by recruiting via in-house canvassers. We have c. 16,000 donors across our post-tax and pre-tax schemes (9,350 pre-tax). Current Payroll Giving programme delivers consolidated gross annual income of £1.2M. Until autumn 2011, Marie Curie Cancer Care’s approach to Payroll Giving relied on our in-house teams to start up new Post-Tax Payroll Giving schemes. In one sense, this was a very positive development as it meant there was a single focus on Marie Curie Cancer Care Unique position for us, not having engaged PFOs to promote the pre-tax Payroll Giving scheme until September 2011, yet still having grown both our post-tax and pre-tax schemes to a significant income stream for us. 

3 Vital Stats Our Staff HQ staff: 250 employees Regions: 3786 employees
Locations 17 offices and hospices across the U.K. Last Internal Promotion c. 10 years back Donation to any charity Staff could give to any charity of their choice via our CAF operated scheme

4 Objectives To increase awareness of Payroll Giving at Marie Curie Cancer Care and build on donor numbers from the previous 0.2% take up. To attain 10% buy in, thus qualifying Marie Curie Cancer Care for a Gold Quality Mark Award. To be able to use our own experience of an internal campaign to leverage similar promotions within existing Corporate Partnerships and use this template for any arising opportunities within these companies.

5 What We did Two week teaser campaign: Posters All staff email
Intranet stories Desk drop communication Prize draw incentive - a free yellow iPod shuffle One day face to face campaign at 17 sites (on payday!) Variety of channels of communications used: Posters in offices and hospices Intranet stories x5 All staff s x2 Payslip messages for two months Marie Curie People stories in two issues 4 page insert including donor joining form in Marie Curie People Nursing & Therapies News story Online all staff newsletter The Month Ahead

6 Results We now have 61 payroll givers (1.6% take-up of the scheme within the organisation) Bronze Quality Mark Award status Staff donating to 20+ causes via Payroll Giving Each individual’s regular monthly donation ranges from £3 - £500 per month We have recruited 7 of 9 Executive Board members Total annual donation to charities from Payroll Givers at MCCC for the one month campaign equates to £14,000 (from a pre-campaign total of £720 per year) We will promote this on an annual basis to staff. Info on Payroll Giving is now included in the Staff Induction Pack and there is a form for employees to download on the intranet

7 What worked well Leading by example – Chief Exec and Head of Fundraising being faces of campaign was key to our success. The Small Change Big Difference strap line worked well. The face to face aspect of the campaign was essential to the campaign’s success. It worked well to have a stand in the café and incentivise staff to pop by with freebies and chocolate. iPod shuffle was a good incentive – see if your Corporate team can donate something. Freebie mobile phone screen wipes and phone charms were well received on launch day – thanks to Commercial team. The freepost response form mechanism worked well.

8 Ideas for Next Time Need for a longer promotional period to ensure messaging reaches the majority of our staff in the regions. Perhaps a road show to each of our sites in the run up to next year’s campaign. Prize draw to be donated by a Corporate Partner next year. Use case studies from this year’s recruits to promote the scheme on a donor-get-get donor basis. Introduce Payroll Giving Champions in each department to help us champion the scheme to individual teams. We would like to work with HR give them the tools to run future Payroll Giving Campaigns.

9 Gaining Positive PR Celebrate your success!
We won Best Civil Society Employer Campaign at the National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards. Coverage in Third Sector Press and Internal news channels. Photo: Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Payroll Giving Team receiving the Best Civil Society Employer Campaign award from Chloe Smith, Economic Secretary to the Treasury at the National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards

10 Conclusions Small Change Big Difference was a great first step to raising awareness of Payroll Giving at Marie Curie Cancer Care in a very short timeframe. This gives us a strong platform from which to build upon and work towards Gold Quality Mark Award status in the long run. It was an integrated campaign with input from Individual Giving, HR, Marketing & Design, Commercial Team and Database Services. Important to involve all your internal stakeholders in the process. We can now actively promote with Corporate Partners in the knowledge that we are ‘walking the talk’ On the back of this campaign, we made an entry and won for the Best Civil Society Employer award for the 2011 Payroll Giving Excellence Award. You can do the same!

11 Top Tips Celebrate your success and remember to thank staff!
Lead by example - get a Senior Management Team member to be face of your campaign. Raise awareness for PG as not only a staff benefit but a way for them to support your organisation. Have a face to face campaign where possible. Offer a prize draw incentive. Demonstrate tangible examples of the difference a gift could make – shopping lists Enlist Payroll Giving Champions to promote the scheme within their departments. Mention to all new staff as part of New Starter Induction. Celebrate your success and remember to thank staff!

12 Thank you for listening!
Any Questions?

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