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Jenis dan Metoda Instalasi Tiang

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1 Jenis dan Metoda Instalasi Tiang
Pintor T. Simatupang, Ir., MT., Dr. Eng

2 Penggunaan Pondasi Tiang

3 Jenis Tiang Tiang baja Tiang beton Tiang kayu Tiang komposit

4 Tiang Baja

5 Tiang Baja

6 Tiang Baja

7 Tiang Baja

8 Tiang Baja

9 Tiang Beton Precast piles Cast-in-situ pile Dengan casing Tanpa casing

10 Precast Piles

11 Precast Piles

12 Precast Piles

13 Precast Piles

14 Presstreed Concrete Piles

15 Presstreed Concrete Piles

16 Lempeng logam dengan baut
Tiang Kayu Sambungan tiang kayu Tiang klas A Tiang klas B Tiang klas C Selubunga pipa Lempeng logam dengan baut

17 Tiang Kayu

18 Tiang Screw


20 Pemancangan Tiang Palu jatuh

21 Pemancangan Tiang Tenaga uap atau udara Single acting

22 Pemancangan Tiang Tenaga uap atau udara Double acting

23 Pemancangan Tiang Diesel

24 Pemancangan Tiang


26 Pemancangan Tiang Vibrator

27 Pemancangan Tiang Vibrator

28 Pemancangan Tiang Vibrator

29 Cast in place Dengan casing Raymond Step-Taper Monotube (Union Metal)
Western Dengan casing Tanpa casing Pipa seamless (Armco)


31 Cast in place Dengan casing Franki dengan casing dan pedestal Western
tanpa casing Tanpa casing Franki tanpa casing dan pedestal


33 Pelaksanaan Bored Pile

34 Pelaksanaan Bored Pile

35 Pelaksanaan Bored Pile

36 Slurry Method

37 Casing Method


39 Method Statement of Bored Pile
Bored Piling Method of Works Method Statement of Bored Pile Casing Installation Drilling Process Cleaning at Final Depth Reinforcement Installation Temporary Casing Removal Pouring Concrete

40 Drilling tools Auger Cleaning bucket Drill Bucket Underreamer
Drilling tools to be used for each drilling are different pending on the soil characteristic. Auger are used for drilling on a dry material As soon as ground water is found then drill bucket are used. Rock material can be drilled by using core barrel or rock auger and if it is very hard then roller bit core barrel shall be used. Upon completion of drilling which will be performed by any of above tools, the cleaning bucket will be used to clean the bottom of the piles to unsure that the pile is properly clean and no settlement could occur. In several project bottom bell are designed by consultant, tool for this is also available ( under reamer ), however the result is very difficult to prove since usually soil will collapse and nothing can be checked on the result. Underreamer Tapered rock auger Round shank Core Barrel Roller bit core barrel



43 Sambungan Tiang Pancang

44 Sambungan Tiang Pancang

45 Final Set = ? In/10 blows Spesifikasi end bearing = 1 in/ 10 blows


47 DSep DSpp P t d t q q DSes DSo d

48 DSep DSpp P t d t q q DSes DSo d


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