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Hazard and Operability Study

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1 Hazard and Operability Study
Ricki M Mulia, ST. MSc

2 Unsafe Act Unsafe Condition HAZARD EXPOSURE Higiene Industri Penyakit
Ricki M. Mulia HAZARD EXPOSURE Higiene Industri Kesehatan Kerja Penyakit Akibat kerja RISK Kecelakaan kerja Keselamatan Kerja

A systematic process for identifying hazards and recommending corrective action. TWO APPROACH : Preliminary Hazards Analysis (PHA) Detailed Hazards Analysis Comparative Methods Fundamental Method Ricki M. Mulia

4 Hazard and operability study (HAZOP)
HAZOP enables us to discover how deviation can occur and to consider which deviations from normal operation, or which operational malfunctions, could lead to hazardous event Guide Word Deviation Possible Cause Consequences Action Required Not, No No Flow No material available at intermediate storage Loss of feed to reaction section which may result explosion Install low level alarm in the intermediate storage Ricki M. Mulia

5 Batch Or Continuous Processing Safe Reaction section Process
Design technique Reaction section Separation section Materials handling Storage section The Flow Sheet Reaction Condition Flow Sheet review Ricki M. Mulia

6 SAFETY SYSTEM 1. Systems preventing deviation from permissible operating conditions: pressure-relief system temperature/pressure/flow sensors Systems preventing overflow Safety shut-down systems, emergency shut-off system 2. Systems preventing failure of safety-related components 3. Utilities 4. Alarm system 5. Technical protective measures 6. Mitigating measures 7. Prevention of human and organizational errors Ricki M. Mulia

7 The technique of safe process design
Reaction Section: Materials Handling: The Feed System The Reactor System The Outlet system Piping Solids Handling Separation Section: Storage Section: Sizing Solids storage Liquid storage Gas storage Crushing Grinding Size separation Distillation Absorption Extraction Filtration Drying Ricki M. Mulia

8 Terimakasih… Ricki M. Mulia

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