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Overview of HHSC Research Administration WELCOME Offord Centre for Child Studies.

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1 Overview of HHSC Research Administration WELCOME Offord Centre for Child Studies

2 OBJECTIVES Finance Funding Opportunities (internal/external) Contracts Capital Infrastructure New Business Development Media Relations and Publications Human Resources 1.Overview of Research at HHSC 2. Overview of Research Administration -- one-stop shop to support investigators and research staff through its team of specialists offering services and expertise in: 3000+ publications Ranked 2nd in Canada’s Top 40 Research Hospitals $182 million in research funding 1500 sites in 86 countries 1640 contracts reviewed annually 900+ ethics applications reviewed annually


4 HHSC Joint Research Institutes and Centres Geriatric Education and Research in Aging Sciences Affiliated Research Institutes

5 Research Development & Relations Research Administration

6 RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION Research Administration (RA) manages and facilitates administrative processes for all research activity at Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation. RA Team is comprised of: Research Development and Relations, Research Financial Services, Research Contracts and Agreements, Research Capital and Infrastructure, Human Resources, and a Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board. RA is governed by the Executive Council of Research (ECOR). Membership includes joint representation of senior leadership from HHSC and McMaster, as well as Directors of joint research institutes/centres.

7 Research Development and Relations Mandate Provide stewardship, resources and expertise to help sustain and facilitate collaboration, development and promotion of research programs, projects and staff. Mentor youth and educate the public through promoting and raising awareness on research activities, offering programs and events at HHSC and within the Hamilton community. Cross RA Relationships Liaise and collaborate with other office functions/areas and affiliated institutions (McMaster, SJHH) on: research metrics/impact pre/post award processes funding and youth programs new business development opportunities communications and publications

8 Resources to Support Development, Collaboration and Build Research Capacity Youth Outreach and Mentorship Opportunities Youth Outreach and Mentorship Opportunities Communications and Publications Education/Training and Tools Internal Funding Opportunities NIF, ECA, RFA, CHSIR, RBF, TA, HPI, CHPA, NIF, ECA, RFA, CHSIR, RBF, TA, HPI, CHPA, SOPs Courses/Training: GCP, RCR, TDG, S&B, BioMed Ethics Webinars: Contracts, Research Misconduct, CoI SOPs Courses/Training: GCP, RCR, TDG, S&B, BioMed Ethics Webinars: Contracts, Research Misconduct, CoI High School Bursary Awards – summer internship Discovery Day in Health Sciences High School Bursary Awards – summer internship Discovery Day in Health Sciences Reports: Corporate, Institute/Centre, Strategic Plan Promotional Material: website, branding, videos, news articles/media Reports: Corporate, Institute/Centre, Strategic Plan Promotional Material: website, branding, videos, news articles/media

9 Internal Peer-Review Funding Opportunities New Investigator Fund (NIF) – March 31 st and October 1 st Operating Grant – fosters and supports novice investigators (within their first 5 years of independent research as PI), targets HHSC staff to advance their research careers, build capacity that will lead to leveraging external funding. Annual Investment: up to $400-450K Research Early Career Awards (ECA) – November 15 th Salary Stipend – to support a portion of time for the applicant (PI) or research personnel of the applicant in order to pursue and build capacity in their research specialty area. Annual Investment: up to $400K

10 Funding Opportunities Health Professional Travel Awards (TA) – April 1 st and Sept 15 th Travel Award – to support eligible Clinical Health Professionals (other than physicians) accepted to present at a national or international conference relevant to their research and practice in an effort to build research linkages and foster the development of research careers and capacity within health professional disciplines. Annual Investment: $21K (up to 6 awards) Health Professional Grant (HPI) – October 28 th Operating Grant – provides project funding to PIs who are HHSC-employed clinical healthcare professionals (excluding physicians) for pilot studies or research projects that have the potential to lead to expanded projects leveraging external funding. Annual Investment: up to $45K Health Professional Personnel Award (CHPA) – May 25 th Personnel Stipend – that supports eligible non-physician health professionals who demonstrate an aptitude for research to advance their discipline and research career. Annual Investment: $50K (one award)

11 Funding Opportunities Strategic Initiatives (RFA) Operating/Team Grant – a competitive call to fund new collaborations between existing established groups or institutes/centres to build sustainable emerging programmes with the goal to achieve national or international stature within 5 to 10 years. Annual Investment: up to $300K over 3 years

12 Funding Program Statistics 2012-2014

13 upcoming Funding Opportunities Translating Research into ACTION (TRACTION) under development Intent is to create a centre/hub with capacity tapping into expertise and resources available to tackle health systems research challenges that will sustain evidence-based and efficient practices through acceleration of knowledge translation/implementation. Research Bridge Funding (RBF) ad hoc, as identified Operating Grant – temporary financial assistance for eligible investigators impacted by the funding gap created by CIHR’s reform. Bridge funding is available to support infrastructure costs of existing project/programmes funded by CIHR where continuation of research is jeopardized. One-time Investment identified/assessed on individual needs and impact

14 Youth Outreach and Mentorship Opportunities Summer Internship – High School Bursary Awards Education Award – for youth in grades 11 and 12 living in Ontario pursing post-secondary studies related to health/life sciences. The 7-week internship connects students with PIs and research teams to assist with a research project. Annual Awards Offered = 15 Discovery Day in Health Sciences One-day Education Symposium – attracts youth in grades 10-12 inspiring, influencing and impacting Ontario youth towards health sciences studies and research careers in Hamilton.

15 Youth Program Statistics 2012-2014

16 Communications and Publications Research Communication and Media Specialist Liaise with the research community to promote and provide strategic communication expertise and support to advance research at HHS. Collaborate and consult with research program/institute leaders to develop communication strategies in profiling and developing publication material on research productivity, accomplishments and capabilities. Contact: Branka Vidovic –, ext RA Online Survey – launched Jan 20 th Research Reports: Corporate Report – Windows on Research, published ever 5 years Clinical Health Professionals Report, published every 2 years Institute/Centre Specific Reports, published every 5 years (aligned with 5-year review) Newsletters (yet to begin) Research Promotional Material: Research Administration website: http://www.hhsresearchadmin.ca Branding and raising profile of research groups/programs, and investigators Video, News Articles/Media Social Media – YouTube, Twitter, Facebook (future plan for development)

17 Human Resources Dedicated HR support available for investigators and research staff to assist/facilitate posting research positions and hiring. Posting of Positions: Mary Ciaramella–, ext. HR Business Partner (job descriptions) : Glenda Pangan –, ext Under development…. “Turn-key” Staffing Resource Pool of experienced research coordinators/assistants.

18 Education/Training and Tools Lunch and Learn Presentations Ad hoc presentations geared toward user specific groups or the research community in general to inform, promote collaboration and/or provide new/updated information and resources on RA expertise/services, research policies and procedures, and new developments/newsworthy items Education and Training Courses/Certification Free on line access through membership affiliation with Networks of Networks (N2), Webinars: through CARA, RA-lead on: Contracts, CoI, Research Misconduct, Cover Letters/Interview Skills, and Cultivating Happiness

19 Networks of Networks (N2) What is N2? Not-for-profit organization working to enhance national clinical research capability and capacity in Canada. Brings together trialists and clinical research professionals from across the country Provides a common platform for sharing best practices, resources and research-related content for the conduct of clinical research in Canada. Acts as a national voice and advocate on behalf of a broad range of stakeholders. Vision To be recognized as Canada’s alliance for excellence in clinical research. Mission  To enable and enhance clinical research capability and capacity in Canada

20 How Does it Benefit You? 1. Access to Education/Training and Resources (eg GCP Training and SOPs) 2. A national voice, advocating for issues affecting or influencing clinical research in Canada 3. Access to Pan-Canadian networking opportunities 4. Participation in Quarterly Stakeholder Teleconferences 5. Opportunity to join committees of interest Networking, Professional Development, Sharing of Expertise and Best Practices with…. 75+ members, all types of organizations from provincial initiatives, health authorities, health centres, universities, research networks and pharmaceutical companies Networks of Networks (N2)

21 N2 Committees Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Develops and maintains all current N2 SOPs to ensure they meet applicable regulatory requirements and guidelines. SOP templates equipped with tools and information package for adoption within organizations. Education and Training Oversees the development and maintenance of the CITI-Canada online education program that hosts: Good Clinical Practice Guidelines (GCP) Health Canada Division 5 Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG/IATA) Biomedical Research Ethics Social and Behavioural Research

22 Quality Assurance (QA) Assists N2 members with development of QA program, and development of recommended practice changes. Clinical Trials Awareness and Education Focuses on enhancing the recruitment of research participants to clinical trials. Communication Committee Assists the N2 Board of Directors with information, direction and advice regarding the strategies, operations and management of membership/advocacy and communication. Metrics Committee Focuses on high-level development of performance metrics and systems improvement measure that can be used nation-wide by healthcare organizations, research organizations, universities ad networks in the conduct of clinical trials. N2 Committees


24 Thank You! Daniela Bianco Manager, Research Development and Relations at HHS Questions?

25 Research Development Officer (RDO)

26 RDO Rationale: Building alliances and partnerships will encourage industry engagement and lead to increased economic impact for research. New position created to align with Advancing Research initiatives Created to build new and enhance existing external partnerships Look for new funding opportunities

27 RDO Invite industry to HHS Provide support to the research community i.e. evolving the role of Research Admin Provide tools that can turn innovative ideas into products, technologies that can be sold.

28 Contact Trevor Olson Research Development Officer Ext 74607

29 Research Agreements & Contracts

30 Fast Facts on Contracts at HHS In 2013, 1500 research contracts were reviewed and finalized (includes our Research Institutes and all other hospital research contracts) Average of 62.9 days from submission to final signatures One of the fastest contract turn-around times in Canada

31 The Role of the Contracts Team Contracts often viewed as a hurdle It is vital to make this step as smooth and efficient as possible

32 Howdy, Partner! We are here to work with Researchers on their research goals We want to be part of a collaborative team with the Researcher, Hamilton Health Sciences and the Sponsor Remember: We are solution finders and problem solvers!

33 Clinical Research in Canada Rising costs of development and pressure on R&D Budgets More complex research and regulatory environment MONEY–inadequate research support from the government, globalization of research

34 Principal Investigator Obligations are Evolving Maximize public benefits and ROI of the research they undertake Meet increasing expectations from funders and the public SHOW how investments in research are making a difference

35 We Can Help! We can partner with our researchers to help them manage these obligations This allows the researcher to do what she/he does well….RESEARCH


37 Contract Review - How Do We Negotiate? Sponsor supplies a template Specialist reviews and redlines the document Go back and forth with Sponsor until all points are covered Get to “Yes”

38 How Do You Get Started? Submit To: When you submit your agreement to this e-mail address, it allows for proper assignment of a Contract Specialist, depending on which Institution is involved

39 Thank You! Katie Porter, Director of Research Administration at HHS

40 Overview of Research Financial Services Functions

41  For all Research Studies, Residual Accounts and Board Approved Trusts: –Account Openings and Closures –Deposits –Processing of Expenditures –Any Required Reporting  Responsible for Accounting Function of Capital Transactions

42 Stats for Active Accounts At March 31, 2014:  51 Board Approved Trusts  211 Research Administered Accounts (Residuals)  994 Research Study Accounts

43 Research Financial Services Account Opening  Required: –Final Signed Agreement with budget attached –Original completed Account Request Form, including signed Accountability Agreement –Final REB Approval  Once study account set up, unique study code assigned 3576.xxxxxxx  Access to view accounts online also set up

44 Research Financial Services Deposits  When received, study payments matched with appropriate study account (per the research agreement)  Payments received as cheques or Bank Wires  Overhead is deducted based on the research agreement and the internal Overhead policy  Standard rate: 30% on private sector clinical trials

45 Research Financial Services Expenditures  Processing stats for F2014: –8,700 invoices –5,000 cheques –2,400 wires and drafts –1,000 EFTs

46 Research Financial Services Expenditures  Process study expenditures that adhere to Research Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy and/or the Research Reimbursement of Alcohol Expenditures on Research Accounts Policy  Expenditures not processed if account is in deficit position unless future funding can be proven  Expense report deficiency letter issued to employees whose reimbursement is in violation of above policies

47 Research Financial Services Account Closures  RES – Revenue Recognition of Research Funds Policy –When total research revenues exceed expenditures at completion of the study = study surplus Funds to be returned to sponsor OR Funds to be recognized as revenue (residual funds)  Residual research funds are internally restricted by the BOD each year to support future research related endeavors

48 Research Financial Services Reporting  Monthly Narrative (included in HHS Narrative Reporting) Deficit Report  Form 300 Required for all CIHR funded studies  Cost Centre reporting for Sponsor or PI’s  Other Stats Canada, CAHO, CFI, Infosource, etc

49 Research Financial Services Capital  Responsible for any accounting functions relating to Capital Reconciliation of Capital Reserve account Reporting to CFI Determination of when to capitalize various Research purchases Amortization of past Research Grants

50 CONTACT US Research Financial Services NameRoleExtension Anthony ScandinavoManager of Finance74603 Julie JohnstoneFinancial Controller74608 Jeremy YoungFinancial Controller74809 Jillian WickenRevenue Analyst44573 Val DiCarloSenior Expense Analyst74817 Kate SzostakExpense Analyst74893 Sue MacGillivrayExpense Analyst46225 Jessica HuynhFinance Assistant44671

51 Thank You! Anthony Scandinavo Manager, Research Financial Services Questions?

52 Overview of Capital & Infrastructure

53 Capital & Infrastructure Capital Projects role was launched in 2006 Responding to the needs identified through the development of the Research Strategic Plan for the development of research programs throughout HHS

54 Capital Projects Completed SizeProject Cost Proteomics Lab1,700sf$200K David Braley Research Institute197,000sf$100M PEBC Relocation7,500sf$275K CRCTL Expansion9,600sf$3.1M 2 East Renovations5,400sf$1.7M ECRI (FP & Design)35,000sf$188K

55 Infrastructure Call for Minor Renovations and Repairs Launched in the fall of 2010 Opportunity for HHS researches to submit requests for assistance with their physical space Requests can include repairs and upgrades to offices and work areas, replacement or repair of furniture and equipment

56 Infrastructure Call for Minor Renovations and Repairs To date Research Administration has invested over $500K for projects at Chedoke General Juravinski MUMC St. Peter’s

57 Offord Centre for Child Studies


59 Research Space Request

60 Thank You! Dorothy Mays Manager, Research Capital and Infrastructure Questions?

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