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CH Mack, Inc. MedCompass™ Overview for Developmental Disabilities Provider Association (DDPA)

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1 CH Mack, Inc. MedCompass™ Overview for Developmental Disabilities Provider Association (DDPA)

2 14+ yrs serving Health & Human Services 8+ yrs serving Health Plans
Company Overview 65 Clients, users 14+ yrs serving Health & Human Services State & Local Govt. (SLG) Agencies 8+ yrs serving Health Plans Serving all points on the Continuum of Care Managed Care Organizations (MCOs, HMOs, etc.) State & Local Govt. (SLG) HHS organizations LTC, HCBS 75% use in support of government-sponsored healthcare programs

3 Customer Experience CH Mack Users CA NV OR WA ID MT WY UT CO AZ NM TX

4 Representative Clients
Arkansas Department of Human Services Xerox Government Healthcare Solutions BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Kaiser Permanente NevadaCare, The i/mx Companies California Dept of Aging (Multipurpose Senior Services Program) Many other leading Health & Human Services organizations

5 Home & Community Based Services (HCBS)
Real-time Collaboration HHS Organizations, Health Plans Case Manager Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) Physician Member Care Data Hospital Member Collaboration Among Care Team Members

6 Integrating the Continuum of Care
Care Coordination Tertiary Care Center ICU/CCU Acute Care Hospitalization Community Hospital Outpatient Hospital Discharge Planning Skilled Nursing Facility Intensive Care Management Home Health Skilled Nursing Home Infusion Enteral Feedings Durable Medical Equipment PT/OT/Speech Ambulance Transportation Public Transportation Fuel/Auto Repair Disease Management Health Coaching Wellness Program Personal Care Aid Home Maker Consumer Directed Care Supported Self Care Advanced Directives Hospice Specialist – PCP- Behavioral Health Specialist – Social Worker - Caregiver

7 Performance Reporting HIPAA Electronic Record
Member Centric Health Management Reporting Seamless Integration Health Management UM/UR Case Management Disease Management Outcomes Core Measures Productivity Many more Clinical systems Claims systems Industry Std Criteria Clinical Data Repositories Case Management UM/UR Health Assessments Disease Management Member Performance Reporting Referrals HIPAA Electronic Record Pro-Active Care Planning

8 Utilization Management
Business Function Overview Utilization Management Case Management Health Risk Assessment (HRA) integration Educational mailing generation Monitoring of preventive metrics Scheduled wellness activities Mobile support Wellness Management Referral management Pre-authorization / Pre-certification Auto approvals Letter generation Medical review process Appeals & grievances Embedded criteria Assessment & referral management Care planning Task management Documentation & letter generation Mobile support Third party integration Care team coordination Disease Management Analytics & Reporting Population Health Member identification Collaborative Care Care planning Ongoing monitoring Documentation & letter generation Third party integration System consolidated information Integration of data from multiple sources Ad hoc and standard reports Data export capabilities Industry leading BI platform, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Opportunity identification Gap in care alerts Stratification of members at risk Utilization management Health coaching support

9 CMSA Standards of Practice

10 The Continuum of Healthcare
* CMSA Standards of Practice for Case Management – 2010, p. 5

11 From 2010-2019*: Health Care Reform
Spend $938 billion on expanding insurance coverage, including $464 billion in subsidies to help uninsured people buy coverage. Expand Medicaid coverage to 16 million additional people. Reduce the number of uninsured by 32 million people. Affordable Care Act March 23, 2010 * Source: The Congressional Budget Office

12 Government Health Care Programs
Deep History in Medicaid Managed Care Programs: Arkansas DHS – All Medicaid Divisions DAAS, DDS, DMS, DBHS, DCO Florida Neighborly Care Network, American ElderCare Arizona Medicaid LTC California MSSP Program – 20 Organizations New York Suffolk, Erie, Westchester County DSS’s WellCare Health Plans 1,349,000 Medicaid Members 246,000 Medicare Advantage Members Tennessee – TennCare CHOICES Program

13 Representative Clients

14 Representative Clients

15 Representative Clients

16 Xerox Govt. Healthcare Solutions
Xerox Government Healthcare Solutions After a rigorous 12+ month vendor evaluation process, in May CH Mack was notified that Xerox Government Healthcare Solutions ( selected MedCompass™ as the new Health Management platform to serve all Xerox State & Local Government HHS customers going forward. 

17 Xerox Govt. Healthcare Solutions

18 interRAI – Strategic Partner

19 MedCompass™ automates the complete interRAI instrument system:
Scope of Automation MedCompass™ automates the complete interRAI instrument system: Data Collection Form (Assessment) Triggers (Algorithms) Clinical Assmt. Protocols (CAPs) Status and outcome measures (Scales) interRAI Instrument Model Assessment Minimum Data Set Outcome Measurement Scales Quality Indicators Case Mix (RUG-III, RUG-IV) Clinical Assmt. Protocols

20 Key Components in MedCompass™
Key Components of interRAI Instrument that are automated in MedCompass™: Data Collection Forms – interRAI assessments Clinical Assessment Protocols – “CAPs” ID – Collaborative Action Plans Status and Outcomes Measures – “Scales” Algorithms developed by interRAI Outputs – Via MedCompass Reporting Engine Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Tableau – Data Visualization / BI Technology

21 interRAI HC in MedCompass™

22 CAPs

23 CAPs in MedCompass™

24 Scales

25 Scales in MedCompass™

26 Gartner Industry Validation

27 Gartner Industry Validation

28 HHS Strategic Plan

29 HHS Strategic Plan

30 HHS Strategic Plan “At the heart of HHS’s strategy to transform and modernize the healthcare system is the use of data to improve healthcare quality, reduce unnecessary healthcare costs, decrease paperwork, expand access to affordable care, improve population health, …”

31 CMS Innovation Center

32 Accountable Care Organizations

33 Accountable Care Organizations
What are Accountable Care Organizations? The Term Accountable Care Organization (ACO) describes the development of partnerships between hospitals and physicians to coordinate and deliver efficient care. The ACO concept envisions multiple providers assuming joint accountability for improving health care quality and slowing the growth of health care costs. The concept was included in national health care reform legislation as one of several demonstration programs to be administered by Medicare (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 2010). The success of the ACO model in fostering clinical excellence and continual improvement while effectively managing costs hinges on its ability to incentivize hospitals, physicians, post-acute care facilities, and other providers involved to form linkages that facilitate coordination of care delivery throughout different settings and collection and analysis of data on costs and outcomes.

34 Patient Centered Medical Home

35 Patient Centered Medical Home
What is Patient Centered Medical Home? In a set of standards that describe clear and specific criteria, NCQA’s Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) program gives practices information about organizing care around patients, working in teams and coordinating and tracking care over time. The Patient Centered Medical Home is a health care setting that facilitates partnerships between individual patients, and their personal physicians, and when appropriate, the patient’s family. Care is facilitated by registries, information technology, health information exchange and other means to assure that patients get the indicated care when and where they need and want it in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner.

36 Patient Centered Medical Home
From H.R Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Title II Subtitle I Sec State option to provide health homes for enrollees with chronic conditions. Provide States the option of enrolling Medicaid beneficiaries with chronic conditions into a health home. Health homes would be composed of a team of health professionals and would provide a comprehensive set of medical services, including care coordination.

37 Product Evolution The convergence between advanced Microsoft technologies, industry best practices, and proven Health Management functionality. .NET Framework, Silverlight Healthcare Management Best Practices CH Mack Medical Mgt Solutions (QCS)

38 MedCompass™ Best-in-Class Functionality + Technology

39 User Friendliness MedCompass is built using the latest Microsoft technologies, to include Silverlight – delivering the next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.  User experience engineering (UXE) has been core to CH Mack’s development of MedCompass, understanding the importance of low learning curves and high adoption rates to deliver high ROI in large-scale Care Management technology initiatives.

40 User Friendliness

41 User Friendliness Silverlight is a powerful development tool that lets .NET developers rapidly develop and deploy applications for the Web, and mobile devices. Using Silverlight, developers can create applications with richness and interactivity out of reach of traditional web technologies while retaining the simple deployment and update model of web applications.

42 Efficiency – Workflow Automation
Patient-Centered Workflow MedCompass, by enabling comprehensive workflow(s) across caregivers, optimizes the efficient use of resources to achieve specific patient and organizational goals. MedCompass’ Workflow Management tools increase efficiency and effectiveness through the maximal integration and use of relevant, timely information.

43 Efficiency – Workflow Automation
MedCompass’ patient-centered workflow automates: Identifying a target process (e.g., case management program). Defining both clinical and administrative tasks to be performed by a work group. Breaking down tasks into more specific actions that can be performed by different individuals but which, when completed together, accomplish the original tasks. Deciding on the skill set required to perform each task or action (e.g., skills of a physician, nurse, case manager, patient, caregiver, etc.). Understanding the sequence in which the tasks are to be performed. Recognizing and applying conditional rules and logic branching, so that only necessary and indicated tasks are performed. Planning the sequence of tasks, assigning the tasks to individuals, and then documenting the process so that others can understand and follow it. Creating the forms, documents, and instructions needed by individuals at each step to perform the tasks (e.g., care plans, service plans, etc.).

44 Workflow Automation

45 System Configuration Functions
MedCompass includes easy to use System Configuration functions, in the Admin Console, that allow authorized users to configure and maintain dozens of system features and functions. Examples include: ● Lookup Table Configuration ● Program Configuration ● General System Configuration Items ● Print Configuration ● User Management ● ISP Configuration ● Assessment Management ● Rules Setup ● Automated Task Configuration ● Time Tracking Configuration ● Service Auth Configuration ● Case Note Configuration ● Contact Management Configuration ● And many other Configuration functions ● Metrics Configuration ● Document Template Administration ● Fax Management ● PGIM Administration

46 System Configuration Functions
System Admin Console

47 Comprehensive Assessment Builder
CH Mack customers are able to control their own assessments, surveys, etc. using our industry leading assessment configuration tool. This functionality allows clients to build their own assessments and associated rules into the application without CH Mack professional services assistance.

48 Comprehensive Assessment Builder
System Admin Console

49 MedCompass™ and MITA Medicaid Information Technology Architecture
CMS Initiative – A national framework to support improved systems development and health care management for the Medicaid enterprise. MITA 2.0 Principles MITA 3.0 Principles Open Architecture Service Autonomy Standards Standardized Contracts Modularity Loose Coupling Reusable Components Reuse Collaboration Abstraction Data Sharing Discoverability MedCompass™ Security - SSO Statelessness

50 MedCompass™ and MITA MedCompass™ Alignment with MITA Technical Requirements MITA Technical Requirements MedCompass™ Use open data and technical standards that meet MITA requirements Use Commercial Off-the-Shelf products as far as possible Solution must be built using component based model Should meet accessibility standards – support thin client web browsers, Adobe for document sharing

51 MedCompass™ and MITA MedCompass™ Alignment with MITA Technical Requirements MITA Technical Requirements MedCompass™ Must use industry standard data communication mechanism such as HL7, X12 (EDI), XML and LOINC Preferred that there is a workflow service spanning the entire application Must use a Rules Engine that is easy to maintain and change Must meet security and privacy needs of MITA

52 Contact Information For additional information contact: Greg Silence x602

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