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Vijay Diwan Nisarg Mitra Mandal, Aurangabad

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1 Vijay Diwan Nisarg Mitra Mandal, Aurangabad

2 Relatively a smaller star. Has hydrogen, helium & other trace elements. G2 star : with surface temperature of 6000° K. Shows sun-spots and sun flares. Emits sunlight along with infra- red & ultra-violet rays.

3 3rd solar planet, the largest of the inner planets. Revolves in an elliptical orbit around the Sun. Supports life forms on its surface.

4 Cycle of eccentricity affecting the Northern hemisphere - March to June less CO 2, September to December more CO 2


6 The green house gases : CO 2 : 0.03 % Ozone: 0.000004 % Vapour : 0 to 4 % Methane : 0.0002 % N 2 Oxides : 0.00003 % C F Cs : 463100 tons (1987) 134100 tons (2000)

7 1.China : 20.7 % – 30 th 2.U.S. : 15.5 % – 5 th 3.E.U. : 11.8 % – 17 th 4.India : 5.0 % – 66 th 5.Japan : 3.3 % – 15 th

8 310 320 340 360 370 380 Carbon Dioxide Concentration (ppmv) 2007 330 350 390 19602000197019801990 2010




12 2004 1941




16 Extreme and severe climate changes. Polar & glacial ice melting. Islands and costal land submergence. Excessive flooding or drying of rivers. Increase in number and intensity of hurricanes. Greater polar temperatures and salination affecting oceans’ conveyer currents. Reduction in carbon deposition in the tropical forests. Increase in insect vector population causing greater epidemics. Biodiversity loss at a alarming level.

17  Global warming will cause excessive floods & draughts in N.E. India.  Forests & agriculture will be affected endangering food security & livelihoods.  Western and central India will have two extra weeks of draught.  North & north-east sectors will have 5 to 10 extra days of floods.  With increased mosquito breeding, malaria & dengue affected areas will increase by 10%. (Govt. of India’s Report to the I.P.C.C. – 2005)


19 (EMIT) Environmental Measures & International Trade Group founded in 1971, but remains inactive for 20 years. The Agenda-21 of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit fails. US refuses to accept the 1993 Kyoto protocol. US does not support the 1993 Biodiversity Convention of Johannesburg. Developed countries refuse to transfer low carbon technologies unless developing countries accept carbon cuts, at December 2007 Bali meet. December 2009 summit at Copenhagen ends with no solution, but arguments only.

20 We must understand the limits of the natural resources that fuel the so called development. Yet, the developed and developing nations continue to pursue the ‘growth rate’ paradigm, that will lead to a future where our children will not be able to sustain life. Now, we have to make very fundamental choices about our lifestyles.

21 A paradigm change : ecological pressures to influence the policy making. Nations’ right to protect their own natural resources be accepted. Decision making be multi-lateral, not unilateral. People’s right to regulate investments for ecological and social justice be protected. Effective population control measures be chosen. Global grassroots movements in eco- protection be consulted in the process of development.

22 Reduce consumption Plant trees Drive less Shop smart Use renewable energy Unplug in time Improve insulation Be informed Don’t remain happy in ignorance !

23 Let us treat it sustainably and save it.

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