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Copyright OASIS, 2003 New Solutions for Trade Facilitation and e-Business Accessible to All Patrick Gannon President & CEO, OASIS International Forum on.

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1 Copyright OASIS, 2003 New Solutions for Trade Facilitation and e-Business Accessible to All Patrick Gannon President & CEO, OASIS International Forum on Trade Facilitation UNECE, Geneva, Switzerland 15 May 2003

2 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Patrick J. Gannon OASIS – C.E.O., President, Board Director UNECE – Chair, Team of Specialists for Internet Enterprise Development (2000-2002) BEA Systems – Sr. VP Strategic Marketing Netfish Technologies – VP Industry Standards Open Buying on the Internet (OBI) – Exec. Dir. RosettaNet – First Project Leader (1998) CommerceNet – VP Strategic Programs – XML eCommerce Evangelist (1997-99) – Interoperable Catalog WG (1995-1998) PIDX, CIAG, PVF Roundtable, CIMIS (1988-1995)

3 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Agenda Information Technology Trends Business Benefits Value Proposition for Open Standards OASIS Role

4 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Information & Communication Technology Trends Trends Affecting Trade Facilitation Procedures, Software & Data Exchange

5 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Consumer & Citizen Services Trade and Distribution Internet Based Delivery Business-to-BusinessProcesses The eBusiness Tidal Wave

6 Copyright OASIS, 2003 The Challenge is: how to take an architecture that has withstood the test of time …

7 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Keep it from being marginalized…

8 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Keep it from being washed away in the technology tidal wave …

9 Copyright OASIS, 2003 And turn it into the centerpiece of a thriving marketplace …

10 Copyright OASIS, 2003 The Dawn of a New Era Built on Service Oriented Architecture

11 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Business Benefits for Trade Facilitation Built on a Service-Oriented Architecture

12 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Vision of a Service-Oriented Architecture for Global Trade A place where services are ubiquitous and organically integrated into the way we think and work – globally & locally. A place where both users and providers of information interact through a common focus on services. A world where technology is implemented within industry frameworks that operate on a global scale, enabled by open, interoperable standards.

13 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Achieving Sustainable Business Benefits through a Common Web Service Framework In this post-dot-com era, governments & end-user companies are expecting more liquidity and longevity of their assets. To achieve the Return On Investment, Cost Reduction and Service Expansion benefits expected; the widespread deployment of standards-based Web Services is essential.

14 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Value Proposition for Open Standards

15 Copyright OASIS, 2003 OASIS Standards: Open and Adopted Market Adoption Open Standardization Traction Sanction ProprietaryJCVConsortiaSDO SGML ISO XML W3C SOAP v1.1 SOAP v1.2 W3C UDDI v2,3 WSDL v1.2 W3C ebMSG v2 OASIS WSDL v1.1 Standards: UDDI v2,3 OASIS eb Reg v2 OASIS

16 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Why Are Software Standards Important? Compatibility Extensibility Predictability Interoperability Leverage Existing Skills Rapid Development

17 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Why Vendors Want to Comply… Deliver customer value – Rapidity of customization – Leverage existing know-how so lower cost of IT – Easy integration with other customer applications Gain easier and broader adoption of technology – Support for common tools & expertise – More developers means broader deployment – More companies can easily build applications Driving innovation establishes leadership – Formulation of standards gives competitive edge – Larger developer community grows adoption

18 Copyright OASIS, 2003 How You Can Influence Vendors? Examine and understand software standards that are pertinent to your industry Help vendors understand interoperability needs Help vendors understand what standards you rely upon today and in the future…and why Participate in standards bodies that relate to your business practices Do not purchase software products which do not support the standards you need

19 Copyright OASIS, 2003 ebXML (Electronic Business using eXtensible Markup Language) The Global Standard for Electronic Business, and e-Business Web Services

20 Copyright OASIS, 2003 ebXML Implementation Projects ebXML Message Service – Aerospace Industries Assoc. – Boeing - (ebMS, CPPA, RIM/RS, BPSS) – CEN ISSS eBES Vendor Forum – Interoperability Testing – EAN - UCC - Global Commerce Initiative (GCI) – Implementation Guide – Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) – FTP Replacement – European Steel 24x7 Marketplace – Japanese Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA-Collaborative EDI) and Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM) - Japanese Kasumi Project – Netherlands OpenXchange – (ebMS, CPPA, BPSS) – OAGI & AIAG & Covisint - (ebXML MS and OAG BODs) – OASIS–OAGI–STAR (Standards for Technology in Auto. Retail) – US Center for Disease Control (CDC) – Public health data exchange

21 Copyright OASIS, 2003 ebXML Implementation Projects cont’d ebXML Registry Implementations – Australian National Office of the Information Economy – SME Interop. – DISA Registry – DRIve (ebXML RIM/RS, CPPA) – Hong Kong Univ. & Government - Center for E-commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID) – Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce (KIEC) - Korea Central RegRep – Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs (MEA-DIT) & NIIEPA – XR2 Portal – US Dept. of Defense – Repository of Schemas – US NIST - ebXML CPP/CPA Implementations – Work Group for EDI (WEDI) – Strategic National Implementation Process (SNIP) – HIPAA Compliance

22 Copyright OASIS, 2003 ebXML Implementation Projects cont’d ebXML Services – Dealersphere (Auto industry hub) - (ebXML MS, SOAP, WSDL) – Korea Trade Network (NTnet) – GXML Hub (ebXML MS, CPPA, RIM, RS) – Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey – SRDC (ebXML MS, CPPA, BPSS & RN PIPs) Industry Association Endorsements – ACORD (Automotive) – AIAG (Insurance) – HL7 (Healthcare) – HR-XML (Human Resources) – ODA (Insurance) – OTA (Travel) – RosettaNet (Computer, Electronic Components, Semiconductor) – SWIFT (Financial) – + + +

23 Copyright OASIS, 2003 ebXML Software Products Bind Systems - BindPartner Bus. Collab. Platform (BPSS, WSDL, SOAP) BitDaemons Ltd. - Octimal (ebXML MS) Briyante - ebMS (ebXML MS, CPPA, RIM, BPSS) bTrade – (ebXML MS) Cyclone Commerce - (ebXML MS) Dasan Technology (Korea) - TagFree (ebXML MS, SOAP, UDDI) ebXMLsoft - ebXMLsoft RIM (ebXML RIM v2) eXcelon - Excelon BPM (ebXML MS, CPPA, BPSS) Fujitsu - Interstage (ebXML MS, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, RNIF) Global Exchange Services (GXS) - (ebXML MS) HanMaek Information Technology (Korea) - ebXML Messaging Server IPNet Solutions - (ebXML MS) IONA Technologies - Orbix E2A Collaborate (ebXML MS, RIM, BPSS, RNIF) Kildara Corporation – Vitiris (ebXML MS, RIM, RS) Kinzan - Adaptive Web Services Suite (ebXML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI) Korea Trade Network (KTNET) – XENI & GXML Hub (ebXML MS, CPPA, RIM, RS)

24 Copyright OASIS, 2003 ebXML Software Products – cont’d Oracle – Oracle 9i Application Server (ebXML, RosettaNet) Sterling Commerce - Sterling Integrator (ebXML MS, SOAP, WSDL, BPML) Sun Microsystems – JAXM (SOAP, ebXML MS) Sybase – Business Process Integration Suite (SOAP, WSDL, ebXML, RNIF) TIBCO Software – ActiveExchange (ebXML MS, RNIF, EDIFACT, X12, cXML, xCBL, BizTalk) Vitria – BusinessWare Integration Platform (ebXML MS, BPSS, CC, VCML, UBL) webMethods – Integration Platform (ebXML MS, RNIF, SOAP, WSDL) XML Global – GoXML (ebXML MS, RIM, RS, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI) Zenaptix – Xeco (ebXML MS, CPPA, BPSS) Open Source Efforts freebXML - (Open Source ebXML MS, RIM & RS) - Open ebXML - (Open Source ebXML MS, RIM & RS) - Open Source ebXML Registry -

25 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Industry Adoption of ebXML Automotive (AIAG) Computers, Electronic Components (RosettaNet) Construction e-Government Financial Services (SWIFT) Healthcare (HL7) Human Resources (HR-XML) Insurance (ACORD) Law Enforcement Petroleum - Oil & Gas (PIDX) Pulp, Paper, Printing & Publishing Steel Telecommunications Trading Networks Transportation – Aerospace, Shipping Travel – Airlines

26 Copyright OASIS, 2003 IDA Interchange of Data between Administrations ebXML Showcase XML Europe 2003 5 th May, London Paul E. Murphy IDA, Enterprise Directorate General European Commission

27 Copyright OASIS, 2003 IDA Business Models ebXMLWeb Services Generic B2B data exchange Generic B2B data exchange XML / SOAP Highly regulated B2B Not highly regulated B2B Merge or Parallel development? Parallel

28 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Electronic Business Technologies

29 Copyright OASIS, 2003 OASIS One Membership – Many Opportunities

30 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Mission OASIS drives the development, convergence & adoption of e-business standards.

31 Copyright OASIS, 2003 OASIS relationships Attempt to cooperate and liaise with other standards organizations as much as possible – Avoid duplication, promote interoperability – Gain sanction/authority for OASIS work Working and Formal relationships with – W3C, OMG, IDEAlliance, OAG, CommerceNet – ACORD, HL7, LISA, SWIFT, VCA, UCC, ONCE, etc. – ISO/IEC JTC SC34, ISO TC154 (Cat. A Liaison) – ITU-T A.4 and A.5 Recognition – ISO, IEC, ITU, UN-ECE Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for E-Business

32 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Balanced Member Representation

33 Copyright OASIS, 2003 OASIS Technical Committees – e-Commerce Business Centric Methodology (BCM) Business Transaction Protocol (BTP) Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) Customer Information Quality (CIQ) [CRM] ebXML Message Service ebXML Registry (RIM, RS) ebXML Collaborative Partner Profile & Agreement (CPP, CPA) ebXML Interoperability, Implementation and Conformance (IIC) Universal Business Language (UBL)

34 Copyright OASIS, 2003 OASIS Technical Committees – Security Access Control (XACML) Application Vulnerability Description Language (AVDL) Common Biometric Format (XCBF) Digital Signature Services (DSS) Security Services (SAML) Provisioning Services (SPML) Rights Language Web Services Security (WS-S) - - - - - Security Standards Joint Committee

35 Copyright OASIS, 2003 OASIS Technical Committees – Web Services Translation Web Services Universal Description, Discovery & Integration (UDDI) Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WSBPEL) Web Services for Interactive Applications Web Services for Remote Portals Web Services Distributed Management Web Services Reliable Messaging + eCommerce TCs + Security TCs

36 Copyright OASIS, 2003 OASIS Technical Committees – Public Sector - Industry Automotive Repair Information Controlled Trade Markup Language e-Government ( Requirements & Implementation ) e-Procurement Standardization Education XML Election & Voter Services Emergency Management Tax XML LegalXML Member Section

37 Copyright OASIS, 2003 LegalXML Member Section Current Technical Committee – Electronic Court Filings – Electronic Contracts – Lawful Intercept – Legal Transcripts – Integrated Justice – Electronic Notarization – Legislative Information – Online Dispute Resolution (ORDxml) New Discussion Lists Started & in Planning – Court Documents – Legal Citations – Criminal Justice – Intelligence Systems

38 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Summary Open Standards required for software used to support of global trade Broadly adopted Open Standards for new technologies enable lower cost software Close coordination needed across standards organizations on a global level OASIS: Ten years demonstrated success Neutral and independent environment Relevance, Openness, Implement-ability

39 Copyright OASIS, 2003 ” “ Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Giovanni Francesco Bernardone

40 Copyright OASIS, 2003 Francesco Bernardone Saint Francis of Assisi patron saint: San Francisco

41 Copyright OASIS, 2003 For more information... Patrick Gannon President & CEO +1.978.667.5115 x201 (office) +1.978-761-3546 (GSM mobile)

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