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台灣健康資訊交換第七層協定協會 版權所有 HL7 教育訓練課程教材 HL7 訊息驗證 教育訓練委員會 Education Technical Committees 秘書長 范士展 改編自總會教材.

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Presentation on theme: "台灣健康資訊交換第七層協定協會 版權所有 HL7 教育訓練課程教材 HL7 訊息驗證 教育訓練委員會 Education Technical Committees 秘書長 范士展 改編自總會教材."— Presentation transcript:

1 台灣健康資訊交換第七層協定協會 版權所有 HL7 教育訓練課程教材 HL7 訊息驗證 教育訓練委員會 Education Technical Committees 秘書長 范士展 改編自總會教材

2 2 講授大綱 背景說明 Message Profiling 定義 Message Profiling 內容

3 台灣健康資訊交換第七層協定協會 版權所有 背景說明

4 4 HL7 交換情境

5 5 HL7 之價值

6 6 但是! Abstract Message Model 有 Optional 有 Repeat

7 7 是同一件事嗎?

8 8 HL7 實作問題

9 9 需要 Message Profiling

10 10 Message Profiling 之好處 顯示假設 ( Reveal Assumptions ) 減少模糊 ( Reduce Ambiguity ) 凸顯衝突 ( Highlight Conflicts ) 鞏固觀點 ( Consolidate Viewpoints )

11 11 Conformance vs. Compliance Compliance (遵守) : adherence to a particular version of the standard Conformance (一致) : adherence to the constraints of a precise, unambiguous specification (message profile) Conformance statement: a claim that an application or module agrees with the constraints stated in one or more profiles

12 台灣健康資訊交換第七層協定協會 版權所有 Message Profiling 定義

13 13 標準階層架構 資料來源: Bas M. van Poppel , HL7 Conformance Status Overview (Draft)

14 14 訊息規格規範書之定義 Unambiguous specification of a standard HL7 message for use within a particular set of requirements. – Prescribes a set of precise constraints upon one or more standard messages – Supported by use case analysis and interaction modeling Measurable – What data will be passed in a message – The format in which the data will be passed – The acknowledgement responsibilities of the sender and receiver

15 15 訊息規格規範書之定義 Based on HL7, although may further constrain – Static structure and content of each message – The dynamic interactions Parts of a valid message profile – Use Case Model – Static Definition – Dynamic Definition Represented as an XML document – Can be registered with HL7 – May be reused by other HL7 users – May be used for documentation HL7 V2.6 已增設 2.b 章規範 conformance

16 16 No More “Optionality” HL7 OptionalityAllowed Conformance Usage R – RequireR O – OptionalR, RE, C, CE, X C – ConditionC, CE, R, RE X – Not SupportedX B – Backward CompatibilityR, RE, C, CE, X W - WithdrawnX

17 台灣健康資訊交換第七層協定協會 版權所有 Message Profiling 內容

18 18 Message Profile 組成

19 19

20 20 Message Profile Parts Required parts – Use Case Analysis (1) – Dynamic Definitions (1+) – Static Definitions (1+) Optional parts – Publish/subscribe topics – A unique identifier to facilitate reference

21 21 Use Case Model Definition Documents the scope and requirements for an HL7 message profile or set of profiles May be a use case diagram with text, or just a textual description

22 22 Use Case Model Requirements A name that clearly and concisely defines the exchange The purpose for each message exchange Definitions for each actor, including the sending and receiving applications The flow of events (including derived events) The situations in which a particular exchange is required

23 23 Use Case Model Example Scope: The Patient Registration transaction conveys the patient demographic and visit information that was captured at the point of encounter.... Actors and Roles – Actor: ADT System Role: Transmits demographic and encounter information... – Actor: PACS...

24 24 Dynamic Definition An interaction specification for a conversation between 2 or more systems Elements – Interaction Model May be literal and graphical form, or just literal (narrative) – Dynamic Message Definition Specifies whether an accept or application acknowledgment is in use May document multiple static definitions

25 25 Dynamic Definition: Interaction Model Example

26 26 Static Definition An exhaustive specification for a single message structure Elements – Message level – Segment level – Field level

27 27 Static Definition Details constraints for usage and cardinality of all message elements (including segments and fields not used) – Minimum and maximum cardinality must be documented in all cases – Cardinality may be any nonzero integer value, but … – … in certain circumstances, maximum cardinality may have no practical limit (use *) May retain some optionality except in implementable profile

28 28 Message Level

29 29 Segment Level

30 30 Field level Field Definitions – Each individual field is completely defined to eliminate any possible ambiguity – If HL7 2.x field description are not sufficient, a precise semantic definition shall be specified Exact allowed value set shall be specified – Code Values (ID and IS) HL7 Table may be extended User defined may be redefined and/or extended – Coded Entry (CE, CD, CWE, and CNE)

31 台灣健康資訊交換第七層協定協會 版權所有 感謝聆聽 HL7 教育訓練課程教材 ─ HL7 訊息驗證 下一場:考試說明與題庫講解

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