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Cellular Development Made Easy Open Communications Gateways.

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1 Cellular Development Made Easy Open Communications Gateways

2 Before We Begin… 1.This webinar is approximately 45 minutes with time for Q&A 2.Use the chat function to ask questions during the presentation 3.Highly specific or technical questions may be taken off-line 4.A link to the presentation will be sent after the webinar

3 Agenda Introductions Multi-Tech Systems M2M Overview Enabling Cellular Connectivity Options for Application Development MultiConnect™ OCG Overview - Software -Support -Hardware Getting Started

4 Multi-Tech Overview 41 years focused on M2M (machine-to-machine) communications 80+ patents 20+ million devices, thousands of customers worldwide U.S. based Engineering, Manufacturing, Certifications and Support Debt-free, company owned campus

5 Certifications Multi-Tech products certified by ‐30+ carriers ‐80+ countries Millions invested annually (people, equip, assoc, logistics) On-site, carrier and agency approved testing facility Industry leadership (PTCRB, associations, agencies) The Multi-Tech Approach (End-product approval)

6 M2M: Subscription Services Key Relationships to Succeed in M2M Arena Carriers Mobile Network Operators Carriers Mobile Network Operators MVNOs Mobile Virtual Network Operators MVNOs Mobile Virtual Network Operators MVNEs Mobile Virtual Network Enablers MVNEs Mobile Virtual Network Enablers

7 M2M Applications Small But Growing: M2M only 2% of all data plans in 2010 (up 46%) Consumers Driving Demand: Consumer electronic devices account for most M2M growth in North America and Europe, especially e-readers and personal navigation devices Growth Varies by Industry: - Transportation is the largest industry (and still growing) -Healthcare and Security applications overcoming privacy concerns -Emerging industries include Digital Signage and Metering

8 Cellular Connectivity What’s fueling the growth? Government funding Dropping technology prices Reduced connectivity rates from cellular carriers Increased availability of cellular networks worldwide Regulatory compliance Source: Berg Insight “The Global Wireless M2M Market” 291.4 Million

9 Enabling Cellular Connectivity Organizational Considerations: Organizational Capabilities Development Budget and Timeline Volume Expectations Total Cost of Ownership/ROI Expectations Application Flexibility/Roadmap Network Coverage Requirements Regulatory Considerations Successful development relies on multiple business disciplines: Hardware – Software – Certifications – Carrier Approvals – Manufacturing

10 Options for Cellular Development Finding the Right Fit

11 Introducing – MultiConnect™ OCG Open Communications Gateways Multi-Tech Open Communications Gateways allow your application to be seamlessly integrated into Multi-Tech's proven hardware platform, significantly simplifying the deployment of your solution and providing the quickest, most economical way to deploy and bring your solution to market.

12 MultiConnect™ OCG Open Communications Gateways Benefits Quick-to-market solution for rapid return on investment Proven hardware platform for increased reliability Simplifies development using Linux-based open source software Approved for ease of worldwide deployment Cost-effective alternative to custom manufacturing Service and support backed by an industry leader Easily adapts to future technologies

13 Hardware On-board processing and memory Multiple interfaces for peripheral devices Fully-certified and carrier-approved Industrial chassis available Models available with or without GPS MultiConnect™ OCG Complete Application Deployment Solution Software Linux open source development environment Programming language libraries Drivers for hardware components Support developer community Custom software development options Custom deployment hardware availability Manufacturing and logistics support

14 CoreCDP™ Linux Kernel Programming Languages: Python, Java (JamVM and OpenJDK), Perl, Ruby, C/C++, PHP Networking: PPP, iptables Web Server: lighttpd Remote shell: SSH Drivers to support peripherals Documentation and Tools Instructional DVD Code examples Utilities and procedures for configuring and updating devices Software Features

15 Support Features Software Development – Custom Hardware – Manufacturing Support

16 Open Communications Gateways The Shortest Path to M2M MultiConnect™ OCG-D (Device) Ideal for companies with software competencies looking for a complete hardware solution Quickest time-to-market GPS receiver optional on deployment models MultiConnect™ OCG-E (Embedded) Ideal for companies with hardware and software competencies Maximum design flexibility Linux2G or 3GCPUGPS

17 Hardware Features Device and Embedded Models Peripherals 2G or 3G cellular modem (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Aeris) Dedicated GPS receiver (optional) Debug 3 pins serial console port Temperature sensor Real Time Clock Processor & Memory 400 MHz ARM9 CPU 256MB NAND flash 64MB SDRAM 2GB SD Flash Card (included in developer kit)

18 Interfaces and Connectors: General Purpose Input/Output (8 in/8 out, I2C, SPI, A2D) USB host and device RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet DE-9 RS-232 connector Cellular SMA female GPS SMA female Power input 9VDC to 32VDC External Hardware Features Open Communications Gateway - Device

19 Input Power: 5VDC 10/100BaseT Ethernet Serial TTL (Data/HW flow control) Serial TTL (Data/Debug – RXD/TXD) USB 2.0 Host and Device SPI, I2C, JTAG SDIO (with detect and protect) ADC Inputs (4) General Purpose Inputs/Outputs (10) 8 LED outputs (5 user definable) Battery backup (for real-time clock) GPS PPS and transmit data Hardware Details - Embedded Physical Interfaces – The 80 Pin Connector

20 MultiConnect™ OCG-E Top / Bottom Views Slightly longer than a cellular SocketModem 3.650” x 1.375” (MultiConnect OCG-E) 3.150” x 1.375” (SocketModem) 80-pin board-to-board connector 4 mounting holes

21 MultiConnect™ OCG-E Developer Kit ∙Model: MT100EOCG-DK ∙Includes: ‐Developer Board ‐Universal PS w/US, Euro and UK Blades ‐Cellular + GPS combo antenna ‐Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antenna ‐3 x UFL-SMA coax antenna cables ‐DB9 and 3-pin serial cables ‐USB host and device cables ‐36-pin GPIO cable ‐Ethernet cable ‐RJ-11 cable ‐2GB SD memory card ‐CoreCDP DVD ‐Multi-Tech screwdriver

22 Developer Board – Top View 80 pin B2B connector Test Points Universal Socket Developer kit includes all cables and Core CDP™ software. MultiConnect™ OCG-E communications modules sold separately.

23 Developer Board – Front View Antenna Bracket Antenna Bracket Antenna Bracket USB Host USB Device SDIO Memory Slot 10/100 Ethernet

24 Developer Board – Back View PWR Jack PWR SW 3-Pin Debug 36-Pin GPIO/ Interface Connector RS-232 Serial Interface RJ-11 Analog Modem Jack

25 Key Considerations ∙Stability of your strategic partners ∙Breadth of portfolio to satisfy your needs ∙Certification and approvals to reduce time-to-market ∙Approach and services to reduce total cost of ownership

26 Special Promotion MultiConnect OCG developer kit + Free 90-day data plan from Premier Wireless & M2M Data Smart ‐Buy any MultiConnect OCG-E module + Developer Kit or MultiConnect OCG-D Developer Kit for $299 – Get a FREE 90-day data plan from Premier Wireless and M2M Data Smart ‐Limit one per customer – Developer kits available via Multi-Tech website ‐Free 90-day data plan available through Premier Wireless To order a developer kit: MultiConnect OCG-D Order Sprint Model: MTCDP-EV2-GP-N2-DK-1.0 MultiConnect OCG-E Order Sprint Modem: MT100EOCG-EV2-N2 or MT100EOCG-EV2-GP-N2 plus MT100EOCG-DK Dev Kit

27 Thank you for attending Questions? Contact your Premier Wireless sales representative for more information or visit |

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