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® Checkup! A MedBiquitous Progress Update Peter Greene, MD Executive Director, MedBiquitous April 17, 2006.

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1 ® Checkup! A MedBiquitous Progress Update Peter Greene, MD Executive Director, MedBiquitous April 17, 2006

2 ® MedBiquitous Mission To advance healthcare education through technology standards that promote professional competence, collaboration, and better patient care. Non-profit, member-driven, standards development organization

3 ® ANSI Accredited Technology Standards Developer Healthcare education and training Healthcare professional competence assessment, certification, and licensure Healthcare professional and scientific publications Healthcare professional online communities and portals

4 ® Fast Facts 65 member organizations 7 working groups ANSI process Openness Transparency Consensus Due Process Work with leading organizations that can drive adoption (AAMC, ABMS, ACCME, NBME, FSMB, AMA, AAFP, VA) Professional Profile Learning Objects Activity Report Metrics Virtual Patient Competency Point of Care Learning

5 ® Standards Development Work Professional Profile E-portfolio Healthcare LOM Activity Report Virtual Patients Competency Metrics SCORM for Healthcare POC Learning

6 ® Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)

7 ® Time for a Checkup! How do we know that we are a healthy standards development organization?

8 ® Growth 65 members 51% growth since last year Lower member fees Growth target: 100 members by 2009 Broader input Critical mass

9 ® New Member: Medscape

10 ® Balance Technical and pedagogical expertise Learning technologies and data interchange Non-profit and commercial interests

11 ® Rosalyn Scott, M.D. Co-Chair Competency Working Group Cardiothoracic surgeon at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine Great networker of competency experts

12 ® Regular Cycles Through standards development process! Professional Profile completed public review Healthcare LOM in public review Announcement Development ReviewBallot Audit Proposal

13 ® Gabrielle Campbell Chair, MedBiquitous Standards Committee Director of Business Development, AAMC Ensures proper process for development of MedBiquitous/ANSI standards

14 ® Plays Well With Others Professional Medicine ACCME NBME FSMB AAMC AMA ABMS SDOs HITSP ADL HL7 HR-XML IMS

15 ® Review of Systems Are your members happy? Do they participate? Are you financially sound? Are people using what you develop? Are you having an impact on healthcare education?

16 ® A Look at Two Standards Virtual Patient Activity Report

17 ® Virtual Patients E-learning resources that simulate clinical scenarios Developed in isolations, but very similar Standards necessary to enable sharing across systems Most active working group in MedBiquitous

18 ® Rachel Ellaway, Ph.D. Co-chair Virtual Patient Working Group E-Learning Manager, University of Edinburgh College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Created component- based virtual patient architecture

19 ® Terry Poulton, Ph.D. Associate Dean for E-learning, St. George’s University of London Project Director, eViP eViP participants St. Georges Karolinska Institute LMU Munich U of Edinburgh Maastricht Heidelberg Warwick Jagiellonian University University “Iuliu Hatieganu” Cluj- Napoca

20 ® Susan Albright Director, Tufts University Science Knowledgebase Hewlett Foundation grant to create an open source VP Player to support open courseware

21 ® Activity Report Standard format for digital CME certificates E-portfolio systems receive data from providers Supports Maintenance of Certification and Licensure XML can be embedded in PDF for printable certificate document E-Portfolio System John Doe’s Portfolio CME Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Certifying Board Licensing Board CME Provider

22 ® Also proposed for Continuity of Care Document

23 ® CME Certificate with Embedded XML

24 ® Reporting Journal CME Data Using MedBiquitous Activity report to send Journal CME data to providers Utah & Lorena Hitchens

25 ® Making it Easier to Find CME: CMEOhio Common CME portal for Ohio medical schools Leveraging SCORM and Healthcare LOM

26 ® The VITAL Project Collaboration for healthcare education VA, Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Indian Health Service Leveraging SCORM and Healthcare LOM

27 ® Tools Supporting Standards

28 ® Setting Goals for Better Health Standardization of other specifications Research into best practices Development of implementation guides Development of conformance tests

29 ® Standards are a Design Challenge Do we need a standard? Who are the users? How will they use it? Is it fit for purpose? How can I tell if something is conformant?

30 ® We need your help! Participate! Weds 7:30amCompetency WG Activity Report WG Weds 12 noonVirtual Patient WG Point of Care Learning WG Weds 3:30pmLearning Objects WG Metrics WG

31 ® Wiki for Working Groups

32 ® Community Blog for Meeting

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