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2 Signal & Telegraph Dept.
“Signalling the Link” A presentation by Mike Walshaw, Swanage Railway Signal & Telegraph Dept.

3 Network Rail Partnership.
“Project Wareham” will see the Swanage Railway linked with the Main Line at Worgret Junction under a Swanage Railway – Network Rail Partnership.

4 We look at the work carried out at Norden as part of the
Show No.3 We look at the work carried out at Norden as part of the Token Block Signalling System now being installed between Norden and Wareham .

5 Lyme Regis Ground Frame Hut
Lyme Regis Ground Frame Hut. This is what we have tried to reconstruct as the Token Hut at Norden Gates

6 Tony North builds the foundations, June 2012

7 ‘Buildings Bespoke’ get to work, 18 July 2012

8 Yes, they even build signal boxes!

9 Roofing felt goes on

10 The interior is fitted out

11 Tony North receives the key to his Dream Home!

12 Dave Cobb and the Home Team get busy with the paint brush

13 Norden Crossing Down Distant Signal goes walk-about!

14 Tony North wields his smallest paint brush

15 The finished article Norden Gates Cabin and behind it is Norden Relay Room Sept 2013

16 This Relocatable Equipment Building is to become Norden Relay Room

17 Tony North erects the Roof Rafters

18 Here is the finished Relay Room with the Power Supply Cabinet alongside it

19 Now it is time for fitting out

20 Mike Walshaw, the Project Manager, measures up the many cable terminations in the Relay Room

21 And ponders over the Relay Plugboards!

22 And checks out the Power Supply Cabinet!

23 Very technical! VeVeru

24 Meanwhile, Mike Carnaby gets busy installing cables in Norden Gates Cabin

25 Mike Southey tackles the No-Signalman Token Instrument that controls the Section from Norden to Corfe Castle

26 And wonders what to do with a blue pencil!

27 Tony Udall fixes up the Plunger for the R. B. C
Tony Udall fixes up the Plunger for the R.B.C. Bell to Corfe Castle (R.B.C. = Return Bell Communication)

28 Photo credits: Andrew P.M. Wright, R.K. Blencoe Collection and
(via Steve Jenkins) and Mike Walshaw

29 Show No.4 will highlight the work done by Contractors
to install the new Token Block Signalling System between Norden and Wareham



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