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Copyright InterProlog Consulting 2014 1 Prolog Studio Overview By Miguel Calejo InterProlog Consulting

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1 Copyright InterProlog Consulting 2014 1 Prolog Studio Overview By Miguel Calejo InterProlog Consulting

2 Preamble Open source core spun off during previous projects Integrates best of breed open source –XSB Prolog –InterProlog Java bridge, including cloud capability –XJ declarative Swing UI –Smart Prolog text editor –Graph and other Java frameworks 2 Copyright InterProlog Consulting 2014

3 Components Console (Prolog) listener Syntax Editor for Prolog Code browsers Query Window User graphs Other XJ and InterProlog visualizers Full dynamic access to Java, XSB 1.0beta1 released Oct 24, 1.0 due Xmas 2014. Copyright InterProlog Consulting 2014 3

4 Studio architecture Light, scalable –single jar file for JDK 1.6+, let data stay in XSB Java-centric, Prolog-centric –Java app with XSB subprocesses –symmetric Java/Prolog callbacks InterProlog bridge (improved): –Control, performance improvements XJ (open source from XSB Inc.) –any Swing visual hierarchy –Declarative JTrees, JTables, Graphs –Supports RAD for custom projects Amenable to support for SWI, YAP, Ciao Prolog, … Copyright InterProlog Consulting 2014 4

5 Prolog editor Lexical coloring Call graph features –Ctrl-click: Navigate to predicate definition –Popup menu for: Call Tree, Callers Variable highlighting, completion Based on open source Java text framework (RSTA) Extensible Copyright InterProlog Consulting 2014 5

6 Graph visualization Copyright InterProlog Consulting 2014 6

7 Example (model) % integers_edge(NodeID1,NodeID2,EdgeID,EdgeType,EdgeTerm,EdgeTip, …) integers_edge(N1,N2,N1-N2,succ,null,N1-N2,Size) :- succUntil(Size,N1,N2). % node_relation(+NodeID,-Type,-Term,-Tip) roman_polymorphic_node(ID,Type,Term,Tip) :- polymorphic_node(ID,Type,_,Tip), intToRoman(ID,Term). polymorphic_node(ID,even_number,ID,'I''m even!') :- 0 is ID mod 2, !. polymorphic_node(ID,odd_number,ID,'I feel odd'). Copyright InterProlog Consulting 2014 7

8 Example (presentation) graph3 :- Size = 100, InitialNodeCount is Size div 2, findInitialNodes(InitialNodeCount,Size,InitialNodes), xjGenericGraph( InitialNodes, integers_edge(_,_,_,_,_,_,Size), roman_polymorphic_node(_,_,_,_), % Global graph properties: [labelsInNodes, cubicCurve, maxItems=Size, myGUI(GraphUI), operation(term(_,_),( javaMessage(GraphUI,Array,getSelectedNodeIDs), recoverTermModelArray(Array,IDs), writeln(iDs-IDs) ), menu('Print list of selected numbers')) ], % Node types: [even_number=[color=green], odd_number=[color=pink]], % Edge types: [succ=[color=blue,dotted, operation(term(ID,_),( ID=N1-N2, buildTermModelArray([N1,N2],Array), javaMessage(GraphUI,collapseNodes(Array)) ), menu('Collapse my endpoints'))]], GraphUI), javaMessage(GraphUI,expandAll). Copyright InterProlog Consulting 2014 8

9 XJ graph recap Graph edges (and node IDs) are defined by a Prolog/Flora relation with 6 or more args: –myEdge(NodeID1,NodeID2,EdgeID,Type,Term,Tip,…) Nodes are fully defined by another Prolog relation: –myNode(NodeID, Type,Term,Tip) Types have XJ property lists defining aspect and operations –Color=red, dotted, … –operation(term(ID,_),mygoal(ID), menu(‘My command’)) A XJGraph can be used anywhere in a XJ or Swing hierarchy Several entrypoints –browseGraphRelation(TwoArgPredicate),..., browseGraphFloraRelation(FloraGoalAtom,InitialNodes,GUI),… xjGenericGraph/7, xjCreateComponent/2. –Initial set of nodes, then its edges are expanded until “fixpoint” Copyright InterProlog Consulting 2014 9

10 A bit more about XJ Powers a few Java apps in use Tables, trees, forms, … Copyright InterProlog Consulting 2014 10

11 Copyright InterProlog Consulting 2014 11 Pushing the Swing envelope... Data can be (lazily) fetched from Prolog as needed

12 Conclusion InterProlog Consulting –Provides contract development services –Will cooperate with academia to extend “logic for your app” open source Open source ingredients for projects –InterProlog Java bridge –IDE for Prolog, extensible Watch quick tour and download now at Copyright InterProlog Consulting 2014 12

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