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Solwise Ltd ZyGMA7 Outdoor Wireless CPE/AP Series 2011/07/01 Solwise Ltd

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1 Solwise Ltd ZyGMA7 Outdoor Wireless CPE/AP Series 2011/07/01 Solwise Ltd

2 Outdoor Wireless 5G 2.4G Z9050L-AN Z9050-AN Z9024-BGN Z9024L-BGN-v2 Z9000-R1 Z9000-R2 Z9500-5G23 Please refer detail spec in CPE/AP Series BACKBONE Series 5G

3 Solwise Ltd Application Arena Up to 2km Up to 6km Up to 10km Up to 30km (by Multi-hops) CPE/AP for Local CoverageBACKBONE for Backbone & Backhaul

4 Solwise Ltd Affordable Infrastructure Rural Networking Long-range Wireless up to 5 km (by AP/CPE) up to 10 km (by BACKBONE) up to 30 km (by multiple BACKBONE)

5 Solwise Ltd CPE/AP Series 2011/07/01 Solwise Ltd

6 CPE/AP Series Featura N5 (Z9050-AN) Fighter N5 (Z9050L-AN) Featura N2 (Z9024-BGN) Fighter N2 (Z9024L-BGN-v2) 5G 2.4G Z9050L-AN Z9050-AN Z9024-BGN Z9024L-BGN-v2 CPE/AP Series 5G

7 Solwise Ltd CPE/AP Series The CPE/AP products is used as –the CPE of household –the AP for local coverage, or –a set of APs for coverage Long-distance point-to-point applications are also supported –the typical distance ranges from 1-5 kilometers, depends on the antenna and installation setup. Typical Application Scenarios: –Campus Networking –Clients of subscribers of WISP –Wireless Connection for IP Surveillance Regulation Compliance: –CE Certificate

8 Solwise Ltd n AP Mode Z9050-AN as AP Internet AP Mode

9 Solwise Ltd CPE Mode Z9050-AN as CPE

10 Solwise Ltd WDS/Bridge Mode Z9050-AN WDS Bridge Z9050-AN WDS Bridge Z9050-AN WDS Bridge WDS/Bridge Mode

11 Solwise Ltd Benchmark Test Topology Z9050-AN with 16dBi 5GHz Antenna As Base Station 6KM 4KM 2KM 1KM Test 1 As CPE Test 2 As CPE Test 3 As CPE Test 4 As CPE Move to Benchmark Test Topology

12 Solwise Ltd Long-Range Outdoor Wireless 802.11an in 5GHz Band Long-Range Outdoor Wireless: Design Guideline Coverage Angel = 35 degree for Internal Antenna Max Distance = 5km to 6km External Antenna Connector (2x2) Is Available 1 23A 3B 4 Max Throughput = 35~80 Mbps (depends on Distance) Z9050-AN

13 Solwise Ltd Long-Range Outdoor Wireless Coverage Angel = 120 degree for Internal Antenna Max Distance = 10km to 12 km 802.1bgn in 2.4GHz Band External Antenna Connector Is Available 1 2 3A 3B 4 Z9024-BGN Max Throughput = 18~73 Mbps (depends on Distance) Long-Range Outdoor Wireless: Design Guideline

14 Solwise Ltd PoE out-to-device Long-Range Outdoor Wireless: PoE Z9050-AN PoE Out-to-device: 12V (optional Power Adapter 15V/2A Is Available for Z9050-AN)

15 Solwise Ltd Multiple BSSID Feature Description –Allows you to create multiple network names/SSIDs on one AP with individual security and broadcast settings. –Additionally, you can assign the virtual SSIDs to different VLANs to provide segregation between the virtual wireless networks. Benefits –Flexible network deployment –Channel conservation –Capital expenditure reduction Multiple BSSID Z9050-AN SSID=“Guest” Security=WEP BSSID=AP Mac Address SSID=“Employee” Security=WAP BSSID=AP Mac Address

16 Solwise Ltd LAN2LAN CPE Feature Description –Station WDS allows to connect to the Access Point which is operating in WDS mode. –Station WDS mode enables packet forwarding at layer 2 level. Benefits –Improved performance –Fully transparent for all the layer 2 protocols LAN2LAN CPE Z9050-AN WDS AP WDS Client

17 Solwise Ltd TDM Coordination Feature Description –TCF explicitly uses information on the number of active stations to eliminate the contention period in the DCF (distributed coordination function) of IEEE 802.11. TCF can improve overall throughput and provide fair sharing of resources among active stations. –It ensures all the clients getting access in a fair manner, and avoids the bandwidth from being occupied by clients with heavy traffic. Benefits –Offering fair bandwidth to clients –Solving hidden-node issue –Improved performance TDM Coordination Z9050-AN Base Station up/down: 1/1Mbps up/down: 10/10Mbps Internet up/down: 20/20 Mbps

18 Solwise Ltd Power Adjustment in 1dB Increments Feature Description –Allows to adjust output power in 1dBm increments Benefits –Enable to configure the exact desired output power value 18

19 Solwise Ltd HTTPS/SSH Feature Description –Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a secure version of the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (http). HTTPS encrypts and decrypts user page requests. –The use of HTTPS protects against eavesdropping and attacks. –SSH Secure Shell provides users with a secure, encrypted mechanism to log into systems and transfer files; it can be viewed as a secure replacement for FTP. Benefits –Makes configuration and data more secure. Server Public Key Private Key Client Encrypted Data in Internet HTTPS SSH

20 Solwise Ltd Featura N5 (Z9050-AN) Wireless Mode for P2P & P2MP Configuration –AP –Wireless Client –Bridge –AP Repeater –WDS configuration in Bridge Mode or AP Repeater Mode Network Mode –Bridge –Router Space in Meter/ACK Timeout –By simply specifying distance of the two nodes, the Z9050-AN can automatically self-adjust the proper ACK timeout value to decrease the chances of data retransmission at long distance. WLAN Isolation/Wireless Separation –prevent wireless client from access each other, i.e. the user can not see others who are associated with the same AP. For example, User A and User B live in neighborhood, and subscribe the internet service from WISP company XYZ, XYZ will set the WLAN isolation mode to provide service to A and B by the same AP, but XYZ does not expect A knowing about B or B knowing about A. In this situation, the WLAN isolation is good for XYZ. Max Station Num –Available only under AP mode, it defines the maximum amount of wireless clients allowed to be connected. 802.1q VLAN Rate Limiting to Ethernet 1 and Ethernet 2

21 Solwise Ltd Featura N5 (Z9050-AN) WMM Support –WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) is a subset of 802.11e. It allows wireless communication to define a priority limit on the basis of data type under AP mode only, thus those time-sensitive data, like video/audio data, may own a higher priority than common one. To enable WMM, the wireless client should also support it. Short GI(Guard Interval) –Under 802.11n mode, enable it to obtain better data rate if there is no negative compatibility issue. A-MPDU/A-MSDU Aggregation (Frame Aggregation) –The data rate of your CPE except wireless client mode could be enhanced greatly with this option enabled; however, if your wireless clients don’t support A-MPDU/A-MSDU aggregation, it is not recommended to enable it. IGMP Snooping –IGMP snooping is the process of listening to IGMP network traffic. By enabling IGMP snooping, the AP will listen to IGMP membership reports, queries and leave messages to identify the ports that are members of multicast groups. Multicast traffic will only be forwarded to ports identified as members of the specific multicast group or groups.

22 Solwise Ltd Featura N5 (Z9050-AN) Access Control List Link Integration –Available under AP/Bridge/AP repeater mode, it monitors the connection on the Ethernet port. It can inform the associating wireless clients as soon as the disconnection occurs. Disable Broadcast SSID from being scanned –In AP mode, hiding network name is necessary when you are in a wireless environment that may have potential risk. By disabling broadcast SSID, the STA cannot scan and find the IEEE 802.11a/n Wireless Outdoor CPE, so that malicious attack by some illegal STA could be avoided. Spanning Tree Protocol HT Protect –Enable HT (High Throughput) protect to ensure HT transmission with MAC mechanism. Under 802.11n mode, wireless client can be divided into HT STA and Non-HT STA, among which the one with HT protect enabled gets higher throughput. External Antenna Antenna Alignment with RSSI and Signal Level Display

23 Solwise Ltd Featura N5 (Z9050-AN) SNMP V3 Ping Watchdog for heart-beat check –IP Address to Ping –Ping Interval –Startup Delay –Failure Count to Reboot GPS Coordinate Settings Remote Firmware Upgrade Configuration File Backup/Restore Manual Remote Reboot Disable Wireless LAN Interface –the wireless module of the CPE will stop working and no wireless device can connect to it.

24 Solwise Ltd Network Activity Monitor Feature Description –Allows to monitor the current Wireless and Ethernet real throughput in graphical form on the Web User Interface Benefits –Easy and convenient to monitor the performance instead of using other throughput test tools such as Chariot or Microtik

25 Solwise Ltd Speed Test Feature Description –Allows to test the current data transmission (TX) and data reception (RX) rate with the remote CPE/AP unit. Benefits –Easy and convenient monitoring of the data rate between the bridges 25 EncryptIxchariotIPerfSpeed TestFTPMemo TXRXTX+RXTXRXTX+RXTXRXTX+RXTXRXTX+RX None93.21593.657135.43341.542.351.335.63638.271.76890.68N/AMbps, PTP, HT40 Note: Benchmark programs have various figures for the Z9050-AN. These are the referenced numbers for each benchmarks

26 Solwise Ltd Station Monitor Feature Description –Allows to monitor the current status of the associated client in details Benefits –Robust diagnosis and monitoring 26 Station Monitor

27 Solwise Ltd Features of Fighter N2/N5 Reset button on PoE Injector for Factory-default –It has big advantages after the device is installed. User need not to take off the device for resetting to factory default. Software Selectable; Connector for External Antenna Wide operating temperature: -30~55 deg IP65 Protection

28 Solwise Ltd Features of Fighter N2/N5 Reset button on PoE Injector for Factory-default SMA Connector for External Antenna Wide operating temperature: -30~55 ℃ IP65 Protection

29 Solwise Ltd Application Examples

30 Solwise Ltd Campus Wireless Network Dormitory Classroom Central Building Campus Network Internet

31 Solwise Ltd Z9024-BGN as AP Internet Wireless for IP Surveillance IP CAM & CPE IP CAM & CPE IP CAM & CPE IP CAM & CPE Wireless for IP Surveillance

32 Solwise Ltd OWL Application Summary

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