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Spectra Sensors H2S and H2O TDL analyzers in refinery heat gas application Iványi Zsolt.

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1 Spectra Sensors H2S and H2O TDL analyzers in refinery heat gas application Iványi Zsolt

2 To keep H2S below 250 ppm To reduce SO2 emission based on enviromental requirements KGÜ plant extension To increase plant aviability Project purpose

3 Project execution Investor Planning, engineering contracting Analyzer supplier, comissioning

4 New amin backwash column installation Two independent plant section Measuring H2S in diferent sources Plant conception

5 KGÜ plant collects different sources of heat gases ---- 2 analyzers DC, GOK-3, HDS plants have own amin technology ---- 3 analyzers Main heat gas pipe line ---- 1 analyzer H2S ---- 1 analyzer H2O H2S measurement

6 Analyzer system summary Specification: Components: 6 pcs H2S analyzer0-250 ppm 1 pcs H2O analyzer0-1000 ppm Outdoor conditions Zone 1 area

7 Analyzer system summary Different background compositions BackgroundMinimumNormalMaximum H2O03001000ppmv H23038,6370Mol% Methane1027,4045Mol% Ethane09,0015Mol% Ethylene03,815Mol% Propane48,5812Mol% Propylene00,901,5Mol% n-butane02,104Mol% i-Butane01,602Mol% i-Butene00,120,15Mol% 1-Butene00,120,15Mol% c2-Butane00,113Mol% tr2-Butane00,210,5Mol% n-Pentane00,230,5Mol% i-Pentane00,671Mol% n-Hexene00,711Mol% N204,398Mol% CO00,300,5Mol% CO201,091,5Mol%

8 Analyzer system summary Supplied analyzer: Manufacturer: Spectra sensors Type: SS2100i-2 Principle: TDL

9 Tunable Diode Laser Scan Tunable range ~3 nanometers Measures 250 discrete wavelengths Scanning 4 times per second analyte absorption peak

10 2f Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy Temp Control Current Ramp Small amplitude sine wave modulation at frequency f Laser Detector De-modulation at 2f Sample Cell

11 11 Dealing with Complex Spectra

12 12 The “Sum” of Spectra 9.7 ppm C2H2 in 65% Ethylene & 35% Ethane = + 0.97 * 0.65 * 0.35 * + 10 ppm C2H2 Pure Ethylene Pure Ethane

13 13 H 2 S in Gas The H 2 S makes only a tiny change in the spectrum

14 Differential Absorption Spectroscopy Wavelength Scrubber Stream with H2S No Flow Spectrometer Cell Absorbance

15 Differential Absorption Spectroscopy Subtracted Spectrum Absorbance Stream with H2S No Flow Scrubber Spectrometer Cell Wavelength H2S Absorbance

16 16 Differential Spectrum Real Sample & Ref 1 Curve

17 17 Subtract the 0 ppm Spectrum

18 18 Calibration in the factory Background composition specification Calculation Specification the type of the laser Determining critical compounds Calibration in the lab with critical gas mix

19 19 Validation on the site In known background(N2) Concentration fits to the range (150 ppm)

20 How the system looks like

21 Sample conditioning

22 Measuring cell

23 Electronics and keyboard

24 Integration of the system 4-20mA DCS RS-485Ethernet Maintenance software

25 Integration of the system



28 Checking if the specified parameters fit to the operation Operators set the parameters and capacity, H2S, H2O must be fit to specified parameters during the 72 hours validation period. Validation of the project

29 Thanks for your attention!

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