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2 10 PROBLEMS Solve each problem together as a group Write your work on notebook paper, one set of solutions per group Rotate writing duties for each problem Write your answer on the white board Use correct units and sig digs Be prepared to show your work Any person in any group could be asked to explain and show work, so be sure you all know what is going on!

3 1 A bike manufacturer has 5350 wheels, 3023 frames, and 2655 handlebars. How many bikes can be manufactured from these parts? 2 wheels + 1 frame + 1 handlebar  1 bike

4 2 The alcohol in “gasahol” burns according to the following equation. C2H5OH +3O2  2CO2 + 3H2O How many moles of CO2 are produced when 3.00 moles of C2H5OH is burned?

5 3 CO2 exhaled by astronauts is removed from the spaceship atmosphere by reaction with KOH. CO2 +2KOH  K2CO3 + H2O How many kg of CO2 can be removed by 1.00 kg KOH?

6 4 The limiting reactant in a completed chemical reaction is the substance A. Left over B. Used up C. With the least mass before the reaction D. With the most mass before the reaction

7 5 Nitrogen reacts with hydrogen to yield NH3…and this reaction made Germany a force to be reckoned with in WW II because it enabled them to make lots of explosives! N2 + 3H2  2NH3 What volume of H2 is required to react with 3.00 L of N2 at STP What volume of NH3 will be produced?

8 6 The fermentation of glucose C6H12O6 produces ethyl alcohol, C2H5OH, and CO2 C6H12O6  2C2H5OH + 2CO2 How many grams of ethyl alcohol can be produced from 10.0 g glucose

9 7 Octane burns according to the following equation 2C8H18 + 25O2  16CO2 + 18H2O How many grams of CO2 are produced when 5.00 g of octane is burned?

10 8 Crude iron is produced from iron ore in the following reaction Fe2SO3 + 3CO  2Fe +3CO2 How many moles of iron are produced from 10. moles of Fe2O3 and 25 mol CO?

11 9 Automotive airbags inflate when sodium azide rapidly decomposes to sodium and N2 via this reaction 2NaN3  2Na + 3N2 How many grams of sodium azide are required to form 25.00 g of N2 gas? How many liters of N2 is this at STP?

12 10 Water is made from H2 and O2. Write the balanced chemical equation. If we start with 4.6 mole H2 and 3.1 mol O2, how many moles of H2O are produced? What is the excess reactant? How many moles of the excess reactant are left over?

13 Answers 1. 2655 bikes 2. 6.00 mol CO2 3..393 kg 4. used up 5. 9.00 L H2 6.00 L NH3 6. 5.11 g ethanol 7. 15.4 g CO2 8. 17 mol Fe 9. 38.7 g NaN3 20.0 L N2 10. 4.6 mol H2O.8 mol O2 in excess


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