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Information Dominance Anytime, Anywhere… PEOC4I.NAVY.MIL Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (PEO C4I)

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1 Information Dominance Anytime, Anywhere… PEOC4I.NAVY.MIL Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (PEO C4I) 15 September 2010 Kevin McNally Program Manager (PMW 130) (858) 537-0682 Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (PEO C4I) Navy Information Assurance and Cyber Security Statement A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited (9 SEPTEMBER 2010)

2 Agenda Changes in our Community PEO C4I and PMW 130 Why Cyber Matters The Threat The Acquisition Process Today Way Ahead for Cyber Acquisition Challenges IA Concerns on the Horizon Q&A 2

3 3 The Drive to Information Dominance The Economist

4 Changes in our Community “…we must embrace innovation, be willing to test and evaluate new concepts, and ultimately, resource and support game-changing technologies, processes, and information capabilities. Our goal: to achieve command and control overmatch against all adversaries. If we’re reaching for something less than that, we aren’t trying hard enough…” -VADM Dorsett, DCNO (N2/N6) 4

5 5 PEO C4I Organizational Structure Special Assistant for MDA – Andy Farrar Chief of Staff – CAPT Gary Galloway DPEO Acquisition Management – John Metzger DPEO Manpower & Budget – Susie Drew DPEO Strategic Mgmt & Process Improvement – Aaron Whitaker DPEO Platform Integration & Modernization – Vacant DPEO Technical Direction & Program Integration – Charlie Suggs APEO Contracts (2.0) – Trelli Davis APEO Logistics (4.0) - Sean Zion APEO Engineering (5.0) – Wendy Smidt APEO S&T (7.0) - John McDonnell SPAWAR Space Field Activity SSC Pacific SSC Atlantic CURRENT READINESS REPORTING PEO C4I RDML Jerry Burroughs SPAWAR RADM P. Brady VICEDEPUTY PRINCIPAL DEPUTY INTELLIGENCE Mr. Terry Simpson PRINCIPAL MILITARY DEPUTY CAPT John Pope ASN(RDA) Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development & Acquisition) CNO Chief of Naval Operations Updated 10 September 2010 International C4I Integration PMW 740 Steve Bullard Joe Orechovesky NIPO Carrier and Air Integration PMW 750 Mark Evangelista (Acting) Cheryl Carlton (Acting) NAE Ship Integration PMW 760 CAPT Ken Ritter Bill Farmer SWE Submarine Integration PMW 770 CAPT Dean Richter Maria Cuin USE NECE Shore and Expeditionary Integration PMW 790 Ruth Youngs Lew CDR Allan Walters Allen Armstrong Command and Control PMW 150 CAPT Steve McPhillips Jim Churchill Tactical Networks PMW 160 CAPT DJ LeGoff CDR William “Ben” McNeal Communications PMW 170 Vince Squitieri CAPT (Sel) Mark Glover NIDE Information Assurance and Cyber Security PMW 130 Kevin McNally CAPT Don Harder NIDE Battlespace Awareness & Information Operations PMW 120 CAPT Bob Parker Mark Reinig NIDE

6 6 About PEO C4I Workforce Civilian: 214 Military: 71 Programs - Total: 122 ACAT I: 8* ACAT II: 6 ACAT III & Below: 106 Rapid Deployment Capabilities (RDCs): 2 *Includes: IAC – 3 IAM – 2 (1-DISA/1-PEO C4I) IC – 2 Pre-MAIS/MDAP – 1 Platforms Supported – FY10 Afloat: 228 Shore: 349 Expeditionary: 34 Navy C4I Key Facts More than 5,200 radios fielded More than 2,500 annual installations More than 700 applications supported Average/fielded bandwidth capability Carrier: 4 mbps - 24mbps Destroyer: 512 kbps - 8mbps Submarine: 128 kbps Average technology refresh 18 months Average time to market Initial fielding: 36 months Full Fielding: 8-10 years updated 23 August 2010

7 Minimize total ownership cost of a secure Cyber Domain PMW 130 Strategic Priorities COST SPEED WORKFORCE CUSTOMER GOALS PMW 130 Vision: Securing the Cyber Domain PMW 130 Mission: Provide capabilities to secure the cyber domain, assure end-to-end information and enable decision superiority Rapidly and proactively field innovative capabilities to stay ahead of the Cyber threat Maintain a world-class Information Assurance workforce equipped to achieve acquisition excellence in a dynamic environment Achieve synergistic partnerships with requirements’ owners, resource sponsors and end-users PEO C4I PMW 130 Information Assurance and Cyber Security Strategic Priorities 7

8 PMW 130 Information Assurance and Cyber Security DEPUTY PM CAPT Donald Harder Acquisition Mgr Technical Dir. PEO DDAA Dir Ops BFM Lead APM-E APM-L Cyber Security Liaison APM-C BFM Support Install Resource Manager APM- S&T PROGRAM MANAGER Kevin McNally § Crypto Voice Key Management Crypto & Key Management Crypto Products Crypto Data PKI Crypto Mod Ports & Protocols Network Security CND Afloat NMCI/NGEN IA DIACAP Network Security Integration CND Ashore Security Mgt Radiant Mercury 8

9 9 PEO C4I PMW 130 Our Portfolio OPNAVINST 5239.1C, Navy IA Program:  Navy IA Technical Lead; Systems Security Engineering; IA Requirements; IA Products Acquisition Authority Role Crypto Voice Electronic Key Mgt System Computer Network Defense (CND) Crypto Technical Lead Role CND Defense in Depth On-Line Services IA Pubs INFOSEC Helpdesk System Security Engineering IA Technical Support OPNAV CFFC NAVCYBERFOR SYSCOMs PEO-EIS PEO-C4I Crypto Mod Program Office Public Key Infrastructure Radiant Mercury NETWARCOM FLTCYBERCOM

10 What Is Cyber? Any process, program, or protocol relating to the use of the Internet or an intranet, automatic data processing or transmission, or telecommunication via the Internet or an intranet; and Any matter relating to, or involving the use of, computers or computer networks 10 From the S.773 Bill, Cybersecurity Act of 2009: "The office of the Chief of Naval Operations must be organized to achieve the integration and innovation necessary for warfighting dominance across the full spectrum of operations at sea, under sea, in the air, in the littorals, and in the cyberspace and information domains.“ -Adm. Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations

11 Why Cyber Matters? 1 trillion URLs (Uniform Resource Locator, like www.) Greater than 210 billion emails are sent every day Over 2 billion Google searches are conducted each day Over 1.7 billion Internet users DoD users make 1 billion+ Internet connections each day, passing 40TB of data Symantec: 458K new malware code signatures from APR-JUN 2010 Adversaries are continuously improving their cyber attack capabilities using many commonly available tools 11 Cyber security is vital to our warfighting capability "If the nation went to war today in a cyber war, we would lose. - Admiral Mike McConnell (retired), 23 Feb 2010

12 The Threat Anatomy of a Common Attack Scan/map network Find vulnerabilities (often using automated tools) Establish foothold on computer Escalate privileges on the network Pwnd Put measures in place to hide tracks (erase logs, etc.) Expand on network (gather info, insert malware, zombies, use to spam, etc) 12

13 Sophistication Time CONFICKER.A HTTP Command & Control No Software Armoring CONFICKER.B + Password Cracking + USB Infection Vector + Primitive Peer-to-Peer Comms Anti-Virus Countermeasures Software Update Countermeasures Code Cryptography CONFICKER.D 50K Domains + Improved HTTP Command & Control + Robust Peer-to-Peer Comms Kills Security Software Malware Analysis Countermeasures 21 Nov 0830 Dec 086 Mar 0920 Feb 09 CONFICKER.C Direct Update Feature CONFICKER.E Spam “Scareware” 7 Apr 09 CONFICKER Example Speed of Adversary Weaponization We need to be agile and resilient 5 versions in 5 months – each more capable 13

14 Time CONFICKER vs Acquisition Speed of Fielding 30 variants could have been developed before IOC 80 variants could have been developed before FOC 30 variants could have been developed before IOC 80 variants could have been developed before FOC 2 years 3 years Day One 1 year Sophistication 4 years5 years6 years7 years8 years Initiation IOC FOC Dramatization: Each red dot is a possible variant 14

15 How We Do Acquisition Today Current DoD 5000 model built for acquisition for ships, aircraft and weapons systems  Requirements and oversight based upon risk reduction This model does not work for IT or Cyber Defense  COTS insertion model is low risk (cost-wise)  IT lifecycle ~3 years, then EOL  Cyber attack tools progress rapidly 15

16 DSB Task Force March 2009 Proposed Acquisition Model Rapid COTS Insertion New capabilities fielded incrementally Prototyping and Experimentation Rapid COTS Insertion New capabilities fielded incrementally Prototyping and Experimentation 16

17 New Acquisition Approach Advantages  Keep pace with technology  Get ahead of EOL challenge  Rapid introduction of new commercial products and S&T  Closer pace to changing cyber threat Challenges  Requirements, Funding and POM  Testing, Certification and Accreditation  SHIPMAIN Challenges unique to the Afloat Environment  Availability schedules  Configuration Management/Change Control and Patching  Millennial sailors  Training  Shipboard is NOT a test environment 17

18 Current Acquisition Status Crypto Mod for the Navy, USMC, USCG, and MSC.  Aging equipment  Consolidate families of cryptographic devices Currently fielding CND Inc 1  HBSS, HIDS, NIDS, Firewalls, NIPS Navy CND Increment 2 builds and adds upon the Increment 1 capabilities  Defense-in-Depth (DiD)  Situational awareness  Anomalies and attacks assessment  CND command and control (C2)  Expect Milestone C decision in FY11 CDS  Navy continues to recognize the importance of RM's Cross Domain transfer capability in support of Navy, Joint, National and Coalition operations. 18

19 IA Concerns on the Horizon Cloud security Wireless/handheld devices Social networking  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare Advanced spear phishing  Targeted with some accurate information Web enabled applications/application security  Cross-site scripting 19

20 IA Concerns on the Horizon cont. SOA Environment More IA Integration into Applications Identity Management  Role Based Access Sensor management  Correlating the data of multiple sensors  Analyzing the data Move to a more proactive position 20

21 Cyber Defense and the Navy What Lies Ahead Moving from reactive to predictive Speed of incident handling Cyber COP Identifying network anomalies Navigating the acquisition process Proactive and Predictive Cyber Defense 21

22 PMW 130 Government / Industry Exchange An opportunity for industry to present products they feel may be of interest to PMW 130 Attendees include PMW 130 senior leadership, SPAWAR and PEO C4I invitees, and other PMW 130 personnel (Assistant Program Managers, engineers, etc.) Held once a month 50 minutes, including Q&A Please contact Carol Cooper at 22

23 Summary IA and Cyber are now getting serious attention Threat cycle vs. acquisition cycle New IT acquisition model has promise Must overcome cultural challenges in requirements, acquisition, contracting, testing, C&A, and fielding Moving from reactive to proactive PEO C4I and PMW 130 welcome collaboration across government, commercial, academia and other stakeholders 23 PEOC4I.NAVY.MIL

24 We get it. We also integrate it, install it and support it. For today and tomorrow. 24

25 25 PEO C4I Mission Provide integrated communication and information technology systems that enable Information Dominance and the command and control of maritime forces

26 Information Dominance Challenge Exponential Data Growth Outpaces Infrastructure GIG Data Capacity (Services, Transport & Storage) UUVs Sensor Data Volume 2000 2005 2010 2015 & Beyond PREDATOR UAV VIDEO GLOBAL HAWK DATA Future Sensor X Future Sensor Y Future Sensor Z Theater Data Stream (2006): ~270 TB of NTM data / year 10 18 10 12 10 24 10 15 10 21 FIRESCOUT VTUAV DATA Capability Gap Current single mode fiber carries 960 Gpbs Max of 50 Mbps per channel Time to transfer one terabyte of data = 8,796,093,022,208 or 8.8E+12 bits Max Transfer (bits/sec) SecondsMinutesHoursDays 50 megabit bps WGS Channel 40,000,000 219,9023,665613 155 megabit bps service 62,000,000 141,8722,365392 10 gigabit bps service 4,000,000,000 2,199371 Large Data JCTD 8,500,000,000 1,03517 40 gigabit bps service 16,000,000,000 5509 100 gigabit bps service 40,000,000,000 2204 26

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