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Hyperion Smart View Toolkit Automating Daily Processes with Smart View Toolkit Functions.

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1 Hyperion Smart View Toolkit Automating Daily Processes with Smart View Toolkit Functions

2 Overview of AgriBank Applications Utilize Hyperion Essbase, Planning and EIS (Essbase Integration System) Upgraded to Version 9.3.1 in April, 2009 Have 4 production applications (1 Planning) Two applications currently being developed Have 75 Essbase users Have 35 Planning users

3 General Ledger Application AgriBank has 1 general ledger reporting application Cycles daily Ledger data is loaded to DB2 table each morning around 2am Batch files to cycle the application are scheduled and are event driven

4 General Ledger Application Entire cycle process is automated All existing data in app is cleared EIS process loads outline and data from DB2 Last portion of the cycle runs the calculations Application is reconciled to ledger balances each day Reconcilation process is written in Visual Basic

5 Automated Reconciliation Process Electronic ledger reports are available on the mainframe for printing/viewing First step of the cube balancing process runs code to export the on-line balancing reports, parse them and import into Excel.

6 Automated Reconciliation Process The next two slides show images of the electronic balancing reports after they have been imported into Excel. Report dates are used for the date parameters (month and year) for the Essbase retrieval compared against the data retrieved from the application for the reconciliation process.

7 Automated Reconciliation Process


9 Next step performs the set up and retrievals from the Essbase application Portions of this automation use the Smart View toolkit The code is attached to a control button in Excel The following Excel sheet shows the control as well as the date parameters (which are formula driven) to be used in the retrieval

10 Automated Reconciliation Process The formula used for the years and months is: =TEXT(GLBALRpt!B6,"yyyy") =TEXT(GLBALRpt!B6,"mmm") These parameters are then used to select the applicable month and year for the reconciliation.

11 Automated Reconciliation Process Public Sub ConnectFinance() THIS PORTION OF THE CODE SETS UP THE RETRIEVAL SHEET Application.ScreenUpdating = False Sheets("HomeSheet").Select Range("m2:n2").Copy Sheets("Balances").Select Range("a7:b7").PasteSpecial (xlPasteValues) Sheets("HomeSheet").Select Range("m3:n3").Copy Sheets("Balances").Select Range("a28:b28").PasteSpecial (xlPasteValues)

12 Automated Reconciliation Process THIS PORTION OF THE CODE PERFORMS THE RETRIEVAL x = HypConnect("Balances", “username", "password", “connectionName") x = HypRetrieve("Balances") x = HypDisconnect("Balances", True) Application.ScreenUpdating = True End Sub

13 Automated Reconciliation Process Information from the electronic ledger reports is then compared to the results from the cube When the results tie, the cube reconciliation is finished. If results do not tie, there is an issue with the cube which needs to be analyzed and corrected

14 Automated Reconciliation Process

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