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Neutron Deployment at Scale Igor Bolotin, Cloud Architecture Vinay Bannai, SDN Architecture.

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1 Neutron Deployment at Scale Igor Bolotin, Cloud Architecture Vinay Bannai, SDN Architecture

2 eBay Inc. enables commerce by delivering flexible and scalable solutions that foster merchant growth. About ebay inc With 145 million active buyers globally, eBay is one of the world's largest online marketplaces, where practically anyone can buy and sell practically anything. With 148 million registered accounts in 193 markets and 26 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global commerce, processing almost 8 million payments every day. eBay Enterprise is a leading provider of commerce technologies, omnichannel operations and marketing solutions. It serves 1000 retailers and brands.

3 Business case Cloud at eBay Inc Deployment Patterns Problem Areas How we addressed them Future Direction Summary Q & A Outline of the Presentation

4 Agility −Reduce time to market −Enable innovation Efficiency −Elastic scale −Reduce overall cost Multi-Tenancy Availability Security & Compliance Software Enabled Data Centers What our businesses need?

5 Cloud at eBay Inc eBay Inc Cloud eBay Inc Cloud Region/DC AZ Nova Cells Openstack Controllers Identity & Image Management AZ Global Orchestration 5

6 Private Cloud for all eBay Inc properties Global Orchestration with traffic and load balancing Identity Management −Region level (eventually global) Image Management −Region level Nova/Cinder/Neutron −Availability Zones −Active/Active servers Trove Zabbix for monitoring All services run behind a load balancer VIP Deployment Patterns

7 Shared Cloud between tenants Different types of tenants −eBay Production, PP production, StubHub, GSI Enterprise etc −Dev/QA −Sandbox environment, internal tenants (IT, VPCs) Production Traffic −All bridged and no overlays −No DHCP Dev/QA and some of the internal tenants −Overlays −DHCP Deployment Patterns (contd.)

8 Gateway Nodes Physical Racks 8

9 Hypervisor Scale Out Overlay Networks Bridged Networks Neutron Services (DHCP, Metadata, API server) SDN Controllers Network Gateway Nodes Upgrade Areas With Scale Issues

10 Hypervisor Scale Out Nova API Nova Cells Nova Sched Nova Cells Nova Sched Neutron API Nova API Nova Cells DHCP Agent SDN Contrl 10

11 Several hundreds of hypervisor in a cell Multiple cells in a AZ Several thousands of hypervisors in a AZ Nova cells mitigate hypervisor scale Neutron scaling −Majority of the hypervisors support Bridged VM’s −Hybrid mode with both overlay and bridged VM’s Hypervisor Scale Out

12 Network Virtualization Layer L2 VM L2 L3 VM Tenant on Overlay Network Tenant on Bridged Network Bridged and Overlay

13 Overlay technology −VXLAN −STT Handling BUM traffic −ARP −Unknown unicast −Multicast Logical switches and routers Distributed L3 routers −Direct tunnels from hypervisor to hypervisor Scale out deployment of Gateway nodes Overlay Networks

14 Keystone tokens Single threaded Quantum/Neutron server DHCP Servers Healing Instance Info Caching Interval Neutron Services

15 Keystone Token Generation and Authentication Nova Server Nova Server Neutron Server Cinder Server Cinder Server Client Keystone Server Keystone Server Image Server Image Server UUID based Token –Needs to be authenticated by the keystone server for every call PKI based Token –Authenticated by the servers using Keystone certs Token caching –Prevents unnecessary token creation 15

16 Applies to uuid based tokens −98% of tokens generated by inter-API services −92% are quantum/neutron related −Average of 25 to 30 tokens/sec created by quantum/neutron alone −RPC call overhead, bloated token table Fix −Use token caching (1 hour) −Use PKI for service tenant −Reduces network chatter and improves performance Openstack bugs −Bug id : 1191159 −Bug id : 1250580 Token Caching

17 Prior to Havana One api thread handling both REST calls and the RPC calls Broke up the api to two threads −One handles REST API calls −The other handles RPC calls Havana fixes −DHCP renewals not handled by neutron servers, instead dhcp_release −Multi-worker support Neutron Multi Worker

18 All nova computes regularly poll neutron server To get network info of the instances running on the compute node Default is 10 seconds Hundreds of hypervisors and tens of thousands of VM’s will add up −Even though only one instance is checked for each interval We adjusted the interval to 600 seconds Heal Instance Info Cache Interval

19 The most common source of problems We employ multiple strategies −DHCP active/standby −Planning to support DHCP active/active −No DHCP/Config Drive option Production Environment −No DHCP −Config drive management −Requires “cloudinit” aware images DHCP Scaling

20 SDN Controllers SDN Controller SDN Controller SDN Controller SDN Controller SDN Controller SDN Controller Neutron API Nova API OS Ctrl OS Ctrl OS Ctrl OS Ctrl OS Ctrl OS Ctrl

21 Only with overlay networks Scale out architecture Problems with high CPU utilization Number of flows in the gateway node East – West traffic also hitting VIPs −Load Balancer running as a appliance on a hypervisor −Using SNAT OVS Enhancements −Use megaflows in openvswitch −Multi-core version of ovs-vswitchd Network Gateway Nodes

22 Prior to OVS 1.11 Megaflow introduces wildcarding in kernel module Fewer misses and punts to user space Reduced number of flows in kernel Requires OVS 1.11 or greater Cons −Using security groups nullifies the effects of megaflows OVS Improvements Megaflows

23 OVS Improvements Multi-Core vswitchd Kernel module User Space Kernel Space cpu cores vswitchd Kernel module OVS < 2.0OVS >= 2.0 23

24 VPC model Neutron Tagging Blueprint −Network Assignment for Bridged VM’s −Network Selection for VPC tenants −Network Scheduling −Additional meta data information Blueprint − Future Work

25 There are two primary ways to plumb a VM into a network −Pass the net-id to the nova boot −Create a port and pass it to nova boot Nova schedules the instance without much knowledge about the underlying network BP proposes to address this issue as one of the use cases Network Assignment in Bridged VM’s

26 Rack 1 N1 Rack 2 N2 Rack 3 N3 Rack 4 N4 FZ1FZ2FZ3FZ4 Network Tagging 26 VM

27 Know your requirements Understand your size and scale Pick the SDN controller based on your needs Design with multiple failure domains Overlay, Bridged or Hybrid Monitor your cloud for performance degradation Summary

28 Thank you. Yes. We are hiring!

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